Draining water with pump

CaraRoseApril 25, 2013

I finished most of my new garden pond last fall. I still need to finish building the waterfall though.

I left it uncovered over the fall/winter. I'd like to drain it (or at least most of it) to clean out the debris, and finish the waterfall before refilling.

Can I just use the pond pump to pump the water out to drain it?

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That's what I use when I drain mine. Just make sure it isn't sucking up a bunch of gunk that will clog the pump.

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I just use a sump pump to get most of the water, then finish with a wet/dry vac. Never thought of using the pump. Good idea, though.

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It worked pretty well. I just moved the hose around to different areas of the garden and used the pond water for my plants.

Now I have to clean this sucker... I don't have a wet dry vac, am I going to need one, or can I just use the net to remove the debris and water and scrubbers and pump the water out inbetween?

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