Curious Bluebird

jody(7b - NC)April 9, 2007

The house came with a bluebird box which was unoccupied last season. When the neighbor took down all the trees next door and seeded grass, that acre of open space apparently made our bluebird house more attractive (we took out some trees also), because a couple moved in this spring.

Saturday afternoon Drew and I were laying on the grass talking (no privacy indoors). The grass was warm and flat out of the wind it wasn't too bad. I noticed one of the bluebirds (Mr., I think) land on a nearby tree - pointed it out to Drew. We watched it as it flew across us and landed on the guttering on the house. Then it flew down about 24" from us - sort of hovered, fluttering its wings very fast and then did this peck, look, peck, look, peck thing, eyeing us very closes. Curious as a cat I think - just had to figure out who or what we were. Such a beautiful bird, a thrill to see it so closely.

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AnneCecilia z5 MI

What a special experience, Jody - one I'm sure you'll never forget. Your clearing out the trees definitely made your yard more inviting; they love the open spaces of our fields and our nest boxes are along the fence lines. We often have several families at a time. Just wait until you see those cute little baby bluebirds later on - now that's really a treat. And they work so hard, eating bugs! I just love bluebirds - enjoy yours!

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Oh --You are so lucky----What a lovely experience.

We have several birdhouses all over our property but sadly not enough empty space to attract a bluebird---I would be so thrilled to see one up close.


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