The Hatfield and McCoy feud: it was in their genes

anntn6b(z6b TN)April 6, 2007

OK, it's a slow and cold day, but the attached link is both sad and smile worthy.

The devil didn't make them do it, but does this qualify one side of the feud for ADA status?

Here is a link that might be useful: Be careful whose genes you share!

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michelle_co(z5 CO)

I read about that yesterday and thought it was very interesting.

ADA? I don't know if it should qualify legally, but I do think that it's a tragically destructive force. After reading the article, I am all the more convinced that people who are physically and psychologically healthy just don't have persistent anger and hate like that.

Our previous neighbor (older single female) was a rage machine, and she destroyed her relationships with her family, friends, all of her neighbors up and down the road... When she would direct it at us, it was easy to ignore it because we knew that nothing we could do or say back to her would ever be as bad as it had to be JUST to wake up and BE her on a daily basis. It had to be a completely miserable way to exist.

So, if you were a rage-aholic, and could have gene therapy or some other form of high tech treatment to fix it or at least not pass it to your children - would you? Would it be ethical to try to remove the genetic predisposition for rage from the gene pool?


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I've wondered about the high blood pressure connection before:

At different times, I knew 2 women like that;
they seemed to feed on rage, to love it, it seemed like they were always looking for an excuse to explode.
They both had high blood pressure.

Then one day I had to take a medication that tended to elevate blood pressure.

I was angry all the time, flew into rages...acted just like those women.

When I stopped the medication, I stopped being so mean.

So I've wondered if rage causes high blood pressure or if high blood pressure causes rage.

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