'Fortunately he hit a tree'

anntn6b(z6b TN)April 8, 2008

Out here in the country, when an ambulance goes by, we all wait to find out what has happened. We generally don't drive to find out, because the one lane roads need to be kept open.

This morning, an ambulance went by and stayed out for a while (all dead end roads).

When the postman came by, I asked him and his first words were "Fortunately he hit a tree". Mr H was mowing his back yard, and the soil gave way, and he and his mower went down the cliff in back of his house. Fortunately his fall was broken by a tree. His riding mower is in the river. His bluff is a good forty feet high.

He's on his way to the hospital now.

Last year a woman in Knoxville, with a push mower, slid too far down the 'lawn' at her condo above the river and she grabbed onto trees as well.

It's beginning to be a rite of spring, these rescues by trees.

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jody(7b - NC)

Happens on occasion on Lookout Mountain. There the drop is a good bit more than 40 feet. One man told me he tied a rope to his mower, the other end to a porch pillar after he dropped his mower over the cliff. Me, I'd worry about dropping myself over the cliff.

I guess he is fortunate that he hit a tree.

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sounds like a dangerous place to cut grass

JOdy---nice to see you----Haven't noticed you posting much but then again I haven't been around much either---


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terryjean(5 Central IL)

Ann - just curious; are your EMTs volunteers? My DH was a volunteer EMT in our small town for several years and had his share of oddball rescues; your story is probably tops, though. Hope Mr. H is OK. Please keep us posted.

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Goodness that sounds so scary. The cure.....get rid of the grass!!!

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anntn6b(z6b TN)

He did survive and is back home. A concussion and a rip in his colon were reported by a neighbor to be the side effects. The mower didn't land in the river, but pinned him to the tree without squishing him.
He just disappeared and his wife called neighbors in a panic to help find him.
I think our EMTs are volunteers like our Fire Dept.

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When we first moved to this relatively small town, we read in the local paper of a man who was chased by a runaway rotiller in his yard. He escaped without being injured, I seem to remember. These tools can really take over if we're not careful!

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