If youwould care to see the blacksmith shop museum

gandle(4 NE)October 16, 2012

There are now some good pictures on Facebook. Just go to Transue Brothers Blacksmith Shop Museum. If you do, note the anvil above the front. Carved from local limestone.

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Could not find it on facebook, but found a website on-line:

George, thanks for the update, sure brings back memories from the other side of the atlantic.

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Yes, thanks for the update, and thanks for the addy to the pics, Anneliese.
I just luv historical places, and this one makes it special because of the personal notes you have shared with us, George.
Lol, I felt the travel juices flowing, and I even checked out the map.

"1,781 mi, 29 hours
No traffic information
I-70 E".
One can dream.

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Thanks Anneliese, I tried the FB pages and could not get there, but the link worked great. It's an amazing place to think it is preserved.

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