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cecily(7 VA)April 20, 2008

Okay, you're collecting iris now, let's talk...

I've tried several rebloomers, Immortality grows well and blooms twice a year but the foliage and scapes are so short they get lost in my messy garden.

Harvest of Memories is a fantastic yellow, blooms 3x annually and stands as tall as a normal bearded iris. Love it, love it, love it!

"Little Runty Dark Purple" is diminutive but a lovely color and blooms 2x annually, unfortunately I lost the nametag but its multiplying rapidly so I'll never need to order more.

What 'cha got?

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carla17(Z7 NC)

Cecile, I just started collecting. The only ones I have are tall yellow bearded from Gilbert H Wild. But I'll be glad to talk later or listen to you. Where did you find yours? I plan to purchase some Louisiana ones and intermediates. Tall too. Oh, I'm sure I'll go crazy on iris if I can get my mind off of Swan Island Dahlia offerings!
One of the sites that I offered someone has very good prices. Let me see which one it was. Might be the Blue Jay Iris. A friend told me about a lady who grows them here to sell so if I can get to her house I'm toast. I'll let you know.


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carla17(Z7 NC)

Whoa, I spelled your name wrong. So sorry! Here is something else for you. This was mailed to me.
I really like Argyle Acres, Bluebird Haven, and Superstition Iris because they sell both historics and moderns and they have excellent customer service.

I have a lot of noids. The best-performing moderns for me have been Rare Treat, Dusky Challenger, and Jesse's Song, but I have more historics than moderns. Historics are often tougher than moderns.

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When I am moved in and my potted plants are finally in the ground after 2 years we will talk & do some trading. I've been collecting iris for about 10 years.

BTW, closing is set for the end of May as long as everything goes well. Have the appraisal today, inspection was last week on the old house. Buyers haven't made demands yet.

Edith Wolford - not a favorite

Edith Wolford
Dark purple from a friend
Bees Knees
Beverly Sills
Champagne Elegance
Cinnamon Girl
Cloud Ballet
Old cream & maroon
Crimson Snow
Dawn of Chamge
Harvest of Memories
Mulled Wine
Purple Escapade
Red at Night
Grape scented light purple
2 different white - one with varigated foliage
Assorted Siberian Iris
Also have rare treat & Jesse's song & Dover Beach

I also have others that I need to match their labels with the plant but haven't had time.

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cecily(7 VA)

I agree that historics are tougher. Maybe I'm greedy but I only want rebloomers LOL. I'd read somewhere that rebloomers need more water and fertilizer so I figured they were an ideal companion for roses. When planted in my rose beds for a couple of seasons, the rhizomes became covered with mulch and I had an infestation of borers. So I dug, divided, cleaned and culled and I'm starting over with just favorites and I'm keeping them free of mulch. It sorta coincided with the move last summer so it was okay, really.
I don't have a favorite vendor, I try to sneak iris into other orders so they don't 'count' LOL. I got three siberians with my hostas from Roots and Rhizomes a couple weeks ago. Yeah, the siberians won't rebloom but they're going in a tough area where the roots will help hold a bank.
If anybody's growing 'Sugar Blues' or 'Best Bet' I'd love to hear about their performance, height and repeat. Thanks!

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carla17(Z7 NC)

Cecily, check this out. Krista mentions Sugar Blues. Maybe you could write her for more info.
Oh darn it. Go to antiques gallery and look at my post to Hamp.


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cecily(7 VA)

Thanks Carla! Sugar Blues is now officially 'on my list'.

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carla17(Z7 NC)

Sue, thank you for that list! Wow, I would have loved to see your garden in it's glory. I hope you'll be able to garden sans pain at your new house! Can you grow daylilies? Do you like them?


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Hi Cecily,

I saw Sugar Blues for sale at a local nursery, and was so delighted by the blooms and fragrance that I wanted to buy it, and oddly enough I can't remember if I did buy it. When the iris bloom this spring, I'll know if I have it or not.

The fragrance was wonderful, and the blooms were spectacular.

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Terry Crawford

Carla, check out Schreiner's Iris in Oregon. They have Red-Star specials and you get a bunch of free iris, plus they have some very unusual iris that I have never seen before. A lot of rebloomers also. I must confess; I kinda went a little crazy last month and ordered a lot but they were so pretty. I could see see their little faces in my rose garden. And then I thought they might need friends, so I went to Flourishing Daylilies, and guess what? I think I might have a wee problem. Then I found a lady on E-bay who also sells big clumps of reblooming daylilies for cheap. Really pretty, unusual varieties. I have to quit buying; I really do. I really do.

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Carla, that's only part of my Iris list, man I have so many. We'll have to see about getting trades going.

I also collect daylilies

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carla17(Z7 NC)

terryjean, I have checked out that site. How can you make an order when you want 80?
Thanks for the info.
Yes Sue, we must trade.


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Terry Crawford

Hi Carla - which site? Flourishing Daylilies? If that's the one, I picked what I wanted and sent her an e-mail. She confirmed that she had them in stock. The prices are lower also than is listed on the actual pics; I believe the correct price is on the PDF file that opens up. You can pay by PayPal or check; she actuall prefers check. I did check her out on the Lily Auction and she has good references. You are going to get 80? Good grief, girl. You're as bad as me. I bought a bunch of blue ones from Schreiners also, but they don't ship til July. I also love the UFO ones; they're different. Once they get established and start multiplying, we'll have to exchange. I have Cleopatra coming; I'm so excited. I mainly ordered rebloomers, but I'm so far north, I don't know if they will rebloom before it gets cold. What are you getting?

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carla17(Z7 NC)

Hey Terry, how about sending me a private e-mail. I was referring to Schreiner's iris. I don't need daylilies. There are way too many in one of my beds. Lady where I live used to have a farm, every year I went and bought more and more. Every purchase made came some gift plants.
I did see some awesome daylilies in one of my catalogs, one was Blueberry something.


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Terry Crawford

Carla, you have mail

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Carla, I have 2 different blueberry daylilies.

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