He is easily entertained

gandle(4 NE)October 28, 2011

George sat on the floor with an insulated cooler and a stuffed bear and worked at it for an hour. Of course, our 14 month old GGdaughter was helping him. She is such a sweetheart and I almost envy him for the play time.

By the way. he did a remodel on our kitchen cupboards and everything looks quite new. He probably shouldn't be on a ladder but YOU tell him not to. I have new lights under the cupboards, those xenon low volts ones. He made a shallow box that looks just like the cupboard bottoms and hid the wiring in there. New floor, ceiling all redone and new fronts on cabinets and drawers. Well pleased and all in an old Sears house

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I am happy for you, Leone. Old Sears Houses are treasures, in my area they fetch a fancy price. Bet you love your new kitchen, having proper lights makes everything so much easier.
I'm sure you have fun with the GGrand Daughter too - enjoy

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Leone, how wonderful that you and George can enjoy your GGDaughter. 14 months is such a cute age; our littlest one will be five months old on Monday. We've gotten to see her only twice in that time --thank goodness for pictures over the 'net.

Your new kitchen sounds very nice; under-cabinet lighting is so helpful.

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Leone, I envy you your kitchen. Besides being small, mine could use a serious overhaul but I don't have a handy husband, if he takes a hammer in his hand I run for the First Aid kit.
Have not had a little one in the house for a long time, at least not one in the family.
Over on the KT is a lady who is very much interested in Sears Homes, wrote a book about them. I think her name is Rosemary.....? (don't remember her whole name but she is forever looking for leads to Sears homes).

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G'pas are special people and I suspect George is an especially neat one to have around.

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