Jean in TN's Pup Floyd

rosalindas84(So. Cal)April 2, 2007

Floyd as a puppy in happier days

I just received a sad e-mail from Jean that I will share with you; many of us who have been around for awhile knew Floyd as one of the "family" of garden helpers:

"My post on gardenweb was made two hours before Floyd got sick. Many people have since asked me how he is doing, so feel free to pass this on as I have not had the heart to respond. My beloved Floyd, the original big fluffy dog, died Saturday after a very short and very hard fought one week battle with what we think was liver disease (results are not back from the lab). He was seven years old. He was certainly one of the great loves of my life and I will miss him more than I can say. He had a magnificent life and he was loved from day one. He was a jolly soul and if there is such a thing as dog heaven, I hope he is there now with his smiling goofy face in a big bowl of food with a pile of stuffed animals waiting to be tossed in the air. He leaves behind two beloved (and aggravating) dog sisters and a dog brother who adored him and 3 cats who always walked over him to get to the water bowl. He was friend to enumerable fosters (even Felco) who came through our doors over the years. He was one of a kind and although I am heartbroken, I am grateful I had him for the time I did.

Floyd would not want anyone to be sad for him. Instead, he would want you to pet your dog, thank the heavens above that you have such a

wonderful dog and give him or her an extra biscuit in Floyd's honor.

Thanks for thinking of me.


Please keep Jean and Floyed in your prayers, pet your pup and give him or her an extra biscuit for Floyd.

Linda K

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Linda---thanks so much for this information.
I remember all the pictures of Floyd----in fact just recently Jean mentioned that he had a problem with his liver.

that is much too young for a wonderful dog to die.

My thoughts and prayers are with Jean----I know how difficult it is to lose a beloved pet.

thinking of you Jean,


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Linda, Thank you very much for update. I worried a lot after Jean's post about Floyd.
Jean, I know this is so difficult for you.
I am thinking of you.

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meredith_e Z7b, Piedmont of NC, 1000' elevation

Oh, I can't help but be sad... my sweet LuLu kitty just crossed over, too, and stories of Floyd have brought me smiles for so long.

But I'll buck up and definitely smootch The Pack. Such love, we are all lucky to have it for even a short while.

I bet LuLu is growling and explaining her rules to Floyd, in a great place with so very many beloved souls. God Bless.

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AnneCecilia z5 MI

Linda, thank you so much for letting us know about poor Floyd. I missed Jean's post about his liver problems so this came out of the blue for me. From Jean's stories and pictures over the years, he was obviously such a special dog.

Jean, Miss Phoebe the G.Schnauzer and her herd of five cats are all enjoying special treats tonight as a tribute to your dear Floyd.

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Ooooh....I'm so very sorry Jean. Floyd was such a big beautiful soul. And what a gorgeous face to look upon.

I'll be thinking you, I know how much you loved that big boy. He sure was a good looking doggie.


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carla17(Z7 NC)

What a shock. Jean, I am sorry about Floyd, It is very apparent how much you love your pets. Floyd was a great dog. Please accept a hug from Eddie, Zoey and Trixy.

Hugs for you too,

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Jean, I am so sorry for your loss. Floyd looks like he was a wonderful friend. This brings back memories of losing my dog, Toby, who was also only 7 years old and also had liver disease. Happened after only a week of symptoms, too. This happened about 8 years ago, and I still can't talk about this without crying, so I can imagine how you are feeling. Certainly, Floyd is in doggie heaven with my Toby. Actually,they are romping across Rainbow Bridge.
Hugs from me, too.

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So sorry to hear this, Jean...there are no dogs here to hug, so Horsie will have to do. I will give him a can of tuna (people tuna) in Floyd's honor.

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sammy zone 7 Tulsa

Jean, I am also sorry for your loss. It is really tough.


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So sorry Jean. Rudyard Kipling once said "If there are no dogs in heaven, I want to go where they go". So do we all.

Hugs to you.

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Jean, I'm so sorry, he was beautiful and we all got to know him a little, even all the way across the country. Condolences and

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jean(Zone 7/TN)

Thank you all for your kindness. When I originally posted, I thought I had lost Floyd to a natural cause. The lab reports came back today and it appears that my beloved boy was poisoned. Why and with what are unknown, but it destroys me to think that someone could take the life of my dog to get at me. I used to joke that there would be thousands of people at my funeral just to make sure I was dead. Now I have to wonder if my line of work put my dog in harm's way as I am not exactly popular in some quarters. It is of course equally possible that it was a random event or simply a dog hater, but my dog was a pampered indoor boy who went out to put his nose in the wind and hang out to return inside. It is hard to think that simply letting him spend an afternoon outside unsupervised on a warm spring day could have led to this. The best case scenario is that he accidentally ingested something, which is possible, but highly unlikely. I am resisting the impulse to put my house which I have slaved to build on the market and move away. It is hard to accept his loss now. Sorry for the rant and agin, I do appreciate everyone's kindness. It is nice to be reminded that the human race is not without some merit.


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Jean, my precious friend, I am soooo sorry! I hate the thought also of someone being that down and dirty. I know how much you loved Floyd. What a handsome boy he was. How lucky you are to be owned by that big old boy as long as you were. It is hard to think of someone being that mean to something you loved so much.

I am just so damn sorry this happened to you. God love ya, ya'll did NOT deserve this and neither did Floyd.

Love ya Sweetie!


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anntn6b(z6b TN)

"It is nice to be reminded that the human race is not without some merit."

But we dare not forget that parts of the human race do lack merit.

We do share a hobby which enables us to know some of the finest and rant about the rest.


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Jean, I'm so sad that you lost your beautiful Floyd in such an awful way...and to think there are people who do things like this, but they do. I know that your heart is broken, and I am sorry beyond words.

Very Sincerely

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I am so sorry for your loss. There are no words...
I wonder if it could have been his food? My 14 yr old beagle apparently had some of the Nutro food that was contaminated, she started having seizures, and it was bad for awhile. I just pray no one could be so cold to try to get at you through Floyd. I am so sorry for you.

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I am so very sorry Jean.

This kind of thing happens and when it does is always beyond my comprehension. Pets offer unconditional love to their owners. To destroy that love in such a passive aggressive manner is both hateful and vile. Whomever does such a thing is below scum residing somewhere in the leechy depths. Poor Floyd probably thought he was getting a treat when that monster poisoned him.

One-thing-is-for-sure you will have to keep your dogs indoors and not let them out unless supervised. Given how much work you've put into your home and garden there is no reason to move unless you are certain that it was a neighbor.


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Do you think Floyd could have been a victim of the taited dog food that the FDA has recalled? If so it won't bring him back but at the very least you'll know his death wasn't the result of a neighbor with a personal vendetta. The recall is huge and affects both cat and dog food.


Here is a link that might be useful: Food and Drug Administration

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long_island_rose(Eastern LI z6)

Jean, I'm so sorry and sad to hear about Floyd. What a beautiful animal! It's hard enough losing a member of the family (only animal lovers see it that way, as I discovered recently in a similar situation), never mind having these horrible circumstances to deal with. Hang in there!


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jean(Zone 7/TN)

Thank you all again. I am installing a full camera security system and an 8' high fence to deter any future events. Otherwise, I am being run out of my own house and I will not permit that to happen.

The dog food recall is not what caused Floyd's death. The dog food poisonings have all had massive kidney damage. Floyd had no such damage and his kidneys were fine. The toxin that did Floyd in was liver-specific and actually was so potent it literally killed his liver. The liver samples pulled showed that the liver tissue was necrotic so there was nothing that could be done. The vet suspects either an industrial-grade chemical or pesticide, neither of which do I have nor do most people have access to.

I am trying to dwell on the happier days with Floyd. Otherwise, I'll go insane.


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Oh my God, hugs to you Jean. I am so sorry to hear this, what a beautiful dog Floyd was. >>

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kathwhit(z8, West OR)

Big hugs and loads of sympathy, Jean. I am so sorry for your loss. There is nothing more I can say except that I am thinking of you.

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Jean I'm sorry for your loss. I know your furbabies mean a lot to you and you do a lot to foster others. So I know it's not easy losing a loved pet. (())

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AnneCecilia z5 MI

Jean, this is shocking. It was bad enough losing Floyd but to find out it was deliberate - what a terrible, terrible thing for someone to do. I'm glad you're putting in that fence and security cameras - be careful!


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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

Floyd was extremely beautiful. It is horrible what happened to him and I cry for you. I hope more it was just an accident then that someone could have been so evil as to do that.

Hoover and Cuddles got an extra cookie for Floyd.

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Jean, I so sorry. I'm sure this is very hard to deal with.

I don't really understand what you said about your job, but maybe it's time to start looking for a new neighborhood? I can't imagine why someone would poison him. He's a cute, fluffy guy unlike the 2 vishous (sp) corgy's next to me that try to bite me when I throw out recycling.

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onewheeler(Z5 N.S.)

Oh Jean I have just seen this post. How very, very sad.

I hope you find out what really happened to Floyd, stop the culprit before any other animals get poisoned.

What a sinful thing for someone to do. My heart just breaks for you. Losing a much loved pet to natural causes is heart breaking enough without someone deliberately doing it.

I hope and pray you catch the person and they are punished for this unspeakable deed.


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harryshoe zone6 eastern Pennsylvania

Darn. You guys made me cry in the office.

Jean, I am sorry for your loss. Saying goodbye to a dog companion is just so difficult. They make better friends than people. I hope you feel better soon.


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I am so so sorry about your baby. People can be so cruel. Think on better things....Floyd would want you smiling with your head hanging out of the car window about now :o)

I will keep you in my prayers.


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dian2(z6 pgh pa)

have not been around for a while but do pop in once in a blue moon. Want to extend my deepest sympathies on your loss.

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