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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)August 25, 2011

It looks like Fall at the farm and there are garden spiders everywhere to prove it! Because it showered just as I was about to weed, I ended up taking photos without the glare of sun.

The red stems on Katsura leaves

By the barn...

By the bridge.

Island beds

Near the house.

(I've been using my little pocket camera for this. Don't know if you can tell or not.)

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Beautiful photos 'bug ! your pocket camera does a fine job.Love the shot of the Anjelica with the barn in the distance.


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Nice variety Bug. I imagine you like walking around discovering things in bloom.

Your camera seems to be doing a decent job. They are so handy to keep with you aren't they?

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Great pictures. Several things I can't ID. Picture 7 what's the variegated plant and then the picture after A.gigas wondering what that flower is. Pocket cameras are great. I have mine with me almost all the time. It has taken a great deal of abuse but still hangs in there.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

#7: The variegated plant is a wallflower. I take cuttings each Fall because it doesn't quite survive in my zone. (

The plant after A.gigas is called Roscoea and is in the ginger family. It needs winter protection here. It is extremely late to surface, so there's always the question of its survival each spring. ( I was recently given one of a different off white/pale yellow color too, perhaps Roscoea cautleyoides.

Here is a link that might be useful: Roscoea cautleyoides

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Oh so lovely! Things are looking gorgeous on the farm Bug. I really love Angelica. It's like an exclamation point wherever it is planted. You really have a lot of late summer interest.


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christinmk z5b eastern WA

Oh wow! I pop over to this side of the forum only once in a long while to get inspired by the lovely gardens. I really ought to do it more often.

You have such an amazing assortment of plants and lush plantings gardenbug! What is in pic #1? Some type of salvia or maybe Elsholtzia?
What is the variegated plant with the Gentian in pic #2?
Is that 'Natural Feelings' Phlox in the ninth picture? Or something else? And the blue flowering plant in the 'Island Beds' picture, with the Eupatorium?
Your persicarias are wonderful. I think I recognize the second as being 'Golden Arrow', but what is the first?

Your Roscoea is fantastic. I started lusting for one after seeing it online a few months ago. Good to know you have had luck with it.

You have such a rich garden- I loved each and every pic! Thank you...

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Why thank you everybody!

To try and answer a few questions:

Picture #1 is Vitex, a plant that southerners find quite easy and common, but which is very borderline in Ontario...and a delight to me at this time. It blooms earlier in the southern states.

The variegated plant in photo #2 is Caryopteris Snow Fairy. I love it for its foliage alone!

Yes indeed, that's 'Natural Feelings' Phlox. (2 varieties and I love them with grasses)

The blue flowers in the island bed are lobelias (Lobelia siphilitica) which spread everywhere, especially in our shade gardens.

I wish I knew what the first persicaria was, but don't. A nearby tag says 'firetail', so possibly that's it. (
Yes, 'Golden Arrow' is definitely a new favorite of mine.

The roscoea is new and a friend also gave me a pale yellow one recently which may be BEESIANA.(
We'll hope they do well over the winter. I do know the emerge VERY late in June, so I have put a stake next to them so that I don't try to plant or dig in those spots!

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christinmk z5b eastern WA

Thank you for the ID's gardenbug.
The color of your Vitex is wonderful- I've only seen the cream/white ones (though those are lovely too!). Bet it stays nice and compact in a colder zone.
I'm going to have to get that phlox. I saw one several years ago but didn't get it. Keep kicking myself for it!

Oh, that Roscoea is beautiful. Pale yellow is a favorite of mine, especially in the garden.
Thanks again gardenbug! Truly inspirational garden...

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Vitex starts from zero every late spring in our climate. It is about5 feet tall by August/September.

Below I'll give the URL for the Feelings series which includes the names of several varieties. I haven't seen them for sale in ages. They grow on you, but I'm afraid the nurseries didn't dare wait around for people to change their minds!

Enjoy your garden, CMK!

Here is a link that might be useful: FEELINGS

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