Is anyone else about to shoot...

nickelsmumz8(8)April 26, 2007

Your computer, as a result of the horrible camera shutter noise from the Orkin ad on GW?


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I think my popup blocker prevents this at home. I noticed weird noises at work, though. (But I never use my work computer for personal reasons.)
It IS obnoxious.

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

nickelsmumz8--most of us long-term posters don't see or hear any ads. We use all sorts of filters, etc., to block all of that. Try searching above for "pop-up ads" or "obnoxious ads" and such words. Should bring up many threads in which we have covered all the ways you too can be ad-free.

Good luck,

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brother_cadfael(z5 seWI)


My iMac blocks all the pop-ups automatically, but it does not block that INFERNAL SHUTTER CLICK!!! >:-(

I was thinking the same thing last week already.

To make it worse, sometimes I listen to music through the computer and then forget to turn it down when I shut it off and goto the forums... so I'll be quietly reading one of Luanne's hilarious posts, or gawking at Kathy's roses pic's etc. - and all of a sudden *BLAMO!!!* - "CLICK, CLICK, WEENORAU!!!"

I startle easy, so the 3 cats get a good show.:)

I would have to say it is the most annoying thing about GW.
Do you remember the one that sounded like a mosquito buzzing around your ears? It made my skin CRAWL!


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BC, so glad I wasn't yet a member when the mosquito ad was on. I do have that, um, peculiarity where certain kinds of repetitive noises drive me batty in short order and that would have done me in. Also, mosquitoes love me and I'm rather allergic to mosquito bites so I would have been constantly reminded. By the way, these ads work through a procedure called negative reinforcement -- they want you to click on the ad to make the infernal noise stop.

I have a Powerbook and use Firefox and almost everything is blocked, but not the damn shutter click. I'm contemplating whether I want to mess with further popup blocking software to combat ONE AD.

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That camera noise is very annoying. I never even knew where or what ad it came from but I had to turn down the volume fast!. AAAAAAAAAAAAArrggg It sounded like scratching a chalkboard.

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anntn6b(z6b TN)

Blush, I don't have the noise, er...sound, turned on. Ever.
Instead I get to hear the cats purring.

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