New Kitties....I am besotted!

vikingqueenz5b(z5b/6aCoastalNH)April 5, 2007

We have new members in our family. 2 new tortoise shell kittens. I just had to have a kitten, and 2 is better than one.:) They are 7 months old, and are very fluffy and sweet tempered. Very affectionate. We had been hunting for the right cats, and we heard about these kittens, and adopted them the next day. That was a week ago.

Thought you might enjoy seeing our newest family members.


(I hope this works)

They are named Zoe and Sophie.

1st pix is Zoe...she is mine..just decided herself that she was my girl.

Next is Sophie sitting with her paw up ready to play, (she's a bit more skittish than Zoe) and Zoe is too tuckered.

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Brenda---I'm so happy for you ---I know how much you wanted a kitty and now you have two.


Great pictures---they are so pretty.


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what beautiful girls! I love watching baby animals play! You won't get anything done for weeks!! Congrats!

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carla17(Z7 NC)

Those are such cute kitties. I think it is better to have two to play together. Enjoy them.


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Looks just like my Patch cat did, they have what I call the Maine Coon look and the personalities to go with. Enjoy them and you will probably want to keep their backsides clipped (the vet called it a sanitary clip) so it will help them with grooming and you won't have to remove stuff that gets stuck. ;-)

Pic of Patches

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kathwhit(z8, West OR)

Brenda, they are adorable. I just love kittens. And what a beautiful color! You are so lucky!
BTW, nice to see you posting!

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Brenda, they sure are cute!

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Thanks so much for looking at our lovely kitties. Orchid, Patches is a beautiful cat. Yes, I will keep their backsides clipped somewhat. I think I'm going to be a very vigilent kitty Mommy.

The kitties have brought so much love with them, and it has been very chaotic in my household emotionally. I think they were meant for us.

Once again, thanks, for looking and your comments.


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