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cherrykist(Z-7 NC)April 9, 2008

As some of you remember my daughter had a baby that was stillborn last June. It's been a rough road but she is getting through the pain. She posted pictures and made a memorial page on a site for babies that have died. On this site people can write condolences and stuff for the child's parents. My daughter posted pictures of her baby (that have been retouched) as well. Some one has posted nasty stuff on her page and repoted her for posting a fake page saying the pictures are not real. They keep posting nasty things about her. It breaks my heart! It's like someone detroying her memory. I feel just as if they destroyed her headstone. I am just so upset right now. Angry and hurt as I know my daughter is too!

Thanks for listening to me vent ....I needed that!


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artemis_mo(z5b MO)

Oh Tammy...how cruel. I'm so sorry. Yes, there are some real sickies out there. I'm sure your grandchild was a beautiful baby. I would love to go to the page and leave a comment. If you would email me the URL, I would consider it an honor to do so.

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Tammy, that's just vile. Thank goodness most people wouldn't think of being so awful.

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She should look to see if she can find a better site to use, one that will give her a little security from people doing this.. like they would have to enter their email address, and respond to said email before posting a comment, & / or getting an IP tracker, so that this way she can report them to their ISP. She may also be able to use a main password that needs to be entered 1st before even seeing the page.

I'm sorry she had to go through the loss, then tried to do something to help ease her pain with the page, to get some trolls posting nasty things. She needs to delete the nasties and move on. The web is filled with kids and people that are just plain mean, she needs to look at it for what it really is.

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cherrykist(Z-7 NC)

Thank you everyone for the kind words and thoughts. This was very distressing to me. My daughter was the stronger one this time telling me not to stress about it because thats exactly what the person doing this wants. I guess she's right but it was still hurtful. Time will tell if they stop but like Roselvr said it might be a good idea for her to look for another site.


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dirt_yfingernails(z3-4 MN)

Please send me the URL as well. So sorry some sicko vandalized her precious site.

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Your daughter has a good head on her shoulders. I read a book about terrorism that pretty much said we have a choice about whether to let ourselves live in the kind of fear they want us to feel. We don't have to let mean manipulative people rob us of our good feelings.

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When you have an open site on the web, you are opening it to everyone in the world. Surely you must realize that. It is really not very personal. She should pick a safer sight, like CaringBridge (I think), which needs a password. If you open it to every one in the world with a computer, you should expect trolls. They get their jollies upsetting people. They are a variation of folks, more sophisticated, who make viruses. Many people who newly go on the web are not computer saavvy and don't understand this.
My sincere condolences to you and your daughter.

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Tammy, if you do feel like sharing the page with us, I'd also love to give her some support.

If you need some direction with an IP tracker or learning how to do the password, I do have links from when I used to do web pages.

I don't doubt this hurts you, what mother would want to read things left for their daughter that suffered a loss?

If you watch Jon & Kate plus 8, watch the episode where they answer viewer questions.

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