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ejmoore510(7)October 6, 2010

Another smell of autumn

sweet sweet smell

of Concord grapes

warming ripening

ready to burst with flavor

strong urgent smell

lured me closer

spreading outward

from the makeshift arbor

a plume twenty feet wide

enticing, coaxing

me to linger

luxuriate in its aroma

smile at the memory

of other pickings

long ago

Sweet fruit

high above me,

out of reach

up in the canopy

formed by wire and bush

Smell of Autumn by Raymond A. Foss

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Oh yes, the sweetest ones always out of reach, at least for me, but not wasted - the yellow jackets get them and appreciate them...

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Very nice poem about fall. Oh, yes the biggest oranges and the first to ripe apples are on the top of the trees. Lol, talking about smells of autumn. Some years we've had an over abundance of apples, they fall to the ground and ferment and our whole yard smells like hard cider.

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