He got an onion!

agnespuffinOctober 19, 2011

Husband went shopping for a few things.

Onions were on the list.

He came back with ONE BIG one.

I thought he was trying to be funny.

"is that the biggest they had?"

"nope. it was the smallest in the bin."

It messaged over 18 inches in circumference and weighed one pound, nine ounces.

Where on earth do they grow onions like that?

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What I am always looking for and can't find are small onions. I throw away more onions because they go bad. I can understand those softball size onions for institutional kitchens and restaurants but for a two person household? Where do the small ones go?

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tibs(5/6 OH)

Is it one of those big sweet ones? I like bigger ones during burger season for a big slice on the sandwich. Other than that - I would really be in trouble because I just always use the entire onion up it whatever I am cooking no matter the amount the recipe calls for. Good thing we all like onions.

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yep, one of the big sweet ones. Great for sandwiches. This one would have to be cut down to fit in a hamburger bun.

I prefer the small hot ones for cooking. The sweet ones just don't season as well.

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meldy_nva(z6b VA)

I agree, smaller ones for most cooking, jumbo for fresh eating. No problem with leftovers: I dice so they are ready to toss into the next pot of soup or whatever, pack in a zip-bag, put into a glass jar and store in the freezer. Cooked sweet ones may not add much flavor, but they do present nutrition.

Is it just around here? In the past couple months, I've found that one of every three or four of the small ones are bad, even when just brought. I especially dislike cutting into what seems fresh and firm only to discover the center or middle rings are rotten. Blegh!

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