Just found out where the recalled pet food is going ...

aprille(z9 CA bay area)April 10, 2007

it's going to 3rd world countries! My mom is visitng Sri Lanka right now (it's where we're from) and she was in one of the upscale grocery stores and was shocked to find rows of pet food in the recalled food brands! no one there is aware of what's going on here naturally and I think it would be a shame if people started loosing their pets over there. People think that because these are food brands sold over here in the US that it's got to be safe! My BIL is marketing director at one of the tv stations and I just sent him a bunch of articles on what's been going on here - hopefully he can get the word out that this food is not safe. It just makes me so angry that when something is not safe here it's just shipped off to 3rd world countries ...


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irish_rose_grower(z7 LI NY)

Aprille, what a shame that companies and/or people would be so heartless to make money. It's very sad that unsuspecting people will feed that to their pets. Very sad.


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That is truly disgusting.

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That's awful. Really, really awful.

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aprille(z9 CA bay area)

this was exactly my mother's thoughts too. I sent as much information as I could to my BIL and hopefully they can get the word out.


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carla17(Z7 NC)

Isn't it sad what people will do for a buck.


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But I'm not surprised. I'm sure their defense will be that they issued a recall and the merchants chose not to honor it. How about not packaging poisoned pet food in the first place?!

The leaders of the pet food companies involved in this scandal should serve jail time for putting their bottom line above the lives of their consumers. You can't get something for nothing. What were they thinking? They obviously thought they could get the same quality at a cheaper price.

My reply to these people:

"Well stupid you get what you pay for. By contracting out you lost control of your product and ended up murdering some peoples beloved pets."

The emotional suffering caused to the owners of the lost pets is incalculable. Just burns me up.

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brother_cadfael(z5 seWI)

What's worse is that in poorer countries, this stuff isn't just pet food... it becomes people food too.

No joke.


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