Wasn't needed for harvest this year

gandle(4 NE)October 30, 2010

We were at the farm yesterday and I climbed in the cab of one of the semis I have driven hauling beans and corn in years past. Can't operate the clutch, return spring is too strong for someone with little feeling from the knees down. Besides don't have a CDL even a temp this year, wouldn't be safe wondering if I could depress the clutch every time I had to shift. They really didn't need me anyway, weather was absolutely perfect for harvesting both soy beans and corn. Son says he only has about 10% corn left to pick. Prices are good and yields are very good also. Even the early weather seemed to be in favor of the grower this season. It rained almost every time the crops needed water so the extremely costly irrigation wasn't needed like it usually is.

The old joke about one farmer asking another "What would you do if you won the lottery? The answer, "Oh, I would just keep farming until it was gone". That really is almost like it is many years, you need a few like last year and this one to keep on farming.

A new combine, well, new to him has helped a lot. No breakdowns which plagued him in past years.

Well, maybe I can help next year, wish they had something with an automatic transmission, don't have any trouble with power assisted brakes but the darn clutches give me fits.

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I am so happy for you and your family that farming actually paid and the harvest went well, it's a thing to be cherished, isn't it?
Our grape-growers and the wineries on the other hand had the worst harvest in years, but then their product is one that is not so profitable in tight economic times, so an overabundance may not have been such a good thing either.
As far as physical limitations, they are hard to accept, though maybe one is not really needed for something, it's good to think one can do it
I am struggling with that still and shall for a while, don't like it much - they do tell me: you just don't need to worry, you deserve resting, and I am not sure about that. Hang in there, George!

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A repeat: Hang in there buddy. Steve S.

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Great that you corner of the world had good weather for crops. Here, where nobody is set up for irrigation, it is miserable.
Even I have to admitt that some things just are getting harder to do with age. I don't think my back hurted as much last year, when I raked leaves for the first time!

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The one adage that I remember is that when one door closes, another opens.

How far is the nearest VA?

We got LOTS of folks that would welcome you with open arms to come sit with them for a moment, tell them one of your wonderful stories, laugh with you just a bit, and let you visit the next one.

Ditto folks in rehab places...

For that matter, LOTS of lonely folks meet at McDonalds
every morning to visit with another human soul.

Your mind is still with you, spirit's strong... so what if your knees are uncooperative? You still got all your best parts...

Find that other door...

And a big hug from me!

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Gandle, with your tenacity and never give up attitude I doubt you will be impaired for long. You have made a lot of progress already evidenced by climbing into the truck. Those trucks have heavy duty clutches so it would be hard for me too as my knees are getting worse. Thankful that the kids had a good couple of years growing. As Steve says keep hanging in there and let this be a rest time to recover more. The farm has been good to you too in that it has let you have this opportunity to heal.

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George, maybe your knees wouldn't cooperate, but you were there, and I'm sure that was very important to your family.

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