Sunset and new moon tonight

lilosophieOctober 18, 2012

When I saw the view I had to take my camera and get a picture,it's from my deck.

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I like the colors, too many clouds here last night. Lilo, what is the bush? I do not recognize the leaves. Of course I jusst might not be really awake yet.

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Good morning, Anneliese, I am up too early - the cats...
It is part of the flowering crab-apple-tree

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I guess I really was not awake, should have recognized that it was a.) a tree, since the shot had to be up and b.) apple.
You are not the only one being woke up by the dear (ahem) cats. Midnight lived up to her name and tried to get me out of bed and I finally got up at 4:30 AM because she swatted my glasses of the nightstand.

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Beautiful colors, Lilo. When I saw the thin sliver of moon last night, I was startled, b/c it was so big and hanging so low in te western sky and it was only about eight o'clock. If it was setting and had been overhead all day, I definitely missed it!

Maggie. my cat. slept on my chest for 30minutes around 2 a.m., kept me warm, but she was heavy! :)

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