Where's the class in class action?

michaelalreadytakenApril 20, 2007

Indictment (finally)

I guess all the fancy two hundred dollar silk ties and the ability to hob nob with those who actually earned their money just blind some people.

So totally sad.

In other California news:

Livermore Seizes the Day

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Hmmmmm.....the Milberg, Weiss case is a couple of years old. The article is old, methinks. Lots of shame on them, for sure, even though they've done good work....the greed of a few ethically challenged ruins the reputations of the good ones.

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I agree completely Debra.

I received a letter in the mail regarding a class action that I'm supposedly a member of (and knew nothing of) and decided to hit the Internet--and this showed up.

It looks like every profession takes its turn appearing in a bad light; nursing included.


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