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tisha_(z7 OKC)October 18, 2010

I figured you all wouldn't mind seeing some more pictures. I still don't have the pro ones, and won't for about 3 weeks, but my cousin uploaded some more tonight and some of them are pretty good.

This one is from the rehearsal and I look like I've already just had it. lol

This one of my aunt (my dad's older sister) cracks me up.

The barn is an historical site, and some lawyer bought a 5 foot plot of land right before it, and is putting up a giant billboard. The historical society is throwing a fit and it's been big news. So one of the news vans was outside while we were rehearsing and my uncle got a photo.


The center of the barn.

My cousin, Kristen (one of my bridesmaids)

My two aunts (dad's younger and older sister) and Kristen again.

This is probably my favorite picture of me so far... wish my Maid of Honor didn't look so pissed in it. lol NO idea what's up with her face.

My two cousins, and bridesmaids.

The guestbook table and my good friend Jennifer.

My three cousins

Me with my veil down

Gregory's (cousin and usher) feet and the bridal party

My aunt and my cousin... no idea what Becky is laughing at.

My mom and Keith's grandpa

I'm short, so I had to stand on a chair to cover Keith's eyes so he could toss the garter.

My aunt and my good friend Julia, "fighting" over the bouquet. It flew way past them. lol

Me, getting my corset done up.

My parents

I think I was trying to look blissful or something. lol

Keith, the bridal party, and the round barn.

The cake... so far it looks blue in all of the pictures I've seen. I hope it looks a little more lilac in the pro pictures.

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Belatedly the best of wishes for your wedded life. Thanks for the pictures,looks like you had a lovely wedding. I too spend this weekend at a wedding, small and private, the bride a former good neighbor, the groom a friend of my husband. Nancy is 74, and Frank 79. They have no living relatives, no children, the couple and 5 friends were the wedding party.

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Wonderful pictures. Luved seeing you in your wedding dress. Very nice. Re your maid of honor comment, I think she looks attentive and wants everything to go well.

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tibs(5/6 OH)

Lovely. Way more meaningful and beautiful than the reality wedding shows on the tube.

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jazmynsmom(Z5 Madison-ish)

Tisha, looks like you pulled it off beautifully with no hitch but the one for which the event was intended. If your candid shots are this good, the professional ones will be amazing. Beautiful.

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Y'all look so happy! and I am happy for you. It's so good so to see it happened just like you dreamed.

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