Online auction site uproar

kittymoonbeamMay 24, 2008

I worry for my friends who sell on E**y. I've come to know them just as you would the owners of a small store in your town. Many are small time sellers and not big volume stores who can afford to absorb someone who won't pay or tries to return used/broken goods that were sent to them in new condition. Over the last few days, I've been reading the uproar of outraged sellers on the discussion-feedback boards. I sold a few items, but the fees were so high and it was time consuming to deal with and so I decided it wasn't for me. I never ran into any bad sellers although some lady sent me some antique china in smelly wads of dirty tissue and decomposing newspapaer.

It's crazy over there......... Maybe other sites will take over the sales. Have any of you had a good experience buying at any other auction style sites? I went to a few but there is nowhere near the selection of items. I hope it will be resolved and the honest small sellers don't get pushed out.

Are any of you following these events? It's just insane over there right now.

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What exactly are they upset about? Did that auction site raise their fees again? I used to buy and sell a lot but got in trouble with buying more than I could afford. Now I can't go on it anymore. My husband has bought and sold a few times lately. He even managed to sell a dvd with dutch subtitles that couldn't be turned off. It's great for something that you can't find otherwise but you do have to be careful of the fees when selling things. No other auction site has ever come close to the selection unless they've specialized (lily auction does well, and there's a couple of gaming auction sites although those are somewhat illegal).

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Many changes are making sellers angry. Go to the discussion area and then to the forums under feedback. Lots of information appearing and then being deleted. Then somebody else posts something. I was up late reading through it all again. Also the market being flooded with listings that don't seem quite right. Some great humorists in the midst of the storm. Hope it all turns out well, but for now, it's rough seas for many.

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I've never sold anything on the "bay", but have been a very satisfied buyer.

I've purchased lots of plants, from roses to daylilies and peonies, as well as a few other plants, and have received healthy, thriving plants. I'm sure that some of the sellers have been folks who post here. Many of the plants have been in the ground for years and are gorgeous. Can't thank them enough for making those plants available.

I can understand why the sellers are angry; can't blame them at all.

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alisande(Zone 4b)

Is it bad form to spell out the name of that site? I see it done all the time on other forums. Just curious.

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