chicken bones...

pagan(8b)May 30, 2007

Max just went ballistic over my robe hanging on a hook in the bedroom. I made Ron check it out, cus I was worried some sort of critter (aside from the flying furballs) was hiding in the folds of said robe... imagine OUR surprise when we discovered a CHICKEN WING BONE hidden in a pocket! ya see, Ron roasted a chicken yesterday and the girls love chicken bones... as does Max the moo... so, did I tell ya'll about the time one of the flyers hit Ron on the back of the head with a chicken bone?? Seems he wasn't paying enough attention to her... and then there was the time when I had housecleaners and one of them asked me if she should remove the chicken bone stashed atop a picture frame.

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meredith_e Z7b, Piedmont of NC, 1000' elevation

LOL! Now you knew I could commiserate. You can find faux rawhide chewies and Venison bones stashed to and fro around here. They really keep up with where they all are, too, lol.

Istvan just has a collection of stuffed animals he makes scenes with or lines up in a row against the wall - Rudolf and his Dinosaur seem to be the major characters in his plays...

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Chicken bones! LOL. I can commiserate with you also. T

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