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theroselvrMay 22, 2008

We've been on the market for 9 months, then finally got a contract. We ended up deciding to sell after my dad died & my "mother" wouldn't sell us the house after she promised. I spent about 7 months looking for a new place, everything was expensive and what we were leaving was better then what I looked at. We decided to go farther south finding new construction.

We offered on a house someone else configured then backed out of because they didn't like the lot. We took out things and changed a few things, they accepted. House went up, saw the cabinets we picked were wrong, they pretty much said too bad, take it or leave it.

When the spring selling season started I'd staged closets with baskets, taken away my flowered stuff and dropped the price some. We've had 3 offers, one really low, then 2 at the same time, the 3rd we accepted & they backed out, then the 2nd (low offer) was asked if they still wanted it. They said yes, then ended up having the inspection, giving us their "demands" getting married, then going on their honeymoon for 2 weeks where no one could get a hold of them. Very stressful! We never said we would fix 3 things on the list but some how our agent took something my hubby said & told them we would :( Add to this mediation for my dad's estate, which was and is not pleasant. Still going back & forth with that.

Back in March I had a cyst burst, ended up in the ER, then at my gyn office. After having an abnormal pap and 2 tests that showed cysts I now need 2 biopsies. Those are on hold until I move as we did not have a firm closing date until Monday this week. GYN is not sure if it is cancer or not :(

So, I'm packing, getting ready to close on 2 houses Tuesday. We can either rent a truck to bring our mattresses or get a hotel room as there is no way the movers can unload us Tuesday with the late closing. My daughter is signed out of school as of yesterday (long story). She doesn't want to start her new school until September, so we'll see what happens.

So, we have hundreds of plants (trees, shrubs, roses, perennials) in pots. We are hoping that the new house will let us bring them down Monday, if they don't we don't know what we'll do. We have 4 vehicles and 3 drivers, renting a box truck for the plants will be 5 vehicles. Son is not taking off Tuesday as we'd rather he keep his Wednesday & Thursday days off.

btw, they went and landscaped our house :( 3 maple trees (told me I could put in ornamentals, now changed the story to I can't) and put in landscaping bushes. Not happy. I did see a neighbor with no landscaping so I will see if they want the plants, what do I need them for? lol Hopefully I don't have to cut the roses down too much to move them.

Here is a link that might be useful: new house

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carla17(Z7 NC)

The house looks nice. I hope everything goes smoothly, I've moved seven times and don't envy you! Good luck.


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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

You have been through an ordeal, haven't you? And it sounds as though it's not over yet. But it looks like you have space and sunlight there to make a new home and a beautiful garden. Best wishes for joy and good times ahead. Hang in there and stay strong. You have a lot of friends here, lean on us when you need to.

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roselvr, I was feeling really sorry for you until I saw the house. :) JK (Just Kidding) of course, you have been through an ordeal, seems like everything stressful happens all at once. Not one thing, it's everything. But you have a lot of the S*** behind you, I can only hope that you can now see beyond and enjoy that beautiful home and the anticipation of getting it, and the garden just as you would like. You have a brand new canvass to start with. Just enjoy and have fun with your new creation.

I am sure, and I hope that everything else leading to this will work out fine. Good Luck!

Pauline - Vancouver Island

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Pauline, lol Yeah, I know, boo hoo.
We actually got a really great deal on the house because we bought one that someone else put a deposit on, picked upgrades then changed their mind. Permits were already pulled. There is no way we could even afford this house had we not bought like that. When we came into the picture the house was going for almost $450k. We then said, ok, we don't need the granite in the kitchen, or the fireplace in the family room, nor the $3K faucets in the master plus other misc things, then we made them an offer almost $100k less. It ended up being less then what the base house costs, we still have tile / granite in the master as well as a beautiful fireplace between the bedroom & sitting area.

While we did good, there are a lot of builders hurting, they are lowering prices but not our builder. My guess is that after the house went up, someone else came in looking to buy it which is why they wouldn't help us with the very 1st offer we had on our house. We asked for $7,500, they said no. I've been watching the market here and know there are a few houses that they haven't been able to sell, 2 in particular that are the same model as ours but on crummy lots have had multiple price drops. There are a few other houses sitting that are estates.

We got through Tuesday with a lot of luck. The mover had to bring a 2nd truck which they had around the corner or something. We were nervous it wouldn't fit and it didn't. We ended up loading the plants in a 26 foot U haul - even stacking the plants there wasn't enough room so when we got to the perennials I just threw plants one on top of the other and figured they would grow back.

We left hubby's desk because it would snap in half had they moved it and my daughters bed was broken (hubby) so we'll have to go shopping. Once I get my money from my dad's estate I will take her for a new bedroom set.

Our buyer walked through the house not knowing if we'd be out by closing. Hubby ended up leaving with my car, then came back for me. My agent called, I told him that I was going to vac the house but the power was shut off. The movers finished up just before he was ready for me. I had enough time to go through the house, close windows & change my clothes. Hubby called he was really upset. Turns out the buyer thought we'd leave the electric hooked up for them. How silly. Their agent is the wifes grand father, he knows better, for them not to call all of the utilities was something he should have told them to do.

The things that came up in the inspection ended up working out after all. We have a crawl space, at one time the owner before my hubby dug it out and put in a service pit. It's 7ft tall by 20 ft wide, about 30 or 40 ft long and holds the water heater, furnace & softener. The old owner put up concrete blocks to hold the dirt in, but when he put them in it wasn't level. You can clearly see that it isn't a load bearing wall and there were no cracks in it to suggest it's moved. Their inspector actually wrote it was amateurishly put up, but it ended up being our problem.

The title company had already put the agreed on terms in the closing sheet, so they were forced to accept a $300 deposit my hubby gave to the contractor we picked. The rest of the total repairs was credited to them so if they decide to use someone else, they are $300 short. This was a huge stresser. They ended up calling the contractor Thursday and decided they didn't like him for some reason or another and wanted to change what was agreed on. By the time we got the phone call it was after 6pm on Friday, the start of a national holiday. I don't know how either of us held it together all weekend, we were so stressed. We fully expected not to close Tuesday due to it. The funny thing is I don't remember them ever going down to look at the service pit the 2 times they were there, even when their inspector was there. When they came for the walk through Tuesday, you'd think he would climb down the ladder to look for himself, nope. We also offered for them to come and look at it weeks ago, they never took us up on the offer.

We got screwed with our cabinets and ended up with almost 1/2 of what it was worth. In hind sight, we should have had our attorney deal with it months ago to have them take them out. Yesterday I couldn't even put the kitchen together, I put a few things away but decided I'd open boxes in case we needed something & would deal with it today. Once the movers left yesterday, my daughter & I set up all the bedrooms, including computers & TV's. Comcast had come early in the morning, before the computers were unloaded so we couldn't check to see if all of the rooms had internet & we didn't. Hubby and my son worked on unloading the plants (about 500 pots) then made the hour drive to return the truck.

By the end of the night I set mine up (which is supposed to run the wired rooms) but the net in the bedrooms wasn't working so we have to get the people that wired the house out today. My son was upset, he couldn't play his Xbox so I told him to bring his stuff to the computer room & hook up there since it's the only room that has internet. Once he did that he was happy.

It's going to be another long day. I should have started already but sitting down feels too good. lol You would think that the house would be pretty clean but it's not. The kitchen cabinets are pretty gross, there is dust all over them.

Hopefully by tomorrow most things will be put away that we use daily so that I can start looking in the rest of the boxes for stuff I'll need. I still haven't found my business card holder or tools. While we tried to keep everything organized, when the movers came to unload yesterday boxes went in the wrong rooms so we have to deal with that. The top floor is done, I have piles of boxes that need to go to the main floor or basement, I don't doubt stuff in the main section needs to go up.

It will be 10 years before we do this again. I don't know how people do this every few years. Moving is the pits. I can't wait to get outside and deal with the gardens. A lot of the roses started blooming because the inside of the truck was hot.

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carla17(Z7 NC)

Last time I moved I said the next time would be in a pine box. LOL Moving is so not fun even if you're moving to a dream house.


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