Good Morning all

pagan(8b)May 17, 2007

happy Thursday! Cloudy and muggy outside already - I have crossed my digits that we will get some rain. Got all my babies planted and mulched - now DH has to start the inevitable re-arranging that goes with every new purchase... after all, can't have Red Popcorn right next to Verdun - what will the neighbors think??!!(LOL, I slay moi!)

Latest 0n Max the silly Moo - When I was taking him for our morning drag, he got barked at by a big golden that was chained up in it's yard. Max was impervious until we were well past the dog, which seemed to enrage said dog cus it let loose one last spate of barks that hit home with Max and scared my boy silly! I had to carry the poor terrified chicken puppy several feet before he would walk again, and even then he kept looking over his shoulder at the golden in case it was coming after him...

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pete41(9ab FL.)

Good morning Mrs. Pagan and Mr.Max.
Same old another day in paradise here.
Tomatoes are coming in bushels,now.Not really but its fun to have them.I have a blueberry bush,if that works here I might yank some roses and plant a bunch.

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meredith_e Z7b, Piedmont of NC, 1000' elevation

Good Morning! Just making travel arrangements here and hoping we get a rainy day, too. I may be out watering later.

Poor Max! I wonder what the golden said, lol!? Try not to 'baby' Max on things like that or you'll be carrying him a lot, though, lol. Better to go on like there's not a care in the world... picking him up to show him a rose, etc. maybe.

Gotta trick them or they'll train you [she says as her little guy refused to enter Petsmart for a spell after a Doberman told him the same thing that Golden said!]

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kathwhit(z8, West OR)

Hi Pagan, Mere and Pete!
LOL, "morning drag"! I have been working with Freddy again on heeling. He is a big dog and if I have to hold him back on our whole walk, it makes my elbow hurt. He was trained, but got out of the habit. Now he is doing much better. Pete, I am only just now getting ready to plant tomatoes. You are so lucky to be eating them fresh.

I have to brag about our beautiful weather. We have had sunny days in the low 70's for a week now. The whole landscape around me is green with wonderful rhodies, roses and wildflowers blooming. It stays light until almost 9 and the sun is rising when I take my walk in the morning. Who says it always rains in Oregon? (pssst.....don't tell anyone!)

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