# 451 The Sunshine Idyll..

dodgerdudetteAugust 4, 2009

I've got plenty and I'm ready to share it with my friends...

Carry On !

Kathy in Napa

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Ooops, I posted my last post on the wrong thread. I put it on the Day 3 thread. Can one of you who knows how to do it move it here? I would sure appreciate it.

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Good evening Idylls..

Ive been making lists-plants to move , plants to SP, plants to acquire..hopefully acquisitions will be made via the employee discount. Our weather here has been very nice Âalmost June-like with the am marine layer and breezy afternoons. Hope it holds up for the weekend when more digging is on the agenda.

LOL Mary, John Cleese must have been the missing link ..I never tried crewel, but I made lots of samplers back in the Olden Days. I have one I really like, an alphabet pieces , with each letter a different flower. I made it when I was preggers with DD and still havenÂt framed it. ! Time to do that I think .

Denise , welcome back, and sorry your camera issue didnÂt work out. But at least you got to visit gardens !

So, where has PM got too ? Hope you are feeling OK !

Time to scare up dinner. Waves to all .

Kathy in Napa

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

A busy day which began late with bacon and eggs. Yesterday we again visited friends, this time swimming in their pool. There were races and doggie swims, diving for spoons and coins as well.

Later there was a duet, I Walk the Line (Johny Cash)which is always loud and filled with giggles.

Today was more ping pong tournament activity, and tonight it was Bocce Ball. DD and I made fettucini with shrimp, scallops, zucchini, cream and parmesan...a family fave.
We're zonked!


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Looks like fun doin's at the Farm. How long are they going to be with you, 'bug? I'm particularly fond of the shot of DD and Indy in the pool.

Mary, I'm impressed (but not surprised) that you whipped up a hammock for your new pets. I always wanted a rodent of some sort but Mum was adamant about that. I always give the rats a second look when they appear in the newspaper under pets available for adoption. I understand they're very intelligent and can be quite affectionate. It'll be fun to keep tabs on their integration at your home. Any more quail returned to their coop?

There has actually been a stretch of sunny weather here, not just one day and then two more of rain to make up for it! And it's been warm. I had an appointment yesterday afternoon and then decided to get the mowing done. I didn't have the moxie to do any more weeding so called it an afternoon and sat on my can for the remainder of it.

My co-worker is still out of work and we've not had any word on the condition of her mother or when she may return to the trenches. It all makes for a stressful work environment but I'm not letting it get me down. I've resolved to set strict boundries on what is available from me because if I don't I'll be running between pillar and post at the whim of a (very disorganized) someone else. Besides which, I have more than plenty of things I want and LIKE to do here. But I fear there is another conflict looming... and the working to live vs. living to work issue looms. Ugh, I hate this stuff.

Foxy Loxy was very active in the woods to the west of the house this morning. I was careful to close the slider behind me when I went out on the deck to listen lest one of the feline tribe escape before the sun is up. Rex slept through the racket, he must be bushed since it usually gets him barking.

Coffee is ready and so am I. And what shall I have for breakfast?

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Good morning. It looks like a muggy hot day is on tap for us. I will plan on being smart and getting the outdoor work done this morning before moving in to reorg my air conditioned bedroom :)

Everyone's having a blast on the farm, from the looks of it. I want to be at the farm! I'll bet the dogs are so tired each evening (and Skylar, too!).

Kathy, I tried, but I can't figure out what SP stands for? I have long lists of things to do on this coast, too :) I bought Caryopteris "Worcester's Gold" the other day! My neighbor bought Snow Fairy. In fact, because of Les and Monique's garden tour, my neighbor has been doing a lot of planning and redesigning, too :) It's an illness :)

Denise, your trip sounds like fun. It's nice to know that gardener's in the PNW have the same spirit we do, and I too believe you can't find a bad one in the bunch :) I'll second Cindy's suggestion that we just get up there and see it ourselves!

Nice to see people check in. I've been lax about getting here - I'm spending a lot of time getting kids ready for camp and I'm really trying to get a lot done around here.

I'm planning to play in the mud after this weather breaks! 70's with no humidity sounds divine to me :)


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

I had computer issues last nite just when I got going to add a few photos to the IU threads -- maybe it was a sign not to add more, LOL....

so just a few quickies from the Vt- detour prequel I had w/ my SIL -- a dear friend of hers who still gardens in his 90th year (his wife passed away at age 93 last year but gardened til the end) -- it was a lovely early 18th C house w/ additions and they'd created many wonderful vistas and vignettes over the years. They own about 140 acres, with about 5 of it gardened I think he said. The house was sited so that at the top of the house one could see at least 6 different mountain peaks (now ski sites in the winter) -- a really incredible view, and great spot to see the property as well.

The house w/ one of the large ponds at its base:

A walled garden with incredible hydrangea blue billows that were filled with bees:

Another view of the back of the house (w/ my 91 yr old MIL still spry and taking in the gardens):

And a closeup of one of the back lawn gardens --

O, and not to forget the cool ornamentation (I'd love to have one of these):

It definitely got me fired up for the IU garden spirit!


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That would be 'Shovel Prune' Saucy...something I seem to do quite alot of !

Kathy in Napa

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

My HD Zinnias suffered a near disaster yesterday while I was in town. They looked okay when I left, but when I got home they were severely wilted! I immediately poured the water from the cats' bucket on them,that sits right close to them. I was so shocked to think Nolon had walked right past them time and again, and did not notice what was happening to them! I am thinking my depending on him is coming to a rapid end!
Anyway, the one pot with the yellow flowers recovered nicely, but the one with the orange required some pruning, and has a ways to go to return to it's beauty...:-(

At the Farmer's Market I had admired the craft of a middle aged lady last week, and was very tempted to purchase one of her items. Yesterday I sucumbed to the temptation:

Also, I will repost the pic that I put on the wrong thread...

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

The gang has left for their trip to NH and a good friend's wedding. We have Indy dog. :) They will return early next week. They may also visit with DS while there.

Cindy, what a gorgeous prelude to IUVI! Just a lovely spot. Of course, if you plant gardeners on 140 acres almost anywhere, something good will come of it!!! In this case, the vistas of trees and water are stupendous. I love rock walls too and Vermont is well equipped for that.

Marian, you didn't escape from the Farmer's Market empty handed! Dangerous place! ;) I'm wondering which spot you will brighten up with your new bird friends and IVY. That glad is certainly a cheerful one.

Saucy, today we have three dogs at the farm. Time to bring Zeus to join in the fun! They are all going to sleep well tonight! My friends who own Morgan the dog came to bring me 2 giant rheum plants for planting next to the barn. They are enormous! You'd love a leaf, right?

Sarah adores her dog, and the feeling is mutual. Indy will jump and swim with her in the water even though she'd rather not. I love their joy in that photo too Chelone! So for today, here's a few more.

Skyler surprised me coming off the plane:

I thought for sure he'd coloured his hair, but no, a wig!

Dancing in the rain.

Nana squinting into the sun.

And here, the guy wire and laundry pole are removed. A HUGE job done at last.

The cherub

And now, I have tons of preparation for Sunday's picnic here, not the least of which is shoveling up the mess after the kids. ;) It is a fantastic day out today too.

One tired 'bug

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That Glad. is beautiful, Marian! I love them but never plant them, they don't remind me of funeral parlors, either. And, neo-Victorian that I am I just love the specialized vases that show them to perfection. Just beautiful. I like that you splurged at the Farmer's Market, too; those things are important to do for yourself, you know. :) I knew Mum was beginning to lose it when she began leaving her teacup on the table. She ALWAYS cleaned it out and set it aside when she'd finished the tea... .

Very muggy here now. I'm congratulating myself on getting the lawns mown last night. It's looking as though there could be some nasty thunderstorms rolling through later on this afternoon. I actually drove through a cloudburst on my way to Petco this afternoon. I decided the replacement litter pan was too wimpy for words and I was tired of cleaning strewn litter from the floor. So my splurge for the day was a new litter pan... but it's actually more of a litter BASIN. The thing is huge, about 10" deep with a gently cut away "entrance" for the little darlings. I think Spencer is giving it a test drive right this very moment...

Bewigged Skyler presents quite a visual, cracks me up that he fooled you with it, 'bug. The helpmeet would be all over a wig like that (so would I), lol. Has Skyler gone to the wedding or is he remaining with you on the Farm to soak up some "life in the slow lane" on his "summer becation"?

Cindy, the Vt. house reminds me of several in the vicinity of THTTF, the chilly zone can limit plant palettes somewhat, but I don't think peonies ever attain the level of perfection here they do there! I love Blue Billows, too. I just love Hydrangeas anyway and the Lacecaps I have here really do require winter protection, or rather, late frost protection to guarantee flowers. I have some flowers this year but they're low on the plants, areas less prone to Jack Frost's kisses. Please relay to SIL that we've enjoyed the magazines a great deal but haven't cracked the condiments yet.

I actually figured out "Shovel Prune"! mostly because I'm envious. Things have gone well beyond the shovel prune phase and now we're into systemic herbicides and that failing will follow in the tradition of the Three Stooges ("hey, wait a minute! let's get the dynamite"). While I love Eupatorium, the monster variety I have here is quiety stageing a vegetative coup and it's about time for me send out the garden "secret police" to put an end to it.

No talk at the shop about hours and schedules, thank heavens. But I am just waiting for the other shoe to drop, lol. With that in mind I'd best return my calls and fill up the remaining afternoons of this week so I may legitimately claim that "I'm already booked"; the convenient and graceful sidestep. ;)

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Life seems hectic for some reason these days. Im busy harvesting from the potager. Rick loves this as he is a huge veggie fan. I have a deer that loves my Bright Lights chard and has eaten it to the ground. Im thinking I should be glad its just the chard. Ive notice a few other things that are nibbled. Im thinking about borrowing DHs BB gun. Cant you just see it?

Ive been slowly going through the IU pictures and enjoying every minute.

Marian, I have to say that my DH probably wouldnt notice drooping flowers either and hes much younger.

It looks like bugs family is having a grand time. Im envious for sure, but I do hope you enjoy your time together. I like the dancing in the rain picture.

We need rain and warm temps quite badly here, so if it rains, Rick and I just might follow Skylars example and dance.

Cindy, I enjoyed the garden pictures you posted. I hope Im gardening to the end.

Eden, if you are reading along, Im curious about your Queen Lime Red zinnias. Do they look like promised? Mine sure dont.
Well, I must get back to work.


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Michelle, it is uncharacteristic of Nolon to not notice wilting flowers. He was always pointing such things out, for me to rectify. :-(

Marie, I bought peaches, small cukes, and green beans also.
I love Skyler's 'new look'. Quite attractive. When I first glanced at the pic I thought: "I wonder who that nice looking gal is" LOL. I would love to be out dancing in the rain right now! Nana and Ivy need the parasol opened over them.
The bird and ivy night light spent the night on the front porch. It can be used in or out.

Chelone, Nolon does not remember what has been told him, from one day to the next, and sometimes even the same day. I have my own memory problems. They are differant than his. Generally, with a little thinking, I can conguer up what I had 'forgotten'. I blame mine on a 'slow dial-up'. ;-) I plan on addressing mine when I go to the neurologist next week.

It is muggy here too, and with threatening clouds. There was thunder in the distance, but it moved the other direction. I would sure welcome a shower, although I watered containers this morning.

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Evening all,

Looks like there is a lot of fun being had at the farm Bug, I hate to say this but that pic of Skyler in the blond wig. Well I was wondering who that very pretty girl was Hes got killer eyelashes. Where was that lovely pool? I missed that information.

Cindy, I just love those pictures of that lovely VT estate and gardens. Beautiful! Thanks for posting those. It makes me think I need to sell this place and get more land. LOL I just love that WIDE rock mow strip in the hydrangea picture and I LOVE that peacock sculpture and those hydrangeas are fabulous.

Marian, Love that glad picture. What a beauty!

Saucy, did you get any rain from this front that just went through? What kind of mud are you playing in when the temps cool down?

Michelle, how great you are harvesting so much from you pottager. Ive gotten ten eggplants and quite a few cherry tomatoes from our veggie container. Im thinking Im going to do more veggies in containers next year. ~~~ Any more info about your award? ~~ wishing rain and warm temps for you.

Chelone, I forgot to answer your question from the other thread, that plant you were asking about is an astilbe.

Here are a couple pics from the gardens today.
Just after sunrise in the back gardens

The west container border

Thank you Wendy for the coleus and Michelle for the Crocodile

The Casa Blanca lilies are blooming right now

V, that dahlia is blooming its head off now.

Some of the driveway containers

The tropical container garden.The banana is enormous!!!!!

Have a great evening all!

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Cindy, I love the pictures of the property you visited. That first one should be framed. Maybe if I live to be 90 my garden should look so nice. LOL. never happen.

Michelle things seem hectic here too. I would like a day when there is not some task needing immediate attention.
By the way I meant to ask what your tuffa formula was for the trough you made. I like the texture of it. Your leaves turned out great too.

Bug, looks like everyone was having a great time at the farm. I too like Skylar dancing in the rain, and Ivy's smiles are just contagious.

Marian, I like your new purchase.

Chelone, good to hear you are getting some nicer weather. I hope your co worker will be back soon and you can get back to the garden work.

I continued with clean up and weeding today. I really want to get some things rearranged. It is to be hot here the rest of the week so I'll probably take it a little easy.

Kathy seems you have big plans for the garden too.

Julie , sure would like to see your rearranged garden spot.

V, how do you manage to get to go to so many neat places?
It was good to see your daughter enjoying the IUVI outings.
How are the newly weds doing?

Hey to all. I'm done for tonite. Norma

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Wow Deanne it's all so pretty. I love early morning in the gardens. N

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Deanne - what a beautiful way to start the day! That dahlia is amazing, especially with the lantana behind in matching colors.

Cindy - more gorgeous gardens. Some of the views have a very English feel to me.

GB- how neat to see the family having fun. I have pictures of David doing a similar rain dance that I treasure.

Today was spent at Physical Therapy with David(AM) then life guard duty in the afternoon while he swam with 2 friends. It was a perfect sunny day, dry and not too hot. A sweet friend of Annie's came over to swim later and joined us for dinner on the patio and a visit for ice cream by the Erie Canal. In between I've started stripping the wing chair I'm trying my hand at upholstery on. It's taking me a long time to remove the hundreds of staples but I'm learning a lot as I go.

Tomorrow is David's first MRI to determing if his femur is healthy and has good blood flow. We meet with his surgeon a few hours later. Keep your fingers crossed its good news.


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Evening Idylls. I have the laptop and the desktop cranked up tonight, a bit of comparison testing to see if the loading and slowness issues are a hardware or software or ISP issue. I have tried to load this thread numerous times this evening and dont get the pics or get only slices. No issue with the laptop, so I have some performance thing going on on my aged desktop. Anyone have problems when upgrading to Internet Explorer 8 ? Hope it wasnt a mistake.

Beautiful property there in VT Cindy, though I have to get up and walk into the dining room where the laptop is set up to view it. What a beautiful home and garden. I hope that the next generation will carry on the tradition.

Deanne, mega-fabu pics, Im really looking forward to implementing some of the ideas I brought home from IU , and your gardens and use of containers in areas where digging is an issue were particularly inspirational.

Marian, Im glad you treated yourself to some garden whimsy ! Is that a solar light on the post ? I really wish I had planted some glad bulbs this spring, I am particularly interested in the dwarf varieties , they seem to fit in better in my small garden and there are some fantastic color too. Glads do extremely well here in my climate. Almost too well , lol.

bug, looks like the family is enjoying lots of summer fun

Michelle, you should post a pic of the Queen Lime Reds, I was jealous so I need to see the disappointment first hand, and I would have ordered some this winter too. Hoping you get your needed weather ! It sure has been cool here this summer.

Norma, the gardens I saw on IU really helped me rethink my own, especially areas that I am not happy with . I have made a list now of what is really a series of very small projects, that taken together I hope will improve the garden substantially.

Mary, you amaze me ! Last night its the hammocks for Mr Ratty , and tonight youre re-upholstering furniture??

Ok, time to sign off and catch the baseball game..

Kathy in Napa

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

What a glorious post from Deanne -- I have to say the first one of the sundial gardens is simply breathtaking and the way in which you've used plants to achieve perspective is masterly...

I understand wanting more land to garden on, Deanne, LOL, but reality sets in and I know I can't even keep up with what I've got now! I bet you'd be working 22 hours out of 24 if you had more land to garden on;maybe fewer containers tho? Naw....

Im glad to see that 'bug and family continue to enjoy such fun - nothing more celebratory of life than lots of laughter and fun.

I hear from other friends who have veggie gardens that it is a hectic time of year for them as well -- all that harvesting and gleaning of their bounty -- my one friend has been complaining of sore hands from too much soaking, peeling, chopping -- storing it all for winter and making salsas, sauces, etc. It makes me hungry just to think of it.

I had to drag some hoses around last nite and so it showered over nite but not enough to soak everything; I still had to water a few containers this a.m. I need to get it all ready for the big temps we're going to be getting starting this weekend; altho it feels hot and nasty already to me this week -- too much cool weather in NE to acclimatize me properly perhaps?

Kathy - hope you get your computer issues worked out; I find on my laptop w/ Vista if I spend too much time opening various windows or "shopping" details, it inevitably hangs the whole 'puter up. I think new software may be in my future when windows 7 is out and I know it's working properly....

Well, Im very glad to know Im over "hump" day and trotting towards the weekend... 2 more work days, yeeha. But busy weekend w/ stock club mtg., errands, etc.


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Yes Kathy. It is a solar light. I have it out by the front porch. The lady said I could also set it inside in a window, but it is a little too tall for that. She has shorter ones.
I have trouble with most of the glads that I have planted here. The really overly successful one is the lavender ones that the original bulb was a gift from the nursery that I bought from. (That nursery is out of business now.) The lavender one multiples to excess! I have them coming up where I never planted them! Maybe voles transplant the bublets? I seldom have blooms though...partly because of the deer.
I seldom have any mass blooming of anything anymore. I used to BD...before deer. So...there are just snippets of color around our yard. Large flowering shrubs and trees, like dogwoods and serviceberries, are the most successful. Too bad they are not more colorful. But then... I have lots of forsythia, and some flowering quince, and all the Viburnums. :-) Before long all the beautiful fall colors will be coming on. They are as lovely as blooms. :-)

Mary, I hope David gets a very good report on his femur. Does it still hurt ?

I am ignoring all the reports about weeding! I just have not been up to doing that this summer. :-(
I keep hoping I will perk up and get into it again. I am paranoid about even trying, for fear my arms and shoulders will get even worse than they are. Just one small wrong turn, and I am almost disabled. Oh well....this too shall pass!

We had a nice shower yesterday eve, and fog this morning. Around here there is a saying that every August fog means there will be a snow in February. I have not put much stock in those sayings. :-)


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Is everybody (who isn't at work) out weeding their gardens??? It is sure quiet here!

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Just home from work (crummy day with too much nit-picking and "second guessing"), but it's a nice afternoon out there.

Very sad story from last night. I heard a weird bark from His Hugeness and saw the helpmeet out in the road shooing something away. Turned out to be a juvenile raccoon in very poor condition. My immediate concern was RABIES since he was out and about in reasonably "full" daylight, in the road, oblivious to traffic, and obviously afflicted. I called Animal Control but they were off duty. The poor little guy laid down and died in the road while I was on the 'phone. Flies were already making their move on the corpse and the helpmeet noted that they'd been shadowing him as he staggered around. :( I noted that he had a horrible creeping crud on his skin and he looked to be in very poor condition. We shovelled him to the side of the road and the helpmeet buried him this morning. No one called from AC so I assume there was no real interest in testing him for Rabies. Poor little guy.

And there wasn't much sleep for me last night, either. Polly decided to stay out late and I always sleep fitfully when one of the kids is out too late... she returned home at roughly 4 AM and I overslept by half an hour. (No big deal but it always sets me on edge for the rest of the day for some reason).

The day's project was a disaster. No work order, poorly estimated materials (ran out of fabric), and too much second-guessing of my approach to a production item that made me lose my temper (recall that I come very well trained with years of experience from a production background). Geez it was nice to get home to the safety of the Compound where everyone was glad to see me! I'm really beginning to wonder why the hell I ever leave in the first place. I really, really hate it when I lose my temper; to me it's an indication of insecurity and more importantly it's so detrimental to overall productivity which is crucial to the health and vitality of a very small business.

I have several calls to return and a "pick up" to schedule and I can't tell you how excited I am that tomorrow is Friday. Lol. I sure hope it's easier than today has been.

Deanne, be careful what you wish for with a larger property. Remember what you saw when you were here... you have been warned. I don't "have help". ;) You would make yourself crazier than you already are if you had more to take care of and "groom", lol.

Time to deal with the telephone before I run out of gas. Lesigh.

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I just may lose my temper too Chelone. I made the mistake of typing in the box even though I know better. When I hit "preview" it asked to log in again and of course I lost my post.

Now I have to recap quickly.

Deanne, fabu, fabu!

Norma, 1 part peat, 1 part portland cement and 2 parts perlite.

Mary, I hope the news is good.

Chelone, sorry about the crappy day.

Cindy, no canning here, I just plant what we can eat.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Yes Marian, I was out weeding! Today was also an overly exciting one at the farm. The main problem was the return of the festival staging. Turns out our reliable man for the job has quit, so the pretty little lady who was in charge was incompetent in many ways. She did not know how to drive a 5 ton truck and wiped out one side of our bridge. Then she continued and ran over our wheelbarrow! She did not have the teens under her control (they are recovering addicts and generally sweet and polite) and did not give them the needed direction this time. I am awaiting their return for round two...and not eagerly. I think after I receive the money for repairs that I will ask that the staging be kept elsewhere. I am not keen at all about the annual repairs and drama.

Apart from that, much weeding was accomplished near the barn, including removal of hundreds of Clematis tangutica seedlings. That one should NEVER have been planted.

I feel as though today was ten steps backwards. Maybe tomorrow I'll feel a bit more positive. Our friend John has a big supply of rails to help rebuild the bridge before Sunday's event. Le tres grand sigh!!!

To cheer me up, one more photo:

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Deanne, how I love the mood, the time of day on your beautiful gardens. Such amazing colours.... I guess I can't pick a favourite picture, but I sure like that banana! It also brings to mind the lovely kitchen garden planting we saw with banana, fennel and rosemary. :)

(Yes, Skyler's lashes are wonderful. Seems boys always get the lashes and not the girls! That wig gets lots of use around here too, LOL! I introduced him to straws as well....)

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Oh my! What disasters and it isn't even friday the 13Th ( not that I am superstitious..)
Thank goodness it was inanimate objects that the "pretty young lady" wiped out! I hope she never comes to our yard...LOL. I got annoyed enough when the county dumped clay in a flowerbed in their effort to repair our driveway, and when Nolon's uncle ran over several rose bushes! The rose bushes recovered, but I had quite a job getting the clay off of the bed.

Chelone, I wish I had a very amusing story to tell you, to cheer you up. I sure do know what it is like to have fits of anger. I am prone to slam things around when I get that way, but after kicking a hole in a door in a house that we lived in that wasn't ours, and slamming a cabinet door knob through the sheetrock in our kitchen many years ago, I am now a lot more careful about what I take my anger out on!

And Michelle....I really hate it when I lose a post, but mine is usually due to the power going out....which it does frequently here. It is usually just for a nano second, but enough to turn the computer off.

So far no disasters here today, and it is cooler than expected, but very humid.


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Smiles are contagious (even if they are on babies).


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Good news from today's slew of apointments: there is no sign of necrosis (the bone dying) in David's femur thus far. He still cannot run (his limp is too unbalanced) but we have a follow up visit in 6 weeks and perhaps he will get the go ahead then. David asked about fast walking and that is OK, though I fear David's interepretation will be much closer to a run than his Dr's. For a 12 year old boy being unable to run during the summer is a tough thing.

David has a new ankle brace to help prevent ankle damage as his nerves do not yet give full control of his foot. He is rather excited as he thinks it will help his golf swing. Generally it is was a very positive visit and as always, we were able to ask all our questions without feeling rushed or ignorant. This Dr is absolutely one of the best.

GB and Chelone - I hope both your days get better. Perhaps a quiet glass of wine or cup of tea in the garden to relax. I love little Ivy's smile and her shirt.

Work continues stripping the wing chair in my free moments but it makes me sneeze. Gardens did't get much more than a quick Walat. I hope tomorrow I have a little more time to call my own.


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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Weeding, deadheading and cutting back going on here. Yesterday I had to whack back the big Blanc Double de Coubert rose and its skirt of angel roses a fair bit - they had expanded outward considerably and were attacking anyone trying to pass down the path behind the driveway border. The summer doldrums are starting to set in.. - that time of the season when you start to think that maybe the garden is a bit too big...! But it's impossible to figure out what you'd eliminate and, besides, you have plans to enlarge something... :-)

gb - the Ivy smile picture is definitely a spirit-lifter. It sure sounds like the staging would be better elsewhere.

Deanne - your garden is amazing. But you are truly nuts! The thought of watering and grooming all that is mind-boggling.

Cindy - what a great place to have visited and what an inspiring gardener to be still going strong at that age. It made me think of my grandfather who was still gardening in his 90s too - on a much smaller scale though :-)

I'm feeling somewhat apathetic, tired and unsociable the last few days so I'm reading along but having trouble 'getting it together' to post so apologies to those I've missed commenting on.

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Evening all,

What a lovely day we had here. The temps topped out at 80F but most of the day was in the mid 70s, perfect gardening weather. The overwintered fuchsias are finally all coming into heavy bloom and are just wonderful. The Christina and Beacon fuchsias are absolutely enormous! I cant imagine how big they are going to be by the end of September.

Woody, Ive been doing lots of deadheading and cutting back here as well. I LOL over your quandary about thinking the garden might perhaps be too big but there is nothing you want to get rid of and are actually thinking of expanding. Ditto! Im exactly the same way. LOL I am thinking of getting rid of several of the daylilies though. They are major time consuming to groom and although I love them I have too many to keep up. Im just trying to figure out what low maintenance plant I can replace them with. ~~ Yes indeed, I have to agree with you that Im "truly nuts".

Mary, what fantastic news about David. Im so happy to hear things are healing well and there is no sign of necrosis.

Bug, that grinning Ivy picture is precious! That smile is contagious.

OH no Michelle! I hate it when I lose a post! It seems that any time Im going to just type a quick post in the box I lose it and I still write in the box from time to time then regret it!

Chelone,, bummer about the tension at work. ~~ I know what you mean about getting the kitties in at night. Same drill here and Rahjii is a pain about coming in at night lately. Ive got to go and find him as soon as I get off this computer.

Cindy, had to water today too. It seems so strange to have to water when weve had so much rain but the mature trees in the back yard such the gardens dry.

Kathy, Soooo glad you like the container borders. I need to figure out how to set up irrigation for them but in the meantime I do some of my best thinking watering the pots.

I dont know if the IU gathering noticed how many berries are on the Mountain Ash tree this year but it is truly staggering and in fact the tree is bent over from the weight of them. The birds have been having a feast. Hoping they attract some Cedar Waxwings this fall.

OK Im off to get ready for some shut-eye. Have a great evening all.


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It is finally wet outdoors. It really has only drizzled but I have hope. I spent a little time walating with an unmbrella (just to keep the camera dry) I was surprised to see that I took 89 pictures. Ive been doing some cutting back as well.

bug, Ivy sure has an infectious smile.

Mary, the news sounds wonderful. Im sure its been a difficult summer for David. Summer is about running, jumping and running off energy.

Deanne, your mountain ash is fabulous. Ive always wanted one.

I keep swearing that I wont start any new areas. Mine may not be pristine but I keep it good enough to make me happy with it. I really truly enjoy spending time in it, whether its working or walating.

Im going to put some of the pictures I took on a separate thread. I hope you stop by and visit my garden.


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A pleasant evening to all, tomorrow is Friday and happy to welcome it. Lots of chores lined up for this weekend , neglecting the house as usual. After my week and a half off, I could not help but notice this week how much darker it is when I get up in the AM..I was commiserating with my office mates this morning (we all come into the awfice around 6-ish ) about shrinking days, but we observed that here in zone 9 we have at least 2 more months of nice weather . Often our hottest days come in September.

I realized this evening that I have not posted any of the pics I took on my speed walk through Tower Hill after I left Sues on my way to Boston to fly home. The weather was very threatening , I had very little space left on my memory card, but I got a few nice shots and will post them either tonight or tomorrow on a separate thread..

LOL bug, I bet Skyler is just the right age for full appreciation of the bendy straw trick..I too loved the veggie garden at Stonewall Kitchen. I aspire for mine to be that pretty. I am posting a couple of pics below-I took a bunch there. Wish it had been bigger, and it was hard to get photos that did not include cars ! Ivy is so cute (for a baby) !!

Deanne, I was so busy swooning at your gardens I dont think I looked up into the trees at all ! As closely packed as your containers are I bet you could set up a pretty nice drip system-there would be up front work and set up every season but I bet it would save you a ton of time during summer. The challenge would be hiding the drip hose and the emitters . I hear you on the daylilies-I bought more this year but thats it for me unless I do replacements. I love them but you really have to be on top of the deadheading or they look like crap, especially if you have lots of them.

Chelone, I hope the week gets put behind you with haste and you can think about doing what you enjoy. What an intrusion the awfice can be on our lives, though necessary to maintain independence and the ability to do some stuff we enjoy.

Mary, happy to hear your god news re:David, and hope it continues.

Woody, we are all entitled to some doldrums once in a while. We will await your return to form !

Needing to get a check-in from PM2, Julie and Anita recalling that Anita was having some computer issues, hope those get resolved and our other missing friends swing by to reassure that all is well..

Stonewall Kitchen Gardens, York Maine.

Kathy in Napa

From Idyllunion 6 July 2009 From Idyllunion 6 July 2009 From Idyllunion 6 July 2009 From Idyllunion 6 July 2009 From Idyllunion 6 July 2009

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Today will be better. It usually is since holding grudges is not really productive and it's a waste of energy. Not really in my make up either, unless someone has very seriously screwed with me. And when that happens they're the first person to know about it.

The helpmeet dragged home a Mt. Ash some years ago and a most pathetic specimen it is. He has a bit of bleeding heart for things that have been in containers for too long and so it is with the Mt. Ash. I loathe it and have been thinking for some time that I may just make it go away. If it looked like your's, Deanne, it would never cross my mind. I have gotten to the point where hanging on to things that don't perform and please me is not that big a deal anymore. There appears to be some spousal "drag" in that area, however. ;)

Woody, I laughed at your commentary on the summer doldrums and expanding. Perfect summation.

Mary, terrific news on David. He really has been a very good cooperater with all this recovery stuff, hasn't he. Not that he's had a lot of choice in the matter but he has done what's been required and he's done it willingly and with reasonable good humor. That speaks volumes and underscores the genuine nature of his character. I'm certain this year of his life will leave a lasting impression and give him a level of compassion and sympathy not so common in the young. Wonderful news on the femur and let's keep positive thoughts coming for the next visit. How long will it before you're really "out of the woods" with respect to necrosis?

I've not had much time to SALAT (sit) lately but will have to get on over to the other threads and soak up some ambiance. I will look forward to your shots, Michelle, as several of your combinations have struck a chord with me.

OK, gotta go finish up the "life sentance". :)

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Morning all,

Well its another beautiful summer day here and is supposed to get up to around 85. Perfect! Right now there isnt a cloud in the sky but there are supposed to be fair weather clouds around later. Weve got another kitty injury from the stray cat in the neighborhood and Im about fed up with it. Actually Luke had another abscess when we got home from IU6 but that one cleared up itself but now Rahjii got into a fight last evening and hes got something going on with his eye. That cat is an aggressive s - - it and I might have to help it to go away. Its skinny, scruffy and nasty and is over here all the time. Grrrrr.

Chelone, this Mountain Ash tree has been on borrowed time for several years now and in fact Monique talked me into giving it a reprieve from execution a couple summers ago. I sometimes gets a nasty black foliage thing and loses all its leaves by August but Im now suspicious that it has to do with rainfall because it couldnt be more beautiful than it is this year. The best thing about it is that the birds just love it and we get tons of Robins, Mockingbirds, Catbirds and Flickers in it eating the berries. ~~ Im with you on shovel pruning things that dont please me or arent performing. If it doesnt pull its weight its outta here.

Kathy!!!! Those pics from Stonewall Kitchens are gorgeous! I just love, love, love that little garden and wish I could do something like that in our front yard by the driveway. I took a picture of that banana with the fennel too. What a fantastic combination. ~~ RE daylilies one also has to continuously strip out the yellowing foliage as well. Yukko! I planted all of mine before I got heavily into the container thing. Now Id rather groom the containers than the daylilies so really have to rethink some of the plantings in the borders.

Michelle, I know what you mean about taking numbers of photos when going out with the camera. I went out last evening to get a couple pics of the Casa Banca lilies and wound up taking 135 pictures. LOL ~~ Looking forward to visiting your gardens.

OK Im off to get some breakfast and get outside and enjoy this lovely day. Have a great day all

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

TGIF! (A feeble imitation of Sue's entries)

Thank you for the Stonewall Kitchen photos! A fine fine memory!

Today is the day when I hope to bring garden things together for our picnic on Sunday. Life is conspiring against me though. Tonight there's a birthday party to attend which I was only told about yesterday. This morning the "pretty lady" is supposed to deliver a new wheel barrow to me. We'll see if it is the same variety. The bridge is spread all over the lawn and so I have no idea how the lawn repair will take place. These things really agitate me...I'll just have to concentrate on other areas I guess. I fear Saturday...the day when the house and cooking will have to be dealt with.

Indy dog seems to have settled in well while her family is away. She was crying after they left for a while and refused to play with Phoebe the pest and the visiting Morgan. Yesterday she instigated a bit of play with them and slept through the night in our room in spite of the 3 cats. Perhaps after she returns to Alberta we will be able to train Phoebe to sleep in our room too. It seems odd to have a visiting dog upstairs and not our own!

The day has started out sunny but we hear that tomorrow will be rainy. Our picnic is supposed to be sunny but very HOT out...90F!(Hey, that's hot for us!)

Later, if I have a moment.

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I've already been out and accomplished lots....I'm in for breakfast!

So good to hear that David is on the road to mending - even the parts we don't see :)

Mary, Griffin and Goober, SunnyD's rats, are coming for a visit. I always enjoy their visits as they are pleasant house guests.

Deanne, I'm making leaf castings....one to be a water feature in the bucket I call a water garden :)

Chelone, I should think that throughout your life there must've been someone who took great joy in trying to ruffle your feathers? A brother, a spouse....a friend? You do seem unflappable for the most part. I am but a crack away from falling apart at almost all times :)

Michelle, I had fun visiting your garden on the other thread! You sound busy but happy these days.

GB, your picnic will be great. Try not to look at the agitating areas - I'm trying the blinder method around here myself :) She'd better bring you a perfect match to the wheelbarrow - I'm furious just thinking about it!

Marian, sometimes the men in my life are more of a hinder than a help. Nick weed whacked my newly planted sedum out of the walk way the last time he helped. I stayed quiet about it because I figured the help was needed :) I just stuck all the sedum bits back in the dirt :)

Hi to all I've missed! Keep the pictures coming, Kathy! I would like to see THBG....I should've met you there!



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wendy2(zone 6 MA)

Why am I craving a melted cheese and artichoke sandwich, LOL? Kathy, nice pics from Stonewall Kitchen. I can't count the number of times I've gone by that place and never stopped in; now I think I will make it a point to visit there more often. BTW, my DS found your luggage wheelie in my car, in the under-floor storage. I'll have to wheel a case of something back to you for IU next year!

Deanne, I enjoyed spending the morning in your beautiful garden. That morning light is just great.

'bug, Ivy has such a beautiful smile, I can almost hear her gurgling. Such a pretty baby. That is too bad about the bridge. You are probably right about finding another home for the equipment. My co-worker has a favorite saying "No good turn goes unpunished".

Mary, such good news about David. He sounds like he is coping with all of this very well, and I'm sure his positive attitude is a great help in his healing. Did all of your wayward quail return yet?

I am running on empty this afternoon - I took my DD and 3 of her friends to a Blink 182 concert last night, and it was 1:45 am by the time I got to bed. I am getting too old for this! The concert was good though. This was their reunion tour, the band actually broke up quite bitterly 4-5 years ago. The audience was made up of some "older fans" (beyond college age to my DD) and they actually held up real lighters in tribute. DD was amazed, she has only ever seen the lame cell-phone light tribute that kids do now. The highlight for me was the encore, where they stapped the drummer into this rig where his drum set was bolted down to a platform and he was in a harness like a carnival ride. The platform then proceeded to swing and tilt, going almost vertical, and he played his drum solo the entire time. I'm told that Tommy Lee actually did this first, but I had never seen anything like it.

We are off on our family vacation tomorrow, travelling to Nova Scotia for a week. I am looking forward to it, I've never been there but I am told it is a beautiful place. I am not looking forward to all the laundry and packing that must take place before we leave, but it will get done. My DS has asked every morning if we can "go now" - I'll be glad to leave just so that I can stop explaining things like jobs and reservations to him.

Must wrap things up here at work and end the day. Waving hello to all!


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

I've been a very bad idyller of late. I'm not sure why I've been so busy but it seems like time is flying by. We're off for our annual trip to the cabin tomorrow morning and I haven't posted anything to the IU threads! Bad V. :(

Here's one of Deanne's dahlias to make up for my slacker status.

Chelone, I know what you mean about wondering why you leave some days. I just did a one-day trade show and I was pleased that the sales manager scheduled the two of us to work together in one shift and gave the other two office employees the second shift. He then told me he did that deliberately, because "I'd probably kill 'em if I had to work with either one of them!" Unfortunately, I was thinking the same thing. Sadly, it seems that cigarettes, coffee, and cell phones are more important than work. /rant!

DH asked me the other night how many containers I had. I told him quite seriously that I had 35 or 40. He looked at me and said he had counted earlier in the day and the answer was 90. BUSTED!

Norma, to answer your question about travel, my DH travels heavily for business, so we are able to use his miles and hotel points for some special trips. He just got his million mile card from American about two weeks ago!

I must finish packing and tying up some other loose ends. I'm waving good bye for at least a week. Not back until next Saturday, and Sunday will be consumed with laundry and mail. Hope you all have a good week!


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Good evening Idylls, happy Friday to all. I have a full agenda for the weekend and will include some token house cleaning as barely a thing has been done since before IU. The Julie Jobs are piling up , the larder is bare, the dust bunnies are colonizing , and laundry overflows its hamper.

Jealous of Chelones snappy new Ilex Sky Pencil, I ordered 3 . They are just perfect for a spot where I have an extremely narrow bed and an expanse of bare wall. I continue to ponder the underplantings, and am favoring a tapestry of various slow growing ground covers. This will no doubt be a fall project-It would be good to finish the stuff I have in progress for summer !

Michelle, I googled Queen Lime Red and came up with a thread on the annuals forum where folks were complaining about the colors they were getting. Several pics were posted too. It sounds like the color isnt stable at all, and looks like the pom-pom ish flower form isnt consistant either. I can see why you ordered them when I saw the pic at Johnnys.

I would have taken about a million more photos at the Stonewall Kitchen if only it had been a larger garden ! That place is definitely on the list of visits for the proposed NE return engagement in fall 2010. There was obviously a very gifted designer at work there , and I wonder if she/he has done other gardens in the area ? Any thoughts Chelone ? There are several restaurants here that have gardens , and I think a viewing of those might be in order to see if they measure up !

LOL Saucy, your house guests..maybe you should invite Sues GrillMouse for a sleepover ? Our garden center is doing a leaf casting class on the 22nd, and I signed myself up . Im a Saucy wannabee ! I whipped through TH pretty fast Saucy- Im putting that on my 2010 agenda too.

Wendy, have a great time on your trip ! I hope youll share some photos with us when you return.

All is forgiven V, summer is always a busy time for families, and we can be lenient if pics are posted eventually. That is a splendid pic of the Dahlia ! LOL, your DH counting the containers. I bet every one of us has more than we think we have.

Later all

Kathy in Napa

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It's a lovely Saturday morning. Rex and I had a very leisurely early morning stroll that required a good deal of investigative sniffing and snuffling on his part. I'm not sure what will be on the docket for the day but it will involve a lot of outdoor activity and quite possibly more destruction of weeds. ;)

We had dinner out last night and the place was packed and noisy. We sat close to two families, one with 4 kids (2 about 3-5, 2 pre-teen), the other with 2 little girls and a set of grandparents. The 4 kids sat in their chairs, colored, and the parents talked with them. The one with 2 made me sad. The two little girls (3-5) had a bag of toy animals and had them all over the table. They scattered popcorn all over the table. They stood on their chairs, one fell off and had a crying fit insisting every adult hold her and cuddle her, the parents barely even interacted with the kids. Both the helpmeet and I noticed the contrast and commented on it, the 4 kids kept looking over their shoulders and the chaos next to them, lol. When we left I quietly told the mother of the 4 that she had a beautiful family and it was clear that they worked hard to have kids who knew how to act appropriately in a public setting. She said they were "exhausted" but I said, "no, this is result of hard work and lots of love and it's a pleasure to see". I wish I had a picture of her smile and that of her husband, she said that was one of nicest things she'd been told in a long time. Clearly they are proponents of regular beatings, too.

SK uses a very talented woman, Jacquelyn Nooney, as their garden designer. She does a lot of commercial work in the area and her work seems to be characterized by the use of unusual annuals planted in masses for maximum visual impact. There always seems to be a regualarity that echoes formal plantings in her work. I don't know much about her residential work but have no doubt is it equally interesting just not so readily visible.

I can't help but think of the Eric Burden and the Animals song, "Sky Pilot" whenever I pass by the "Sky Pencil", Kathy. That should be an effective "ear worm" for you now that you have ordered 3 of them for your very own. ;) I have been thinking about groundcovers, too. They're favorites of mine. I have some Lamium that is languishing under the Magnolia and deserves a new home, a ton of Asarum, nicely increasing patches of Epimedium, and the beautiful little creeping Artemesia stelleriana has taken off in it's new location.

Time to meander into the galley to clean up the morning trail before setting out for some quality alone time in the yard under the watchful eyes of the Huge One.

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jak1(4 Ontario Can)

Wow, you guys! "Idle" is not an appropriate name for this group!

Thanks, V., for allwing me to not be the only one who has languished in posting this week! I really don't know where the time has gone.

I have picked up some kind of rash, like poison ivy or something, that has me itchy and somewhat sleepless, so I haven't really had the energy I would have liked this week. TCS was at swim camp this week and I spent a lot of time WALATing and trying to psych out my new proposed garden beside the NN (nasty neighbour). The Spite fence is up and although I try hard not to let it get to me, it is kind of depressing to have such a visible sign of dislike in my face all the time.

I have been trying to come up with something to grow on my fence (parallel to the solid wood fence) and so far have only come up with Virginia creeper or Golden Hops. I still have to do some more research as I don't want to get into a goutweed-type disaster!

Still some work to do in the back....and I just want it done! I don't feel like actually doing it however, and there's the rub. It isn't going to happen all by itself, is it.

I have really enjoyed seeing all of the IU ohoitis - we had such a great time! It is neat now to put a face and in many cases a voice to the posts I read - a new dimension!

I have come away with a few new determinations, however. To tend my gardens just a little more judiciously; to work a little harden on dog training (the Huge One was just so good!) and to concentrate more effort on TCS, who is getting bored with summer vacation now. DH is hoping to take him to Toronto for a few days to go to the zoo, Wonderland (ick) and to realize the little guy's dream of ascending the CN tower. I will likely stay home with the doggies as I don;t have a handy Woody to take care of them, and I think they need better manners to be left with someone else! During this few days I might get my two garden projects out of the way and then it will just be maintenance for the rest of this season.

I cannot sign off without commenting on the great photos of MB and Ivy and farm goings-on, the rat hammocks, Davids wonderful progress, Cindy's additional garden tour, Deanne's pots (can't beleive that I got to see these in person!), Marian's glads, Chelone's lousy day and positive great progress on the weed front, Wendy's concert-going and gee whiz there's so much more!

I gotta get off my duff and DO something! I'll be back!

Happy Saturday to you all!



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Julie, talk to Deanne first about golden hops! I pulled mine out this summer, but I know lots of it still lurks underground.

I think another thread could be filled with all the lost idyll posts. Take my word, yesterday's post before evaporating was brilliant, scintillating, tackled and solved most if not all the world's woes, etc, etc.

Chelone, good on you for commenting to the parents. I had a similar moment at the vaca house watching a man in the house next door doing a beautiful job organizing six kids under 5 YO in a football game in their little front yard. A man in a balcony over the yard watched with a bemused smile -- seemed to me he cold have ditched the bemusement and headed downstairs to lend a hand. He was obviously a father of one or some of the kids.

I see V is traveling again. I envision a travel bag stenciled with Semper paratus by her front door. Have a great time.

Finally a movie I can take my mom to, Julie & Julia, which Mitch & I did yesterday, a matinee. Meryl Streep is a national treasure. Be prepared to veer into the nearest restaurant upon leaving the theater. And I dragged out my only Child cookbook upon returning home to prove my readership, the imperious The Way To Cook.

Some intrepid relative Back East (Massachusetts) has traced my mom's family back to the 1600s in France, so it'll be interesting to get a look. My paternal great-grandmother's maiden name was Gardener. Didn't names closely follow vocation at some point in the dim past?

Woody, watch out for those summer doldrums! August always holds a few.

Michelle, if I haven't commented elsewhere, your gardens seem especially lovely this year.

Mary, great news about David's leg, must be a massive relief for you.

Saucy, slow down, you're making me tired! ;)

Cindy, the 91 YO MIL with the ramrod-straight spine...now that's impressive. Thanks for the photos, also 'bug, Kathy and Deanne. I had to run out for some gropower fert. after seeing yours, Deanne! Waving...

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Hi folks!

Today is a soggy day but the morning was good enough that I managed to get out for a haircut and then to use up a $75 gift card at a nursery. I got THREE obelisks to prop up some tired looking clematis. Yeah! Then I bought a couple of yellow Crocosmia to brighten things up for tomorrow, a zebra grass to add height (in the future) to an island bed, and a couple of white lupines. It is seldom that they are labeled by colour in our nurseries. There are plenty of other things I could do to perfect the garden, but that's all weather and energy will allow for now.

Myrtle the turtle appeared the other evening and Sarah told us that she has no eggs. So I don't understand why she keeps dropping by, especially on rainy days. It can't be the heat! Anyway, I saw her treading water in the pond and now she's on our driveway again... We're going to put up a sawhorse in front of the bridge so that guests park along our lane rather than near the house. Myrtle should be safe.

DH managed to repair the bridge yesterday so that all is better than new. Not beautiful, but solid. Here's how things looked before he began:

And notice the handles on the wheelbarrow. (No replacement yet either...)

Julie, I hope you enjoy a good break while the menfolk are off to Toronto. Going to the top of the CN Tower is neat but VERY expensive. The elevators are quite the experience too. I agree about the hops, pretty as they are.. Stay clear of it in your situation. I've just been cutting back the Virginia Creeper AGAIN and can't advise you to plant that either. How about some pretty decoration that hangs from the fence and holds planters? Or one of Deanne's hayracks? I just saw a pretty one today as a matter of fact. Look around a bit before jumping ahead. In any case, I hope your rash is NOT poison ivy and that it isn't a plant allergy of any kind. Get rid of it!

I got an 8:30am call from Sarah today asking advice for planting a 14' Magnolia, a gift from the bride & groom (who get married today in NH) to themselves. :) There are supposed to be over 30 children at this event so Skyler is very happy there. We expect them to return on Tuesday. In the meantime they hope to visit with Sarah's brother.

Chelone, as a parent, I think any positive comments you give on parenting skills are ever so appreciated. It is such hard work and criticism seems to be more freely offered by one and all. Heck, I used to get comments on whether or not my 2 month old wore socks! People enjoy the sound of their own voices sometimes....I've noticed with Sarah that lonely people tend to want to talk her ear off in stores. She has wisened up and now just gives a huge smile and walks on. Imagine if she had twins! The talk would never end.

Welcome to Canada V!!!! Enjoy your week away.

OK, cut sunflowers are on the table and I'm not going to move a muscle until folks arrive tomorrow.


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jak1(4 Ontario Can)

Thanks for the comments friends, on the hops and the creeper. The issue is that the chain link fence (mine) and the 6 foot solid board fence (hers) are about 8 inches apart - just enough space for weeds and crud to grow between and not wide enough to get in there to trim. The rest of the neighbourhood is already calling that space "no man's land". So I want to grow something on my fence that will hide the weed growth between the two from view in my yard. Hanging planters just won't fill the bill I'm afraid! I have thought about dumping about twenty bags of cement dust in there to just kill everything, but that is such an ugly and miserable solution. And I don't want any complaints from next door either.

I thought of Chelone today as someone walking in the park called out "Hey! How's life in the compound?". Taking the high road, which will always stand one in good stead, I replied "Very nice thanks" and a discussion arose concerning no man's (or woman's) land. I really don't quite know what to do so I will do nothing for now....

As DS will want to be here next week-end, DH and TCS will probably put off their trip for a week and go sometime around the 19th. TCS will be camping 25th, 26th and 27th and I hope to get all my current gardening chores done in those last two weeks of August. And then it will be back-to-school for him and back to the JJobs for me - I do let stuff slide in the summer....

Today we went into the city to buy a rug shampooer from Costco. While there I wanted to take photos of the fantastic flower display that the National Capital Commission (Ottawa) plants up every year. The Rideau Canal runs for about 7 miles through the center of the city and the immediate areas around it are public property. The NCC does an absolutely fantastic job of mass planting the whole length every year, starting with literally millions of tulip bulbs in the spring and progressing to all kinds of stunning displays for the rest of the season. We took the doggies with us, figuring that they will never have "good boy" manners if they don't get to practice, and we bought Subway sandwiches to have as a picnic by Dow's Lake. I even remembered to bring my camera, only to find that the batteries were dead and I couldn't get even one photo for you guys. It was indeed a beautiful day though, the dogs weren't too bad, the weather was great, Costco still had a shampooer, which is now at my house. We sat outside after we got home, had a glass, and talked about what garden chores are left and how we could accomplish them. Although the back yard is still looking kind of rough, I do have hope that things will look nicer next year. That's the thing with gardens...there's always next year....

If anyone is interested you can google Rideau Canal or Ottawa Tulip Festival and see some of the information about this World Heritage site. In the winter the canal freezes and is plowed, giving Ottawa-area folks a seven-mile long skating rink...truly a great way to cheer one up in the dead of winter!

Ugh! Who wants talk of winter already!



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A warm spell has descended here, but cool temps will be here overnight. Though we are in mid to high 80s daytime, we drop down to mid-50s overnight.

I am quite pleased with all tasks du jour I have at last completed the digging project and my new areas are ready for planting. I moved the Alchemilla mollis today , and they do not look too happy this evening , but I am confident they will revive over night. There are a few mature established plants that I wont attempt to re-site until fall . I dug uo Tasmanian Tiger today too, after hoping it would return to its former glory I hardly needed a shovel, it was that dead. I am at a loss as to why it just up and croaked this summer , but maybe they are short lived ?

Chelone, thanks for the scoop on the SK designer I googled her but her website was quite low on pics. I have also taken note of your rock-moving activities as revealed over yonder..what a challenge the rock thing must be. Rocky soils here are confined to hillsides, and hillsides are often protected from development.

There you are Julie ! You can pretend you are in California when viewing The Fence. We are all fenced in- lot size dictates this otherwise we would have no private space. I concur with Denises warning on the Hops, though I have always wished for one I have avoided the temptation it will wander at will.

Denise, Im glad to hear that you enjoyed J and J, it got a nice write up from my personal critic in the SF Chron , his only complaint being the Julie segements.

Hey bug, how come we got a b-4 pic of the bridge but no after ?

All for me tonightgoing to put up a separate thread of Tower Hill pics.

Get a load of this-one of my freebies from Maryotts daylilies this summer ..pretty wild color ! From Garden 2009

Kathy in Napa

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

A chilly morning here in NH, it was in the low 50s when I got up at 5:30. Personally, I LOVE the cool temps but this is too much like September. Doug and I are planning a long leisurely bicycle ride down the Nashua River Rail Trail today and the weather couldnt be more perfect for it. ~~ The fuchsias are loving this weather recently and all the wintered over plants are setting huge numbers of buds. The show will be spectacular by next week. Ill have to do a fuchsia thread. They are amazing plants and so worth the time and effort to winter over.

Julie, I so agree with all the warnings about Golden Hops vine. Be very careful! It is a thug and travels everywhere aggressively. Its as bad or worse than a wisteria. I have started a climbing hydrangea on my chain link in the back and its a lovely vine and so well behaved. It takes time but Id think about it for your fence issue.~~ So glad you had a nice day at the Rideau Canal. I was amazed the year we visited Niagra Falls in Canada. The gardens around the falls were gorgeous.

Kathy, thats one amazing daylily. Great color. ~~ You said it, "what a challenge the rock thing must be". It is an ongoing pain in my a - .Not only dealing with the big rocks the gardens where Ive thought all the rocks were dug out breed new ones. I swear I find a couple bucket loads of new rocks in the dahlia garden every year. I was trying to put stakes in there yesterday and couldnt seem to get a stake in the ground.

Bug. Yikes about the bridge and the wheelbarrow! Id be some POd about that. No way Id let them store anything in my barn after that. No way should you and your DH have to have fixed your bridge after they trashed it. Grrrrr

Denise, bummer about the lost post. Ive found my best work was done just prior to losing it. LOL ~~ BTW I use Algoflash fertilizer. Good stuff.

V, have a great vaca! Great pic of that dahlia. Thats Le Baron.

Wendy you are a saint for taking your DD to concerts. Have a great vacation!

Saucy, cant wait to see the new leaf castings!!!!

OK Ive got to get the watering done so we can get on the bicycles. Enjoy the day everyone!

PS here is a pic just for pretty, Fuchsia Beacon. Ive been playing with my 400mm lens for interesting backgrounds. I liked the back lit one in this pic.

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Good morning

Great to see Julie again and catch up with everyone else:0)

Have a great trip Wendy- Nova Scotia sounds fabulous!

Yesterday I took Annie and David and two of their friends to a Renaissnace Fair. We have tried to go a couple of times before but it bucketed with rain. Yesterday the weather was perfect and it turned out to be a really fun day out watching jousting, falconry, dunking, Shakespeare, early music and acting. David and friend feasted on hand-held turkey drumsticks which were surprisingly good and totally messy.

Today, dare I say it, I'm almost hoping for rain again as I'm dying to spend more time on my upholstery project. There is soemthing very exciting about realizing a new skill is within reach and I can't wait to see how the new fabric looks.

Another project is in the near future as DH has just had a huge printer delivered here. The shipping crate (6x5x4 feet) will be the chickens new henhouse. I can't wait to get my power tools out again but will have to be patient until DH returns. The shipping weight is 840 lbs so it is obviously not anthing I can upack on my own. Fortunately the crate has industrial strength wheels which will allow me to wheel it to its permanent location once some of the initial construction is done. I've been making sketches and reading a lot about green roofs. You might enjoy this gallery.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Love the site Mary! Shared it with DS. I have a friend who lives in a sod roofed home nearby. Perhaps next time you visit?...

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

OYYYY. This morning it is very wet and muggy out but will become partly sunny and HOT. I ran out early to prune a rose bush that had a sucker taking over. What a battle that was, but it is improved now. I got carried away weeding in the vegetable garden and it is just a disaster. Who would believe that it had not a weed in it a month ago? Today there are waist high thistles and twitch grass and more ugly stuff. At least I managed to tidy up the clematis arbor area, but this will be most embarrassing. I also trimmed the entryway to the veg garden so that the gate will at least open neatly.

DH is being a saint and working on the bathrooms. Well, off to windex a few windows that the dogs have smudged up. Then time to marinate the flank steaks. I'll be thinking of fuchsias and day lilies the whole time.

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Sounds like everyone had a great time during the New England foray! Kept up with pics and am so glad you all had a chance to see the Whiteflower Farm begonia house! Am fortunate enough to be good enough friends with an employee there that she always grabs a few tubers during the employee giveaway (simultaneous with the fabu tent sale). Worth every penny you spend for these. Go for it, Deanne!!

The gardens are at least 18" taller than they should be and a friend of Ky's from Oregon says the PNW has nothing on Cornfield Park this year! The weather, as well you know, has been so Weird!! Hoping to get a few tomatoes and am overrun with white pattypan squash that must really like water. Backyard has been a swamp, and can't get to the shrub borders on either side of the house for weed cleanup. One more day of dry, please?????

The pics and posts here have been a true joy, excepting Chelone's ongoing work situation, of course. Miss Ivy's smile brightened many a morning, already. Immediately recognized Wendy's 'Art Holmes' begonia and am trying to figure out how to repot one without losing foliage. Suggestions? Deanne -- I thought when I saw your gardens years ago that they couldn't be better -- wrong!

Want to specifically mention David's recovery and Mary's delight with his doctor. "Fast walking", indeed! Certainly in addition to a strong a healthy 12 year old body, David's attitude has much to do with his heretofore successful recover.

Rich's work situation is about the same. A few small things here and there help with the ongoing biz expenses. He's not yet ready to give it up but is making noises in that direction.

Herb growing continues to be on the horizon and, as luck would have it, a major greenhouse manufacturer is based a few towns over and would "love" to use our project has a training ground for new installers. The abundance of water in the area that would be the "greenhouse spot" is causing some concern but other than that, we're just waiting for the right moment to move forward.

Not much more going on, all in all everything is better than lousy :-) Just wanted to stop by with a wave to all gardening kindred spirits across the continent!


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Know I've missed many birthdays, so Happy Birthday to all and remember that like these plants started from seed and cuttings, friendships grow and grow over the years, too!!


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Came in to eat breakfast and thought Id check in- havent even opened the Sunday papes yet ..I went out a couple of hours ago to turn on the water and ended up cutting back a particularly floppy and unruly lavender and pulling the weeds that were revealed by the shearing and more deadheading in the basil orchardI love deadheading basil ! Next on the deadhead agenda is Sally Holmes , which involves a ladder and a large receptacle.

Great to see Martie check in We havent seen you in ages ! Glad all is well as can be expected at The Park and await further developments of the Herb caper.

Deanne, youll appreciate my thrill to see two buds on my Voodoo fuchsia this morning- I didnt get a single flower last year , I think it was just in too deep shade, plus the recovery time from winter dieback was lengthy and I thought I had lost it.

Ok, its going to be hot this afternoon so I better get out to do battle with Sally

Anyone heard from PM ? Not like her to stay away so long without checking in.:-(

Kathy in Napa

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

OK, all is set for our event. We have mango meringue pie and ginger ice cream for dessert. Can I start with dessert please?

If you consider our humidity, the temperature outside is 94F. ugh... Yesterday I wore a hooded jacket. Crazy!

Guess I'll wash up and change.

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend gardening or upholstering or whatever makes you smile!


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Another muggy day but cooler. Last night we went to a birthday party at a campground and it was nearly unbearable with the heat and humidity.

My parents stopped by and we had a garden tour. Then Rick took my dad and I took my mom on a 4 wheeler ride through the groves and around the farm.

Hey, its great to year from Martie and a lovely lavender to boot.

Wow, Kathy that is one unusual daylily.

Mary, upholstery is a huge task Im impressed. My mom and I recovered a love seat many years ago. I havent tackled any again, but I have a rocker that Id like to do some day. There is a restaurant that weve eaten at in Wisconsin with a sod roof and 7 live goats that live up there. Maybe a goat will be your next acquisition :o)

Last weekend when we went to the wedding, I made sure I scoped out any gardens in the area that we hadnt been to. We spent part of Sunday afternoon at the Iowa Arboretum.

In the garden, the fuchsia are just getting started, the daylilies, oriental and orienpets are blooming like crazy. The zinnias are all in full bloom as well.

Tonight we were coming down our road and a deer ran out in front of us. Rick was pretty on the ball and was skidding on the gravel by the time he hit it. We were going quite slowly as well. The deer actually continued running. The damage to my new car seems minimal. The headlight was knocked askew, but it appears like it may have cracked the part that holds it in. So the $$$ will probably be more than we think.


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good morning all,

That heat and humidity that you are experiencing west of here looks to be arriving today. Its finally supposed to be in the low 90s today with high humidity. This is going to be the first real heat we get this summer which is so strange. So far this is the coolest and wettest summer I ever remember. ~~ Yesterday Doug and I went for a nice 18 mile bicycle ride and then drove down to The Farmers Daughter in RI and I posted a thread of photos from their display gardens. Its really worth a look. They are amazing and beautiful with lots of fantastic combinations.

Mary glad you had a good time at the fair. Ive often wanted to go to one of those but have never been. ~~ What did Dan get an 840pound printer delivered for? Yikes!~~ wonderful gallery of green roof pics.

Bug, its amazing how fast the weeds grow when its hot and muggy ~~ Those desserts sounds fabu!

Hi Martie, great to hear from you, your lavender pic is fabulous!!!!! What a great combo with the Gaura.

Kathy, how great youve got buds on your Voodoo! Wonderful that you didnt lose her. I so wish my fuchsias had been in full bloom when you were here. Just a couple weeks too early for them this year. ~~ How did you make out with your date with Sally?

Michelle, how frightening about hitting a deer. So glad it didnt turn out too badly for all involved but bummer youll have to have your new car fixed. ~~ Did you get any pics from the Iowa arboretum? ~~ Cant wait to see your fuchsias.

OK time for breakfast and watering the plants. Have a great day all.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Another impossibly humid hot day here. I think they predict more comfortable days for the week ahead. I have so much weeding and digging to do that I hope for a few cool hours during the mornings and evenings.

Yesterday's event went smoothly and was fun...until 2 ladies whipped out their cameras and demanded a garden tour. Oy... This year has been so hard on me as far as weeds growing shoulder high overnight! Oh well, like in the nurseries, they appreciated everything bold and bright and blooming. So it was the Ligularia and Blue Paradise Phlox that would have sold big, had I been a nursery.

There are mounds of excess food, but that's fine with me as it may feed us for the rest of the month! But really, I don't get some people. One fellow who responded to the invitation immediately (twice!) never showed, and he was the one who said he was bringing a main course smoked salmon and a bean salad. If I had to miss an event I'd at least have phoned and warned the hostess. Then there were others who showed up without warning at all. I don't get it. These aren't youngsters who haven't learned manners, these are over 50s. It all works out, but I am disappointed in some of them. Maybe I'm just an old fuddy dud.

I walated for all of 1 minute after breakfast and this is what I discovered. I swear it wasn't there last evening when I walked guests right past it!

Not sure how we'll deal with it but it must GO! They are very active there today! Isn't the shape amazing? A face I think. Do you see it?

OK. This is my day off. DH is at work and the house is neat. I can't garden in the humidity so it will be knitting for me...by the A/C.

This morning I noticed a dent in my car. It must have happened yesterday while I was parked in town. I'm so sad about it...but I guess people are really careless and thoughtless about other people's property. I'd have left a note.

PM, where are you?
Mary, any interviews yet?
Drema, groundhogs are so maddening, aren't they!
Michelle, really frightening about the deer.


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GB, it looks like a porcupine without the quills, on it's side :) It's beautiful. I understand it has to go - I don't know how I would go about that process!

I'm reading along...home alone this week, woo hoo! Mary, your plans sound fun.

I'm off to buy supplies: lots of snack foods and drinks because the kitchen is closed :)


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

It's been a busy weekend for me so no checking in -- but as always, no idyl idylls that I can tell,....

We did not get any cool temps like NE did, Deanne -- 56 - o, I long for that #! -- it's been horribly like August and being so spoiled, Im not used to it.... ran the hoses around for long periods on Saturday but by yesterday evening things were drooping and flopping on the ground and Im worried about what it will look like tonite when I get back from the awfice.... the steam seems to rise off the sidewalks today.

Glad to hear you're okay, Michelle - that must have been awful scary to hit a deer like that - seems kind of early to have the problem (at least in our area, I think?)...

I do believe Im seeing a recurring color in this thread -- luscious purpley fuschia? Maybe that's the color of August.

Im being humbled and wowed by all the gorgeous combos on the various threads and thinking i just need to rip all my stuff out and start over....

Hope everyone has a marvey, peachy, cool week.


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The temps are low 80s here, which enticed me to spend the w-h-o-l-e day digging and moving plants. Helping my neighbor Holly with her new garden and thinking of plants to screen off some of her views got me thinking of the one view of my own I need to screen on the east side (blue fence side). I bumped into Cupressus macrocarpa citriodora yesterday, cheap, in gallons (hello, gorgeous!) apparently a more heat tolerant, slower growing type of Monterey cypress, and came home with three, which led to the massive reshuffling of plants, including digging up a huge blooming clump 8 feet high of Bengal Tiger canna, splitting it into several pieces, a massive clump of sideritis (tossed, too woody to replant), moved a nonperforming Clematis heracleifolia, dug up and moved newly planted foxgloves (a pure white), and moved countless others. Like a massive game of chess, one contemplated plant move led to 12 others. Everything is back in place and watered, and I'm filthy and in need of a long soak.

Just a slight employment-aversion mode going on, lol. Long vacations will do that, but I'll probably start practicing later this week and get back to work maybe next week. Always a bad case of nerves and banana fingers after a long vaca. Marty is waiting to hear if his position will be furloughed or not (early retirement due to budget cutbacks), so I'm telling him when he stops working, so do I! Then we can start a garden biz. Possible names: Zone 10. Dream on...

Good to hear you're humming along, Martie, and what a beautiful vignette from Cornfield Park. My two Whirling Butterflies gaura have been a nonstop joy. Is that the clary sage in back of yours? I'm about to send off a seed order, and that's at the top of the list.

The wasp nest is stunning, what amazing master builders. Is it too close to busy foot traffic areas? I had no idea the picnic would be such a big affair, with invitations, and what a skunk for reneging on the smoked salmon.

Linking below some of Mitch's recent concert photo work this weekend. He's had a busy summer.

How awful about the deer, Michelle. At least you guys are careful drivers. We once were passed by a speed demon on a road near Kathy, out to Bodega Bay, the road marked with signs to watch for wildlife, and a mile or so ahead we saw the same driver pulled to the side of the road, a deer dying on the ground near his car. Moron...

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I need to figure out a plan that will make August less unattractive in the garden, and more Dahlias might well be the answer. The combination of spent flowers, 3 months or more with no rain , and chronic flopping sure takes its toll. The succulents look great though !

The skies to the east have an smoky cast and I would not be surprised if there wasnt a brush fire in that direction its breezy and hot , a very bad combination. As the winds blow away from me to the east I cant smell smoke, if that is indeed what it is. The WALAT this evening was full of wilted plants and the d**m asters laying across every path. I am resolved to rid myself of the things once and for all this fall and winter. Ive no clue what variety they are, buy they have spread everywhere and they need to go.

I have had paper wasp hives of that nature here from time to time bug, and I usually just let them be and in a couple of weeks they seem to abandon it and move on. Fortunately they seem to conduct their building in out of the way locations, and they seem to be quite benign .

Denise, you are industrious to be sure ! Im desperately trying to resist any major moves until at least late Sept, and trying to have some sort of an organized approach. There is so much I want to do! I have resorted to writing things down a common task at the Awfice but one rarely used in the garden. I hope Martys furlough (or non ) presents opportunities instead of problems.

Boy Cindy, it sounds like you went from squishy wet weather to torrid New Orleans style stuff without a pause.

Deanne, Sally was successfully manipulated into submission, and I should see one or two more nice flushes from her this season. All the rose look pretty good right now-BS season is over so the foliage is clean and they are putting out buds.

All for tonight , waving and hoping Ei, Anita, and PM check in ! Think Ill go over to FB and nag Eden too.

Kathy in Napa

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good morning all,

Oh my yes, a sticky and steamy day here. Id love to get a bit of rain from the predicted T-storms as long as they come without hail and wind. LOL I hope Wendy is having a great time in Nova Scotia and V is enjoying her time at the cabin.

Bug Im sure your gardens were lovely. Yes indeed, Ligularia and Blue Paradise are great plants. Id like to get more of that Blue Paradise. The one in my driveway garden has been blooming for ages. ~~ That wasps nest gives me the shivers. Those damned paper wasps are really aggressive come September and are the only thing Ive gotten stung by in a very long time.

Denise, sounds like you got a huge amount of work done in the gardens. I cant imagine digging out a huge stand of cannas when they are that tall. ~~ Not good about waiting to hear if Marty is furloughed or not. Im hoping for good news for you both. ~~ Love Mitchs pics. Theyve really captured the energy of the group.

Kathy, yes indeed the August slumps in the gardens are always depressing. The perennials here are looking worse for wear. When the lilies and daylilies are finished there is only the phlox, sedum and rudbeckia left. My roses are really looking sad right now with a monster case of BS I didnt see coming. One day all was well and within a week 3/4ths of the leaves were gone and the rest looking unsightly. And so it goes with roses here. I threaten to SP them all every year about this time. I need to get back to Moniques and take some lessons on fall gardens. Ive pretty much decided to SP the variegated oat grass in the driveway garden and plant that new little ball Thuja in its place. That will be another shrub that will look good in all seasons. Im thinking that border will eventually become a complete shrub border over time. The next door neighbors now have a tarp covered jeep with a trailer loaded with dirt bikes and that covered with a tarp parked two feet from the edge of that border. Hmmm Im thinking eight foot fence or some very tall shrubs.

OK Ive got to get dressed and get to the watering.


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

I guess it makes me feel a wee bit better to hear that others are suffering August garden slump and think their gardens look blech... altho I have a real hard time belieiving that to be the case for you, Deanne, LOL. I imagine it's just that you had such a huge riot of color in July, when things quiet down, it seems too tame?

In my case, because I have such a small amount of space, it's really tough to be excited about using "real estate" for late tropical annuals that may or may not get enough sunlight to do their thing. I did plant some salvias that are starting to kick in and one sad looking dahlia that's all twisted and floppy because someone did not stake it early and often.... The kalimeris pinnatifida hortensis is going great guns and it's hard not to like it as such an easy plant and forget - but it likes to make huge clumps and successfully swallowed a number of things over the years... But then, I am fairly burned out by heat and humidity now, so dont really want to work in the garden either. I guess I understand why southern gardens go for full-time green -- no one wants to work out in 100 degree heat!

I too am very impressed that you're being so industrious, Denise and doing a big shuffle - but I understand how it takes one's mind off the drudgery of the steady paycheck, and the worries over futures. I hope it works out as you want it too -- I love the name "Zone 10" -- or maybe even "Area 51" how 'bout and carry exotics that you love?

Seeing Deanne's photos of that wonderful Farmer's Daughter place makes me envious that I dont seem to have more unusual nurseries in my area - or perhaps I've not ventured off far enough - which gives me the twitch to go nursery crawling in a 100 mile radius - surely this area has to have some unusual and exotic offerings for garden ornamentation? I really need some cool looking trellises/obelisks that dont cost an entire paychek, LOL.
Hmm, anything to not be at the awfice? But it pays for those trellises - such a dilemma....

I think it's amazing how differently one solves neighboring property issues and privacy ones - always a challenge for a gardener.

Stay cool and frosty today.


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bug, I think the bee/wasp nest looks like a groundhog:) They are everywhere.

Adorable Ivy by the way.
Deanne, your photos are amazing.

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Hello Idylls

I've just returned from a garden job - a solid 6 hours without a break and I am hot and muddy. It was fun as well as exhausting as it included a buying spree at a local nursery (75% off) and a whole new border to work with. I just need to return tomorrow with my half moon edger and edge the beds and it is done. I think little will get done today here except a much needed swim in the pool to cool/clean up.

Deanne - the worst day in your garden is many times better than the best in mine:0)

Denise - those are fabulous photos of Mitch's - a difficult subject to capture but what energy and excitment they show. Your plant musical chairs sounds very satisfying.

GB - I thought the wasp nest was something Saucy had cast in concrete with the eyes and mouth smiling at us. I just (10 minutes ago) got a call for one of my jobs asking me to set up an interview. Phew! - I was starting to get a little anxious.

Michelle - glad the deer accident was not any worse.

Must run and cool off properly


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Muggy and 90 degrees out. Whew, Mary I don't know how you dealt with working outside for hours in this heat! The plant shopping spree sounds like it was fun though.

Cindy, well, you know me... The roses have major black spot and the rugosa tree is just about completely defoliated, the early daylilies are doing their August scragglies so I think it looks a mess but I do have to admit if I stand back and not look at the details it looks good, not to mention the container gardens are as good as they've ever been right now. There is so much color in that container border in the back I can hardly believe it. ~~ RE The Farmer's Daughter, it's about 120 miles from here and quite a hike but so, so worth it! Surely you have some nurseries like that down your way. I don't know how Monique and Les find all these places but they really know where the good nurseries are.

Kathy, thought you'd get a kick out of this... Look familiar?

And how could I possibly live without this coleus? Hmmmmm?


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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Good evening.....

I imagine everyone must be just about finished with re-entry after IU6. I've caught some of the great garden photos posted and loved seeing baby Ivy and Skyler and I even saw a photo of Aiden somewhere, who is a doll! Other than that, I'm pretty much feeling out of touch.

We've been having heat and humidity here but managing to keep things watered and staying on top of weeding. I've done a little plant shopping last weekend and finally have a camera again. Yay! Oooh, just heard some loud cracks of thunder. Fingers crossed it will rain and I won't have to keep up sprinkler duty tomorrow.

We've been busy here with one thing or another. DD was not able to resolve the mice situation with her landlord and aside from getting a cat, which they didn't want to do, their own efforts were not taking care of them. Coupled with other issues with the landlord, they decided to look for another apartment when their lease was up, which luckily is September 1st. So I've been helping her look and she finally found something that they really like and are very excited about moving in a few weeks. We also met 'the boyfriend' for the first time about a week ago and liked him very much. We had a nice evening with them and had an enjoyable time watching the two of them interact for the first time.

DH has had some doctor appointments of late and has some tests coming up. My digestive issues have been improving and allowing me to eat a more varied diet and spend more time in the garden, which I am enjoying. I am waiting for some cooler weather to hopefully get started on some garden projects. Other than that, we're hoping to get a short trip to visit DS in the next few weeks. And that about catches up on most of what's been going on at our house.

I'm sorry I haven't been reading at all but I should be finding more time coming up. Photos.... :-)

The Hay Rack finally....

Casa Blanca Lilies....

Roses reblooming....

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Lol Deanne, familiar indeed ! I noticed what looked like a smidge of Autumn Joy, which is also no more than 3 feet from my twin combo however Black and Blue has almost entirely engulfed it. I am going to have a very busy fall here with all the moves that are needed. I brought out my critical eye on this evenings WALAT and have some ideas that I hope will result in a more pleasing view.

PM so glad to see you ! I was getting worried about you The new camera seems to be taking some very nice photos too. What is the yellow rose ? It looks like Molineaux a bit,and your Casablancas look way better than mine which are engulfed by Rudbeckia. I wish you could have joined us for more of IU , but am glad to hear that the digestive issues are improving and hope that your charming DH gets a clean bill with his tests.

Wonder what the heck Saucy will be up to this week ?

Mary, I hope your job search activities prove fruitful. It sure is a jungle out there. 2 more people were let go while I was away at IU, one I think was more of a performance issue , the other was an elimination of a position. More work for me again . Oh well. I have a job !

Ok, time to sign off , almost time for baseball

Kathy in Napa

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Seems our internet connection is back but now I have no time to look. Alas, that's how it goes sometimes and the rest of the week doesn't look a lot better on the S(itting)ALAT front.

Amazing how the work environment improves when one continues to doggedly show up with a smile on one's face. :) See ya.

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Morning all,

No rain here last night and I was so hoping for some. Im going to have to put the sprinklers on the lawn today. Things will be getting a bit too crispy if I dont. We unfortunately did get some pretty strong winds through here last evening and it blew down the huge lantana into the pot behind it so the two foot tall coleus in that container is no more. Le sigh! I guess if you grow a billion or two coleus which are very fragile creatures one must expect casualties. I still cant figure out how the heck that enormous and heavy pot got blown down.

Well hello there PM! Great to hear from you. It was terrific to meet you and your DH at our IU6 kick off party. MJ said your DH was most helpful with the kitchen duties and was a lot of fun to be with. What a nice fellow you have! I hope all his doctors appointments go OK and that there is nothing wrong. Glad to hear youre feeling better as well. ~~~ So you have a camera again?! Lucky us! Im so pleased for you. Those photos are marvelous. I love that rose and it doesnt look like it has one little bit of black spot. And your hay rack is really gorgeous with that variegated nasturtium. Did you start that from seed?

Yes Kathy, that is Autumn Joy in the pic also. How interesting you have that near that combination as well. Great minds and all that, LOL. ~~ Ive been pondering on some major SPruning and shifting things about this year too, including and especially getting some taller plantings on the property line of the driveway garden. Any suggestions for a nice, tall, robust grass?

Mary, best of luck with the job front. Crossing my fingers for you here.

Chelone, yes indeed, a smile lights up a mile. ~~ I decided that I had to have a Ilex Sky Pencil too! After babysitting yours for a while I decided to get one of my own.

So heres a picture for the day, Im loving this Caladium and Colocasia together. Theyve finally been growing at light speed lately and look smashing together.

Have a great day all

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

The gang returned last night, my digestive system is unhappy but little Ivy's smile cures all that.

Happy to 'see' you PM and hear that your health is improving! Any ideas what is doing the trick for you?

Must run, later I hope!

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Good morning!

What beautiful photos the Idylls are coming up with these days - PM, your new camera looks like an excellent choice, the photos are crystal clear.

Good score on the interview, Mary.

The weather has cooled here and that makes me happy. I did get my bedroom straightened up yesterday, but only because it has a/c :)

Last night there was a terrible ruckus in the backyard and this morning the little brave groundhog who usually grazes the middle of the lawn is not there. Zeus was pacing and panting for the hour before the noise, and I wonder if he knew what was in our backyard.

Anyone going to see The Time Traveler's Wife? They took a favorite book and turned it into a sappy movie, from the looks of the advertisements. I might see it just for curisity's sake.


PS, Mitch's work was a hit around here! I'm so terrible at commenting these days....I forget more than I remember!

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Mary, good luck with the interview!

Deanne, you take awesome pictures. What is the daylily in your first combination photo on the other thread? I just love that picture, and the colocasia one here.

Chelone, hope you are having a good day at work.

The heat is stifling here. I can't seem to wake up, but luckily have enough projects going on that I have no choice. Jen is moving into a new home, so I am helping her weed her old gardens, so she can put it on the market. Babysitting Charlie on Friday, and trying to work on my house before it falls down around me. I am going to try to paint the back landing floor tommorrow.

Hope you all have a good day!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Home again. Skyler got to swim with his uncle at Plum Island. He also was entranced by the Holocaust Memorial and has been reading and talking about it a good deal. The quotes and individual stories are certainly gripping. Ivy was cuddled by many was charmed all. They ate together at a Tibetan restaurant and all returned with shirts that turn from black & white to colour in sunlight. Here is Ivy's, for next year.

And here is little Miss in her pink stripes today.

DSIL is presently on the roof cleaning the eaves troughs for us and DH is off to his voice lesson. I planted grass seed where the laundry pole used to be. This is my effort at reducing the number of gardens to maintain. ;)

Skyler has been enchanted by Elvis and been playing the darn thing all morning long. Thanks DH for introducing him to it! :( "In the ghetto...." is a favourite.)

The amazing news is that DD actually made the boutonnieres and a bouquet for her friend's wedding! Who would ever have guessed?!!

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How nice to hear from PM and Drema, and of course it's a always a pleasure to read the regulars, semi-regulars and irregulars. I know little bits about such a larger world now and can talk with some authority on the weather patterns of the Northeast and Midwest. Makes me the life of the party, lol, but I love having a broader picture.

Mary, fingers and toes crossed on the interview. The garden jobs sound exciting but exhausting for August weather. Nice to have the pool to plunge into.

'bug's cup overflows today, with everyone returning to the farm.

Chelone, someone would have to be a real dope to resist your smile.

We didn't approach Deanne & Doug's record-breaking bike rides, but Marty & I did go for 12 miles yesterday. And wonder of wonders, we found the mythical land of Summer, where little girls in funny two-piece bathing suits do the hoola-hoop, and a huge regatta of 12 to 17 yos, 120 of them, sail their little sabots in Alamitos Bay in military precision. We cycled by Dog Beach, marked in colored stripes on the curb, Mother's Beach, where all the moms and kids go since it's such a quiet inlet of the bay, and Horny Corners, where...nevermind. Guess that one speaks for itself! The water restrictions were in evidence everywhere, with front lawns unwatered and left to brown.

Kathy, re dahlias in August, mine seem to always take a rest in August, getting ready for a fall flush. The Mystic in pots is rebudding, and the one in the ground has been in bloom since April, bought in bud at a garden show, and it's building up for fall. In such a long growing season, maybe gardens just need to take a breath...as long as they remember to exhale in the fall! Mine don't if I get lax on feeding and watering, something I'm trying to keep on top of.

A friend of Marty's inherited his childhood home, and he's set to work demolishing it to the studs so was showing Marty around. It has a lovely view of the ocean towards Catalina Island. In describing it, I could sense a certain wistfulness in Marty. You know we'll never inherit anything, I reminded him. Yes, of course, he said. And I added, We'll never have an ocean view -- just then a hummingbird flew in for a twilight nip on the salvias -- but I can always bring you hummingbirds. Trooper that he is, Marty said he'd always prefer hummers to an ocean view. Tact is a wonderful thing!

Lordy, Deanne, now the caladiums, a plant that has always been safe from me at nurseries. I just walk right by. Last week I paused a bit longer at a nice selection, and now your photos! Aaagh...

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Great photos. Miss Ivy looks like she's taking notes on everyone, amazingly alert! "In The Ghetto" all morning? Nooooo.....

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Good morning

Phew, another morning on my garden job completed and I am sprung for the day. I stopped at the nusrery that was having its 70% off sale and purchased a couple of trays of different sedums for pennies for my sedum roof. Also picked up two large, well grown Callicarpa Isis bushes for just $5.10 each!! Then I spotted two new hellebores (sunshine I think), a varigated butterfly bush, varigated Veronica, a new Brunnera and an unusual gold toad lilly all for $2. I need to decide which are for clients and which for me - that will be the hard part. It really was one of those "you never know" moments as I normally wouldn't have given the nursery a second glance.

This afternoon I am taking Annie into school to hand in her latest batch of essays for AP European history, then to pick up a friend who will swim with her this afternoon. David could not round up anyone and is at a loose end. However, having had a constant succession of 12 year old boys here every day this week the peace and quiet is rather nice:0)

PM - your pictures are great and I especially love the pristine white of the lilies. Great that you are feeling a bit better.

Deanne - caladium and colcasia are a really winning combination.

Hi Dreama!

Miss Ivy just gets cuter and cuter!

Time for lunch


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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Kathy, that rose is David Austin's 'Golden Celebration'. It does look like your Molineaux. I have you to thank for the rebloom this year. I followed your advice about the alfalfa pellets in the spring and again after the first flush of bloom. It made a very noticeable difference on both roses that I used it on.

Deanne, that photo of Elephant Ears with the Caladium is amazing. I've never seen a caladium grow that bushy and lush. I love the way the leaves formed, it reminds me of a waterfall. Did you prune it? .....Sorry about your coleus. You seem to get wind more than I do here. I do have some problem on the lower leaves of this particular rose, but barely anything considering all the rain we've had, the foliage looks very good. ..... DH and I had a great time at your house. He always enjoys helping out and had fun with MJ, who put out an amazing amount of delicious food. Doug was the perfect host, btw and we enjoyed talking to him. :-) .....I bought plugs of the 'Alaska' nasturtiums in early May. I did start some from seed, wanted to move them and they didn't like being disturbed and I ended up throwing them out.

Hi Saucy :-) I have spent the last few days in the A/C too. I haven't heard of the Time Traveler's Wife, but I am always a sucker for anything about time travel.

Hi 'bug....little Miss, I am sure makes friends where ever she goes. I love that color of DD's shirt. Our DD and her BF just visited the Holocaust museum a month or so ago.

Hello Denise, I always enjoy your stories and wistful Marty, ocean views and hummingbirds was also a hit. Was it you who mentioned 'Julia and Julie'? I just gave that book to DD last Christmas and she loved it, so I guess we will be seeing it.

Mary, was it you who posted a link to the green roof website? I am a real fan of green roofs [rooves? lol] I really enjoyed seeing all the very innovative things that are being done. I would love to have a shed in the back with one. .... 70% off sales, lucky duck! I bought 'Yellow Mellow' Hellebore in the spring, but it is a baby and probably won't bloom for a couple of years.

Hi Drema....wondering what everyone else is doing today.

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

I'm still feeling in summer doldrum haze here! I find it really hard to stay focused at this time of year. I've been enjoying the links and pictures but am feeling scatter-brained about putting together comments. I'll notice someone commenting on something someone else said and realize I totally missed whatever it was when I read - e.g. who has Mary had an interview with? I missed that in reading Mary's comments but noted it in somene commenting on it... I hope it went/goes well! :-) It's good to see PM back and feeling a bit better - with a camera too! gb - I'm totally charmed by Ivy's pointy little chin! :-)

The garden here is deep in August overgrown blahs! I havent been doing much outdoors other than walking Misty in early morning and late evening when its cooler and if its not raining! (We had a few spectacular thurnderstorms in the past week or so.) For the first time ever, Japanese Beetles appeared a few days ago and attacked the Blanc Double de Coubert rose. Ive never actually seen JBs before but they were instantly recognizable! From what I could find on-line apparently they are attracted by some scent given off by damaged foliage. A few days before they appeared, I had hacked back the rose and the little angel roses at its feet because they were starting to block the path. I wonder if the rose then gave off the scent that attracts the beetles? I picked off some and drowned them but its been too hot to do anything the last few days. The rose was just budding for its second bloom phase. I figured Id lose all those flowers but its blooming out there now although I still see some JBs around. Tonight I noticed JBs on the Chinese wisteria and one on a hardy hibiscus. Exactly how destructive are they? Are they more of an unsightly nuisance than a fatal presence?

One of the brugs in the front is blooming reasonably nicely now but the other shows no signs of ever blooming. They demand too much water and fertilizer for my taste and I suspect they may be compost at the end of this season! Randy likes the one that's flowering though so maybe he'll take on the care and feeding of them and give them a reprieve.

We went to Dundurn Castle (not really a castle!) this morning to check out the kitchen garden there. It was supposed to have been restored/recreated over the past few years. It had obviously been neglected again though because it was a weedy mess! But there was an interesting garden hidden under the weeds.... It probably looked pretty good in June when the peonies and roses bordering the paths were in bloom - we'll have to go back next summer and see.

I had forgotten the absolutely charming dovecote at Dundurn:

Retreating into summer daze here again.... :-)

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Good evening Idylls, theres not much to report here in Kathy World today, awfice and then home to water, the cooler temps are promised for tomorrow.

Well Deanne, I think you might need to consult Les and Monique for the recommendations for robust grasses and tall screens- seems to me like they have it dialed in ! And of course they are expert enablers too..speaking of enabling, I really should get one of those Colocasias, I have just the spot for it !

Saucy , is your week of solitude proving to be productive ? More leaf castings ?

PM, I have Golden Celebration too- I guess yours is so well behaved I though it wan another rose, lol. Mine has the David A. flops, which happens with some of the varieties here - many of them really ought to be grown on supports as small climbers. The flowers of GC are so sumptuous dont you think ? And what a great color. Im so glad the alfalfa worked well for you ! I find that it pushes slower but more sturdy growth than some of the beefed up rose foods do. I am going to feed mine one more time- I usually do a summer prune in late August or early Sept to get a nice flush in October, and when the pruning is done I fertilize for the last time. I use Dr Earth Rose food which is a regional organic brand, and this year I will also add worm castings.

Hi Drema ! We may need some mid summer pics of your awesome potager -how about it ?

bug , I continue to notice pink-creep in the wardrobe of Ms. Ivy , and share your bemusement at marathons of In the Ghetto" one would hope for Jailhouse Rock or Heartbreak Hotel instead !

LOL Denise, knowing the sub-culture of LB I can only imagine the scene on Horny Corner. Similar to Melrose Ave just off Vine and 4th and Yamhill in Portland in the 70s.
My biggest issue with Dahlias is that they get way bigger than advertised, height wise, and I have always blamed the lowering of the sun exposure in late summer when the light starts to move to a fall pattern. I plan a major pruning of my Liquidambar this winter- I would love to just have it taken out but it would cost a fortune. For now Im going to hire the tree guy to limb it up more and head it back as well. Unfortunately , am powerless when it comes to the neighbors trees.

Mary , we just dont have those types of sales here- what great bargains ! I cant wait to see the sedum roof you come up with for Betty et. al.

Woody, you can feel smug that my Brug here in zone 9 has not a single bloom or bud that I can see. Im about ready to throw in the towel !

Signing off for now , waves to all ..

Kathy in Napa

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Kathy, I'm wondering about your Iochroma, are they blooming? Mine is finally setting buds. It was supposed to be the centerpiece of my 'purple' container.

Deanne, to answer your question on PM on zinnias, I've not had a problem with it.

Mary, I'm quite excited about your sedum roof.

Woody, the kitchen garden looks like it has good bones. We had a similar experience at two small public gardens lately of good bones but lack of continued care. One garden had a beautiful hosta area with a sign bearing the name of a person who had adopted the bed and it was immaculate. I though this was a good idea.

Drema, great to have you dropping in more often. Sorry to hear about the damage to your potager. Im dealing with deer this summer in mine.

Yet another fabulous, perfect container from Deanne.

PM, great to have you back. Your camera takes great pictures. What kind did you get?

Miss Ivy is looking pretty in pink. What an alert little face.

It was foggy this morning. I usually work in the garden from 6:15 to 6:45 on the mornings that I don't swim. Here what the potager looked like. The 'Bright Lights' chard is right behind the marigolds. As you can see my deer have nibbled it to the ground. The next little row of green is the beets which has very appealing foliage as well.

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Beautiful Michelle, in spite of deer nibbles-- where are your deer coming from ? We have them here but they stay in the forest and hilly oak areas and don't usually visit the valley floor where all the agriculture is.

I am thrilled with my Iochroma and will take a photo this weekend --it is in the 5 to 6 ft range and has bloomed continuously since I planted it. Mine is in the ground -- I thought I would have a better chance of wintering it over in an in-gound location next to a fence.The variety I got is allegedly hardy to 26 degrees. In a protected area I will expect it to die back to the ground but come back in spring.

Kathy in Napa

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I cast my vote for "Return To Sender" or, "It's Now Or Never", 'bug. I think Elvis had a great voice and was quite a Dreamboat in his youth (I'm a sucker for Lame jackets, anyway)...

Haven't read a thing but did think the building in Woody's shot is very cool and I love the mist swathed Potager courtesy of Michelle.

Have to go to Giggle Land now, goody-goody.

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Woody....how nice to see you! I am so disappointed that I didn't get to meet you at the IU6 kick off party. I don't know, I might have to make a trip to Canada one of these years to come visit you. :-) .... I really understand your 'summer doldrum haze'. I get into a funk too, late July to mid August and vegetate in the a/c. My garden has made it clear by then that it is not living up to expectations. [g] I think that is why I keep trying to add fall plants to get me back in the game by late August. I like the fall for trying to correct all my mistakes for the next growing season. .... I would try to pick off as many JBs as you can. They can be so destructive, I hate to allow them a foothold. .... What gigantic blooms on that brug! I can imagine the fragrance. Do you winter that over? ....I love dovecotes.

Kathy....I probably photographed the only rose on the GC bush that was not bowing down. [g] That's the one thing I don't like about it. Even in a vase, they face down, so I often cut them and float them in a bowl. They are so nice and fragrant though. Some of the new growth is shooting straight up and I''m still scratching my head what to do with it. .... I haven't seen any worm castings around here.

Drema....I must have missed the news that you had damage to your potager. I'm sorry to hear that. It was so cute! Glad to see you popped in despite being so busy. Hope things slow down for you soon.

Michelle...I like your foggy morning pic. We rarely get fog here and I miss it. Too bad about the deer. What a pain. I can just imagine what a statement those Bright Light Chard would have made. Is that amaranth in your potager? ..... There is a funny story about the camera. I couldn't find one I liked. I started looking for my old camera second hand with no luck. Then while helping DD look for apts, I saw an ad for one on craigslist. It said 'like new'. It was a year older than the woman thought it was, so she took off $50. I was thrilled when it arrived because it was 'like new', still in the box with the manuals still in the plastic wrap. The first photos weren't that good, so I checked the settings against my old camera and had to adjust one and then it was perfect. While I had my old camera out checking settings, I suddenly saw that the LCD screen was working. I had tried a hundred times to get it working before with no luck. I tried taking a photo and it worked! lol The next day I took it outside and it took photos fine. So now I have two of the same camera. [g] My DD's camera is not working right, so I may give her mine. It's a Canon A630, a point and shoot. I love the rotating LCD screen.

I was wondering if anyone thought this photo looked familiar? [g]

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I'm hopelessly behind. Not much news to report from this rainless, very dry part of Idyll-land, but wanted to say hi to everyone, and let you know all is well. I've been drooling over the photos, and then find myself out of time to comment.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

It's been a long day.

I planted another lily, had a load of wood chips delivered by surprise too.

Days are filled with things like defrosting meats for dinners, buying diapers, packing suitcases and doing laundry. Reminds me of similar days 30-35 years ago! The easy part is that DD must deal with meltdowns from the baby. Poor Ivy hates the heat. I agree. Too much heat means that I wouldn't be able to garden anyway.

The morning began at the farmer's market (St Jacobs Ontario) with apple fritters for breakfast. followed by shopping: A DVD for Skyler, PJ bottoms for DSIL, a new Indian jacket with mirrors stitched on it for DD. I got myself a bamboo fabric T-shirt. We all got fresh fruit: blackberries, apricots, lemons, etc.

Bed sounds terrific right now.

The very best to all!

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Another hot, hot, dry day. Just a sprinkling of rain this morning.

I've been watering my 100'ish containers. DH has taken charge of moving the sprinklers and hoses around, which is really sweet of him.

Not much new or exciting around here.

Kathy, see the trees in the far back of the picture? That's where they come from. That is part of our grove, a plethora of wildlife.


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Happy Thursday Idylls, and counting down to Friday. I detect a slow news day here. We had an office cleaning party today, in which we had operations pull a dumpster up below our 2nd floor balcony and purged the bookcases of vendor information circa 1999, old and defunct computer equipment, and stuff leftover from people who are long gone. We rewarded our industry with banana splits.

Anita, being behind is never hopeless ! Just dive in when you have the timeglad you checked in !

PM, Im afread youve stumped me with your photo, though it does remind me of aerial view of Chelones Sky Pencil. How funny that your old camera had a miracle cure !

As I WALATed tonight, I noticed that 4 or my brand new daylilies are throwing up scapes- sure didnt expect that to happen- I think they were shipped to me in June, bare root fans, and I planted them over the course of a couple of weeks. It will be good to see them in person before fall in the event they are poorly sited relative to the color. They are very easily moved at this point.

bug, such busy days at the Farm ! You may have to sleep for a couple of days after the visitors depart ..

Michelle, I hadnt thought of you in deer territory , so I have renewed respect for how wonderful your gardens are when having to do battle with such voracious visitors.

All for me tonight waves to all, hoping Chelone gets computer issues resolved, Wendy and V come back from vaca with lots of pics, and still absent ones come out to play !

Kathy in Napa

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

You figured it out Kathy....

I just bought a Sky Pencil and then discovered a few Idylls had recently bought one too. I'm still deciding where to put it.

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I'm capitalizing on a day off today! Not sure what I'll attempt to get done but I'm sure it will involve cleaning up some sort of mess somewhere on the Compound. My first order of business is to call the hairdresser and see if there are any open app'ts. today... I look like a Bushman. Anita will appreciate the angst caused by an overgrown "short" haircut. Welcome back, BTW, I know how you feel about being out of the loop, doesn't take long, does it?

I've noted new growth on New Dawn in spite of the fact that she's not received her "cherry elixir" and has been on starvation rations for several years now. I've kept an eye out for pests, Kathy, but haven't found any that would explain the tattered leaves (amazing actually).

The helpmeet has been working on his garden and I rather like his proposed layout for the beds he wants to add. I would like to get the fence squared away and the posts along the driveway in in place but I see no point in belaboring the point, more important that he has some time to just do the Mr. Greenjeans/putter thing at this stage of the game. I was shocked to learn that he plans to get rid of his (not well cared for) peach tree, opting to add a new one in a more appropriate location.

I would like to move another machine to the Salon this morning. I've really gotten out of the habit of picking away at the relocation of my equipment since IUVI and it's time to get back to it or it will never be finished. It would also be nice to reclaim the Lab. as a function room in this house and not just a "junk room".

Time to organize my thoughts over a refill of the coffee mug.

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good morning gang,

We are finally going to be in for a week of summer weather with a Bermuda High settling in so weather in the 90s for a while with no rain. Hmmm. This will be doubling and tripling the watering chores. ~~ I was curious and then bummed out to see an unusual growth coming out of the top of the Red Abyssinian Banana. Apparently its going to throw a flower spike. The bad news is that the parent plant dies after flowering! I didnt know theyd do that this far north. Oh well, Ill enjoy the show and be happy I dont have to bring it inside again this winter. Apparently they supposedly throw pups at the base after the mother plant dies but I think it will be easier just to buy a new plant next spring.

Michelle, your pottager in the fog is gorgeous! I love how the center urn is framed by the arch. So very beautiful. So sorry about the deer damage.

Kathy, Im looking forward to the Iochroma pics. Did you see the one trained as a standard at Tower Hill? Also did you see the combination with Eupatorium Little Joe with the Daylily El Desperado in front of it? It was fantastic! Im going to have to get that daylily.

Oh yes, speaking of Tower Hill, Saucy and I met there for lunch on Wednesday and it is a WONDERFUL garden. Ill be back there often.

PM how great youve gotten a Sky Pencil! Me too! Im also still debating where to plant it.

Nice to see you Anita and Bug, sounds like youve been really busy.

OK Ive got to get out of this chair and get ready. Doug and I are doing a quick bicycle ride before he goes off to work. Have a great day all.


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Good morning!

Today is the last full day without children - or husband for that matter, he's already gone to work for a long day that will last well into this evening! Tomorrow I will pick up Sarah from camp and then she and I will have almost a week without Jake.

Sky pencil is getting a lot of air time on Idylls. She's too formal for me, yet, but I'm prone to change my mind with the wind. I'll bet it'd look good on the corner of my Colonial house, though....

Hey Anita, jump right back in....that's the only way to get around the "behind" feeling :)

GB, did you get the new wheelbarrow?

I've got lots planned for today, the least of which is finalizing plans for a garden party in September and then sending out the invitations. I wish you all could come :) You're like a party in a bag - instant fun! Hopefully I can get some local Idylls to come have a good time....

Have a great day whatever you may be doing today!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)


This'll be quick, Ivy is chirping downstairs!

Saucy, no Sky Pencil here (so far)and absolutely no sign of a wheelbarrow! GRRRR! That means a phone call today I guess.

Hope to get in the garden today, but first DH needs breakfast before work, Sarah is off to visit friends and also wants me to show her the recycle store for kid stuff.

Later I hope!

Here's what's blooming now. I started them from seed a few years ago.

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

I for one am soooo glad it's Friday at long last - it's been a hot, hot, hot, exhausting one here in this region -- I dont know how you all do it w/ 100s of containers -- just my small mono pots and all the succulents need attention - the other non-suc pots almost daily in the kind of heat we've been having. Altho it was only 90sh the last 2 days, it's been terribly oppressive and things were keeling over - Im going to have to re-think several hydrangea I had added in the last several years as they daily are wilted to the ground, even in deeper shade than they should be in... it may be SP time for them....

I too am so impressed with the stature of all your annuals, Michelle - between the weather, the deer, etc., you manage to get a fantastic show up and going - cant wait to hear about "le award"----???

Deanne - I hope you enjoy your bloom on the musa and plan for something to replace it with. Thanks for showing that shot at Tower Hill, Deanne, of that daylily & Eupatorium combo. I find it personally challenging to place those daylilies w/ the strong interior eyes and it's always interesting to see when a combo works so well with them. Really great look.

Saucy -- "party in a bag" - so true, LOL!!! I think the next time you want some verticality in one of your borders, you should look at the Ilex Sky Pencil - even Sue has one tucked in at her place, and I wouldnt call her garden a "formal" type.... but it does provide great structure. I would like to get another to replace one that was wind killed last winter.

Well, must turn to the awfice and get thru the day. I have so many things that need attending to at home, I better find some energy to do them this weekend!


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I hate to say it too loud, but the weather has been gorgeous, high 70s. My dad had a brutal day in the hospital yesterday, where the cardiologists gave my mom the hopeless talk, yet this morning he's better and hungry for breakfast. Between airport runs to pick up my charming SIL and hospital visits, I squeezed in a nursery run for some Prairie Sun rudbeckia, a bizarre sort of multitasking.

On the science front, we've ID'd the green metallic beetles, what we call Japanese beetles, but I'm sure they're not the same beetle Woody is currently contending with. Ours is the fig beetle, Cotinis mutabilis. There are dozens on the grapes, which thrills Duncan but creeps me out, very X-files-ish. I've linked a photo for comparison to Woody's Japanese beetle.

On the project front, the blinds for the bath house were delivered and waiting when we got home from the hospital late last night so will probably get installed today, which thankfully puts that time pit to rest, and I can take down all the stuff I've jury-rigged for privacy.

Saucy, sounds like fun having Sarah as your gal pal for a week. If life wasn't so crazy at the moment, I'd take advantage of a certain West Coast airline's "fly all you want the month of Sept anywhere in the U.S." buffet for $600 to don a party hat at your Sept party. I'd visit East Coast relatives and idylls, NYC and Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, the Highline, see Wash D.C., Longwood in PA and the new Terrain store, visit my brother in the south, maybe meet V in Lurie Park -- but one doesn't really do such things, does one?

Michelle, I echo the other comments, that your potager in the mist is so beautiful, deer-damaged or not.

PM, who knew that cameras just needed to rest when they get a concussion? Glad to hear you've sorted it all out.

Chelone, you in Bushman mode cracked me up. My hair has similar issues at the moment. If only we could stick our heads in the monitor and Anita could work her magic! Must be hard to get motivated in August to start moving heavy equipment, so good luck with that.

Kathy, must've been mid day for the cleaning reward to be banana splits, otherwise I'm thinking a nice syrah perhaps...

Deanne, I know how you feel about the musa, with my Agave potatorum doing the same death act. Guess I'll collect the seed, sigh...BTW, the Tower Hill photos were awesome.

Sending cool thoughts to Cindy, Drema, and 'bug in the awful sweltering heat.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

OK, I talked to the boss of the festival and they will pay us cash for whatever we submit as a bill for the destruction of bridge and wheelbarrow. I said we'd still let them use our barn as long as they came up to speed on care of our property and following instructions. (This was what DH asked for, not MY outlook!) So this weekend we need to shop for the darn barrow so we can get work done.

Went out and got a Jolly Jumper for Ivy this morning at the used stuff shop. She really is going to be a soccer player or hockey player. She's full of strength and concentrates on things with a serious frown. She grasps things like toys, sheets and hair...so I consider her advanced. Whatever...I know, I'm biased.

Cindy, I commiserate about the heat and humidity. I have had to throw water hit & miss at things for the past few days. Simply do not have time to do things properly. :( A few tomatoes are ripening and I picked a zucchini today, the first large one. No way can I spread bark chips or weed though, and I still have ghetto plants. (Maybe that was what Elvis was singing about?)

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

O, Denise - Im so sorry to hear about your Dad and the prognosis -- but I totally get the "weird multitasking" - those sorts of ventures are how we keep our sanity I think during times of these family lows -- if it's buying a plant we're looking for, so be it! I have decided Rudbeckia Cherry Brandy may be on my list after seeing it at IU this year, and several people loving it as well. Might be just the thing to give my gardens some punch at this time of the year. I look forward to hearing how it overwinters.

I confess I have yet to visit the Terrain store yet I've driven within 1 mile of it for a year -- how stupid is that? I have even plotted ways to ensure an early stop before hitting the Dad's house, about 40 mins from there....but usually by 2 & 1/2 hours Chloe & I are most anxious just to reach our final destination, and crossing legs and such. I was just thinking of it again yesterday (the store, not the legs). It sounds like such a cool place/event type of thing and I was thinking of it while bemoaning the lack of such neat places in my local area. For those idyllers who went to the IU Penna -- it's a cool store in the old Styers nursery area (that a few of us hit at the end of IU) - ventured by Anthropologie of all things; and I've heard many wonderful things of it. I want to visit before it might go belly up - ya never know these days.

Denise - that's great that your shades are going in for the bath porch; it will be a fait accomplis then correct?

Ha, 'bug - my "ghetto plants" are looking pretty wane - some bit the dust and a few clems are still hanging on.... but this type of weather is just brutal on them. I guess I need to build a convervatory on, LOL...

well, best finish lunch.
But for daydreaming, here's the link to Terrain:

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No Sky Pencil here either. I'll be interested to see how you all place them.

As for the deer they are extremely abundant here. The highway into town is known as Deer Alley.

I've heard nothing further about the "award" other than I've been chosen and they plan to come with a photographer and will I do a short write up on my garden. Of course if they get wind burn, they aren't for my garden. Too much exposure here on the farm.

Deanne, I did notice the Iochroma standard in your Tower Hill pictures. I bought one this year for one of my containers.

Lunch break is over. It's Friday finally!


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I was successful in scoring a haircut this morning. The terrific woman who cuts my hair used me as an excuse to hustle someone out of the chair. Bushman be gone! and I feel greatly improved.

I stopped in at an antique place (more like junk!) that usually has patio furniture on the lawn. I decided to actually go inside and was struck by the feeling of sadness in the place... I looked at all that stuff and thought about where it lived before and how it ended up there... and I had to leave, having lost my zest to play "Let's Make A Deal" for the two lamps that could have looked nice on either side of our bed. And then I read of Denise's father and the hopeful rally. I'm sorry to read of his decline, Denise. It's very difficult to watch and if plant shopping gives you a break then I'm in favor of more of it.

The helpmeet is plying the seas as I type. It's beautiful today, warm and sunny and a decided change from what has constituted "summer" this year. I may even have a gin and tonic when the ancient mariner returns!

Cindy, I'm surprised Hydrangeas flag in your garden. They're such a mainstay of deep south gardens I should think they'd shrug off heat and humidity with impunity. But you never know how plants will react and maybe they don't like the heavy clay-y soil of your environs?

I would like to have a Jolly Jumper. I think one of those numbers set up outside between a couple of trees would be a gas. Helmet required, of course. Kids get to have all the cool toys, don't they?

OK, so I need to think about following the lawn mower around Sanitary Ridge, I think. I won't want to do it tomorrow and this is the perfect time of day as it's getting shadey over there and I won't be over come by too much sun on my skin (which looks amazingly like uncooked turkey at present).

Time to rally Rex and rouse Spencer who's sleeping in the chair next to me. I know the act Spencer has in mind: sleep all day, casually gas up at the feeding station in the next hour/two, and then pull an all-nighter... I don't think so, little man. ;)

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

What an odd day here. Nothing I planned happened, but that's OK. DH never went to work, I never got to garden. I did a bunch of mowing but need to rake up clots of wet grass...tomorrow?

Sarah bought a Jolly Jumper and it has been a great success. Since Ivy holds her head up well and has been strengthening her legs a whole lot, Sarah decided to give it a try. Well, after about 10 minutes of bouncing around gently we decided that was enough for today. She was furious and demanded more time! So here she goes!!

Phoebe was pretty amazed too.

As for me, I made a zucchini and rice casserole with one of those giant zucchinis that appeared suddenly in the garden today. DH made ribs on the grill.

I observed a strange thing too, a hellebore in bloom! In August!?!

Here's my new lily too.

Off to chat with family.

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Fridays are good, although the baseball situation could stand some improvement. So far I have enjoyed some cheap white wine, harvested pumpkins on farmtown, had a nice virtual chat with Jerri regarding the cesspool of Internet Explorer 8 and cooked dinner, though I have not yet consumed it.

I went to the garden center at lunch today , and will re-do a small segment of the Mary Rose bed this weekend.I've been making plant lists and sp lists as well. August is probably not the greatest time to turn on the critical eye, but I'm tryng to temper my disdain viewing some of the areas of my garden with longevity stats-i.e. this plant has been here for 10 years and looks like crap. Out with the old and in with the new.

I am going to the Napa Valley Art Festival in the morning, one of my fave California representational artists is exhibiting there and if the prices arent over the top I may get another painting for my living room gallery.

It was haircut day for me too today Chelone .. I make my appts after the current appt So I am already set up for 9-25. Wasnt sure I liked the Sept thing though I love Fall , but winter is not far behind !

Deanne, That daylily at Tower Hill reminded me of my Calico Jack which is very similar . Somehow I missed the standard Iochroma , but I whipped through there pretty fast - I will take pics of mine tomorrow morning when the light is better.

LOL Denise, wine drinking mid-day at the awfice is not encouraged our cleaning party was 10am to 1pm, and featured hor dvores before the splits were served up. Sorry to hear of the Dad challenges. When health issues intrude I hang my hat on quality of life, sometimes hard to define and out of reach hope there is some for him.

GB , I wish you an upgraded wheelbarrow , and fully support the jolly jumper to keep the little rug rats sedated . I know Chelone would concur.

All for this round, more tomorrow

Kathy in Napa

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Oh yeah! I would definitely be ALL OVER a jolly jumper of my very own, you guys. I wonder if I could persuade the helpmeet to put up a good, ol' fashioned swing out back... hmmm... a la Evelyn Nesbitt? Ya think? Great shots of the little pooping machine, 'bug. ;)

Rex and I had a very pleasant Compound Cruise earlier even though we had to keep moving to evade the mosquitos. He heard activity next door (where his canine friends live) and looked over there hopefully. But he didn't bolt off the way he often does when he's out with his Daddy. The wrath of Mummy and the beating that will inevitably follow is too terrible for even the Hugest of canids to contemplate, it would seem. It's going to be another very warm and beautiful day today. And the tourists were streaming into town yesterday so traffic should be brutal while they head to the beaches and then back to the motel rooms. May they have a great time and spend lots of money while they're here.

One more machine is now in the Salon. Yesterday it was the blindstitch that was relocated. 3 left to go, none of which are critical to anything I am usually asked to do, so they may remain where they are for the time being. Still battling inertia on the Salon set-up front, it's hard to work inside when the weather is nice and there's so much to attend to outside. But it's now time to get the stitch samples all organized, the punch list of desired repair/adjustments done and send it off to the mechanic. There are lots of "thises and thats" on it and his visit could be an expensive one, though much overdue and needed. I do not resent paying for such things, either, unlike many people for whom I've worked over the years. ;)

LOL at "party in a bag", Saucy. Ain't that the truth?

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

The sky is pink and the grass is wet...from dew. It is a misty morn. I went out to water the veg garden, hoping the wasps there were still sleeping. The sprinkler is not working it seems, so I hand watered a few plants that needed critical attention. Does anyone else in the world not sleep because they worry about their ornamental plants? Ridiculous but true. I hope I can fix things with the hose later this morning. I can tell you the mosquitoes were out already too. Birds are chirping and frogs croaking.

Yesterday DH was cutting down burdocks...which are GIANT monsters this year. It seems there are more wasp nests about and that they found him. So I got him some ointment and pills and told him to sleep a while...which he was happy to do. We now know of at least 3 nests.

The humid heat is expected to continue here without rain for a good while longer. So Cindy, I know how it is...yet I think my ghetto plants are watered better than any of the rest.

I wonder if another machine will make it to the salon today. I'm glad the male gardener is enjoying putter time in his garden too. It must be hard to stand back and allow him to enjoy his free time when you are such a planner & organizer. Yet, being able to make smart decisions on the fly is sometimes an admirable quality too.

I hope this is wheelbarrow day!

Time for a new thread I believe...I hope the photos continue!

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