Max the Silly Moo...

pagan(8b)May 3, 2007

ARGGHH!!! Is it morning already?? Awoke feeling stiff and sore this am - must have been all those dreams of dickhead that did me in. Max and I had a fun day yesterday - explored a bistro across the river that was dog-friendly. Red's Ice House - a shack built on a creek where the shrimp boats dock. Max was fascinated by the huge boats and the pelicans... he was given a doggie bone and a huge bucket of water to drink. Naturally, he was AFRAID to drink from the bucket cus every time he peeked into it there was another puppy peeking back at him and he would start barking and growling, much to the amusement of the other diners... finally got a small bowl for him and he slurped up the water greedily. Anyway, my shrimp was yummy and the sights were gloriuos - we shall return!!

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meredith_e Z7b, Piedmont of NC, 1000' elevation

Ah, good morning... and my kind of day! I still haven't had shrimp even after giving them up for Lent.

BeeBee amuses folks at places like this, and he actually does a double-take if children walk by him without stopping to pet the doggy. Ham that he is!

My favorite was sitting by an Alzheimer's patient with her nurse, and it made her day to pet him and see his reactions in his big brown eyes.

He's lucky to have been born very expressive, with those eyes. I swear I'm going to take him to nursing homes, etc as soon as my back gets a little better or I get less busy.

He's a very portable little dude, so it's not like it isn't easy enough to let him have his outings, too, lol.

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carla17(Z7 NC)

I love Red's!! Isn't that where they serve food in frisbees?


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If they did I didn't notice, but it wouldn't surprise me! I only had an appetizer and it was served on... something. I'm afraid I only had eyes for the shrimp!! We'll check it out next time you come to town!

Max and Beebee sound like they would make a great pair!! Max is very well convinced of his charm and appeal in all situations!!

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