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michaelalreadytakenMay 28, 2007

Yesterday was the 25th anniversary of something important in my life. It really doesn't matter what it was except to say it wasn't a birthday or a marriage or a divorce. It did forever change my life though. :)

Isn't it amazing how the mind, given a little space, a little silence, a little time alone--can remember the most nuanced details from twenty-five, thirty years ago?

As the day came to a close I took my bike (bicycle) out and went for a ride down the local bike paths which turn into a kind of hidden freeway system just for bikes here, through the woods and parks and backsides of shopping centers and neighborhoods.

I guess that helped the thinking process--to the extent that I ran into a branch overhanging the bike path. yuk yuk

Time changes everything, doesn't it?


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pete41(9ab FL.)

Sad to say Michael it doesn't work that way for all of us.
From the earliest days[mine-lol] I made it a point to try and enjoy what I thought as fun,interesting,worthy experiences so I could store them away in the attic-my subconscious-and bring they out and enjoy them again in my rocking chair days.I pushed my self far harder time and time again then common sense depicted to get those pictures up there.Fun at the time although I am sure many would have said I was wasting it climbing those mountains when I should have been striving to get ahead in the all important rat race.
Funny thing is those memories don't really mean anything.
I know what you meant,though.

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The other two thought I was working. (phone rang at 5--do you want today off--YES!!!)

I thought they were at breakfast--and they are--in Santa Cruz!

The nerve!!! LOL.

I shall leave this place--never to return--(throws palm to forehead)

This means drumroll that I'm free to get into trouble--just like a teenager.

Yeah babee :)


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Well I'm with both of you. I have wonderful memories of 40-55 years ago but I also pushed myself pretty dam hard later to create too much joy and gratification for those 20 to 40 year old days and where did it get me. Great times, no matter how meaningful at the time, do not pay the bills when you are a senior. Some things you never regret. Those memories are smile makers forever. Other experiences just plain stink but are imbedded in our memory bank to torture and horrify for ever. A delete key on the brain would be benefical.

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carla17(Z7 NC)

Ya'll are too deep for me, I'm having to change forums. :-)
The birth of your son?????


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meredith_e Z7b, Piedmont of NC, 1000' elevation

Was this the beautiful row of trees you posted once? You didn't say then, but I can imagine. I'm sorry... or congratulations... more correct would be "Peace" really because that always fits.

I have 2 episodes [strangers] that caused PTSD just before my 20's... not symptomatic anymore, but there is a part of the brain that longs for something still to erase what can't be erased or comprehend what I never understand. It is another life, though... so far away and blurry, thank God.

I had a "coma dream" I call it [during a coma, obviously ;], but it was terribly spiritual and could be seen as a near-death-type happening, I suppose. I have my Joan of Arc days where I see the message in the dream again and wonder at why I am here but know that it is on purpose, in any case.

I do celebrate the anniversary of waking up :)

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I don't have anything deep to add, though I do have memories I suppose I could do without, and ones I wish were clearer.

So, did it knock you off the bike?

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kathwhit(z8, West OR)

Isn't it amazing that our minds can remember the sounds, even the smells that accompanied an important event. Especially if we give ourselves the space to remember. This year was the 20th anniversary of my first husband's death. While I was driving and thinking of something else, I had am image of him walking toward me with his hard hat on. I used to go meet him for lunch when he was working at the mill, and I was so glad to see him walking out. But I hadn't had that image emerge before. It was so wonderful to remember the smile on his face at seeing me waiting for him. I even remembered the smell of the cut wood on his clothes. And the inside of the car we had then. Very bittersweet. I am hoping more hidden images will come out as time goes on. Sure is surprising what is buried up there!

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It was funny more than anything else.

It came close to knocking me off!

There was this tee tiny old lady with a cell phone who was out walking and she wanted to know if she should call someone.

She was so sweet. No ma'am, I'm just fine


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I have days I call beach days I can be far from the beach and they can happen in the middle of winter but the quality of light the sound or lack of it suddenly makes it a beach day. Not a day I can rememer it may be a collection or a number of days but it's a strong sense. My mother had an expression in Irish that translated to "in dreaming of days gone bye" I always thought it quaint till I questioned the in and she said oh anyone can have a nice memory or a sad one but to be in the dreaming of the day gone by is somthing altogether different ..that blew me away.

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Your mom sounds "cool." :)

Off to the grind for me.


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