Pete Im moving to your neck of the woods,,,

cajunrosegal(10 south florida)May 27, 2007

Im packing my house up at this time to move to Florida. Going thru a divorce and was offered a spectacular position at a company in Miami. Im looking for apartments as we speak.

Wish me luck ya'll Im potting my roses on the last moving day.


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meredith_e Z7b, Piedmont of NC, 1000' elevation

Good luck!! Ugh, hate the packing but moving is exciting! Best wishes about your divorce... my guy and I are fuller people apart, and it was the best thing for me although very hard. Here's to a fresh start!

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vjcamp(Z7 Euless, TX)

Bon Chance,Chere! I hope you are moving to an area way up the penisula so your roses can avoid hurricanes( and you,too). Unless you lived in Grand Isle or Fourchon, then I guess any place in FLA except for the keys would be better protection

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Good luck and Congrats on the new job! Are you taking any of your old garden with you or starting fresh?? Miami has the disinction of being the first Florida town I got lost in - there is probably a sign on the spot...

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pete41(9ab FL.)

Good luck on your move,buddy.Hope everything goes smoothly.
As far as roses go-make haste slowly.Look the local situation over carefully as far as nematode problems,thrips,nurseries,water restrictions and you may decide that some of the semi-tropicals make more sense.The only reason I grow roses here is they do very well,if not we would plant something else.
My area is micro-climate controlled by the ocean.Just a few miles inland it gets much hotter in summer,colder in winter.As it is we have nearly perfect weather for roses.Also we have beach sand soil,which is alkaline-inland its acidic soil from the eons of marsh stuff rotting.They are restricted by nematodes to a few antiques or fortuniana rootstock.We aren't.
My pointless point is that to grow any plant where it doesn't want to be doesn't make a whole lot of sense

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Congrats on the new job and good luck in the future. You should look up Pandy in the Antique Rose forum since she grows lots of roses in Miami. A good resource for growing in the area and a really great person too!

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kathwhit(z8, West OR)

Good luck in your move and new job. You are very brave to be doing this, and I admire your pluck!

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Miami rules. I think (know) you'll like it there.

Best wishes.


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I'm late to chime in here, but welcome to our part of the world. I too am in South Florida. Growing roses is not easy here, but what is a garden without roses.
My divorce was the start of my 'happy life.' I hope yours is too.

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Quel courage! Mais, ponc donc. Quel mirakl, divorce and a new job! Are you going to take the hubby with you? Hehehe
Bonn chance chere! Don't forget to write, T

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