UV recommendation

cherokee_joeshoebootApril 29, 2013

I need to purchase (or make) a new UV filter for my pond and am looking for recommendations for one of good quality but economical. I'm open to DIY if someone can provide detailed instructions and parts list. It will need to be at least 57 watts to be of any use and bigger would be even better. I have two Savio skimmer/filters that I will be using in the new pond and I think I can use 2 UV's in each one but they are expensive, about $250 each. I can't afford $1k for them right now. so looking for alternatives. Is there a way I can DIY them to fit the Savio?

Thanks for your input.

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How many gallons is your pond? I have a 9watt that I keep my 1600gallon pond crystal clear with! Mind you, I only have goldfish...

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Pond will be somewhere between 9000 and 10000 gals

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