Bye Bye Miss American Pie

henryinctMay 1, 2009

A major event in our country passes almost unnoticed. Chrysler a great American icon enters bankruptcy. All manufacturing operations temporarily shut down, billions more of dollars of assets wiped out, thousands of jobs lost including those at dealers, suppliers and businesses that depended on Chrysler. If it survives it will be 35% owned by Fiat and 55% by the UAW. Whether you know it or not this effects all of us. It is further evidence of how further weakened our economy has become. But for the willingness of the government to step in everything would have been lost. It may still be but it will cost us in the future rather than now. Personally I feel bad for everyone directly involved who will lose their jobs, their retirement security or their businesses. And I hate that this had to happen. It was after all the result of incompetence and greed and just plain wrong headed thinking. It is incomprehensible to me that this had to happen.

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Well said Henry---


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