Another update on Robyn and my hip !!!

zeffyrose_pa6b7(6b7)May 6, 2008

WEll--it has happened---Robyn filed for divorce yesterday-----It has been a long painful 8 months but she has come to the conclusion that she can't go back to her old life.---My DH went to the lawyers with her. she needed the moral support--

It just so happened that while I was at her home alone her DH called------so I had a chance to tell him how much pain he has caused all of us----He destroyed his little family and almost killed my daughter in the process.

I asked him why he chose to do this while Robyn was here helping me with surgery-----I don't think he gave any thought about the repercussions of such a decision and the affect it would have on so many people.

Their youngest son is failing in school and is in a lot of pain----

He has lied to my grandaughter and she is still angry with her mother and me---It is such a sad situation.

Robyn looks terrible---she is so terribly thin----

Hopefully now she can get on with her life-----She met someone about a month ago who appreciates how valuable she is.

Hope this helps her..

As for my pain---I still need a cane to walk----At least I'm able to do a little gardening------feeding and watering the roses----they will be blooming soon

It has been a long painful 8 monthes for all of us.

Hopefully things will get better soon-----We don't know how Robyn's DH will react to the divorce---He always thought he was able to contol her so it could get messy..

Can't wait to smell the roses.

Happy Spring everyone.


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trishaw(Z7 Upper SC)

I can't tell you what a treat it was to talk with you today. You are such an upbeat lady- I just know good things are going to happen for all of you. By the way- thanks for updating me on my "medical" condition- I need to call you again and tell you what I found!


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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

What great news Robyn has filed, and is turning that page in her life. I hate to celebrate anyones divorce filing but I think this marriage was clearly over - best she is on her way to being happy again.

Please be careful not to overdo....that was a very long time not to be using that leg and the muscles will need gradual buildup. Have to tell you, I can remember getting out to weed while still using one crutch, but I ended up on hands and knees involved in my task and lost track of where I was. Where I was when I finished weeding - at the other end of the garden with no way to stand or walk back and no one home. I crawled, feeling really dumb. ;)

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petaloid(SoCal 10a/24)

I'm wishing the best for all in the situation and also glad to hear you are able to do a bit of gardening now.

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Went to the Dr. yesterday-----He thinks the pain is from the Sciatic nerve so now I'm on Prednizone---Will it ever end???

I try to stay upbeat but somedays the pain just gets me down-

My roses are starting to bloom which lifts my spirits and I have a lot to be thankful for.

Just wanted to check in

Hope all is well with everyone.


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I am glad to hear that good things are starting to happen to you and your daughter. Good things come to those who wait. Let me know when you will be down on LBI next time for a visit. A few more weeks and the roses should be blooming.

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suesquatch(4b Ti, NY)

Oh, Florence, I'm sorry you're having troubles.

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