End of August

deanneart(z5Southern NH)August 31, 2006

Where oh where did this summer go? I canÂt believe tomorrow is the last day of August. Yesterday I took a walk about with my camera so I thought IÂd share my morning walk with you.

Although the daylilies are done the driveway garden still offers lots of color and texture. The containers are so great for end of season color.

The large urn has completely filled in and is so pretty against the Sambucus

These little evergreens and heathers provide color and structure when all the herbaceous perennials have died back.

The Purple Emperor Sedum is wonderful against the Sambucus

This fuchsia standard is a couple years old now

IÂm thinking of expanding the mailbox garden and planting one of these Miscanthus Morning Light there this fall. IÂll see how much energy I have left after tucking all the tender plants away for the winter.

IÂm loving this Fuchsia Golden Marenka hope to be able to winter them over this year. I picked up four plants on sale at the Keene, NH flower show in the spring and theyÂve really done well for me this summer.

This Fuchsia Billy Greene has absolutely outdone itself this year.

And behind the Billy Green is this lovely plant, Fuchsia Sunray

You can see my garden helper's feet under the urn. I guess he didn't want to have his face up on the internet.


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Very pretty Deanne. Your Fuschias are so nice. Do you have to keep them deadheaded. I could see where that would eat up a lot of your time. They just don't like it here. The driveway garden looks great in all seasons. You sure have that planned well. Norma

P.S. I see you have your Purple Emperor corralled. Mine sprawled so I guess I will have to try that next year.

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Thanks Norma, yes, believe it or not I DO deadhead the fuchsias almost every day. And it does eat up a lot of time. I used those "Y" stakes to 'corral' up the Purple Emperor.


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Wow, wow, and wow. I'm happy I got two fushia to survive in hanging pots :-)

Off the fushia track .. what is the white edged crinkly leaved plant with the Abutilon and Impomea. A Geranium of some sort?


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

The "End of August" is still beautiful at your house. I am too envious to even comment on the fuchsia! LOL

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I should be taking notes. You have so much late season interest in your driveway garden. My raised rock bed is pretty blah right now. How old is your sambucus? It is nice sized already. Your fuschias are out of this world.


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Deanne, that driveway garden is just spectacular. So many interesting forms and textures. And the way the ground covers soften the driveways edge looks so nice. I cut back some of my sedums as an experiment in June and it worked well for me. The ones I did are so full and no flopping. They haven't bloomed yet but will soon which is fine with me. Anything blooming late in the season I'm happy about. Yours looks so nice there in front of the sambucus. I know I say this everytime I see them but I just can't believe the way you have with fuschias. I'm not giving up but I'd be happy if mine looked half as good as yours. I'm going to give overwintering mine a try. I love the standard too. Maybe someday I'll be able to have one. For now my coleus standards are coming along. Much easier to grow those I do believe. Everything looks just great. It's so nice to see such a beautiful garden this late in the summer. Thanks!


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Thanks all

Yes Martie that is a geranium.

Marian, I keep telling you that you'd do very well with some of these upright fuchsias. Let me know any time you change your mind. They are a lot easier than many of the hanging ones.

Michelle, this is my third year with that Sambucus. It really has gotten some size to it this year.

Eden, I pinched back several of my sedums this year also and am very happy with the result. The ones I didn't pinch are flopping now and the ones I did are like you described, full and just about ready to bloom. I'd love to see a pic of the coleus standards you are working on. I started one with 'Dragon's Claw' and it is just about ready to be pinched for the first time now. I highly recommend wintering over your fuchsias. Next year they will be twice the size and have twice the number of flowers.

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