kathwhit(z8, West OR)May 30, 2007

On another forum, a gardener posted this information on enjoyment and related it to her enjoyment of gardening. I found this to be very interesting and started thinking about it in terms of other activities I do that I enjoy.

For instance, when I am playing music with the boyz and learning a new song, these definitely apply. There is a challenge to learn the sequence of chords and words, while knowing that we have the skills to do it. The time flies by, the feedback is immediate (if you hit the wrong chord, you know it), and we feel a sense of control and pride. Working as a team to learn the song requires giving of and giving up of yourself, but you are aware of yourself as part of a whole. And it does create wonderful enjoyment of the music, the process and pride in accomplishment.

Does this apply to activities that you do, including gardening? What are they?


The Eight Components of Enjoyment

1. Confronting tasks that we have a chance of completing.

2. Concentration.

3. Concentration is possible because the task has clear goals.

4. Task provides immediate feedback.

5. A deep, effortless involvement removes from awareness the worries and frustrations of everyday life.

6. Enjoyable experiences allow one to exercise a sense of control over oneÂs actions.

7. Concern for self disappears, yet paradoxically the sense of self emerges stronger after the flow experience is over.

8. Sense of time is altered - hours pass by in minutes.

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hmm, I would say that gardening fits the bill for me, except the resulting neck/back pain make it an enjoyment I have to strictly time. OTOH, creative pursuits like making hats, writing or painting all qualify on the enjoyment scale for me!

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catkim(San Diego 10/24)

Interesting! Last night in painting class I arrived early, set up, and painted for 3 hours straight, oblivious to the activity around me. I get completely sucked into it, and nothing else intrudes on my thoughts while I'm working at it. Then I go home and dream about it all night.

I have a similar experience with music as you. Our group meets once a week, but in the last year or so there has been some flex as to who will show up; sometimes we have a bass player, sometimes we don't. Sometimes we have a banjo player, but if he's gone sailing, sometimes we don't. Some nights we have extra guitars sitting in. This has pushed each of us to become more versatile and improvisational in the ways we contribute to the music, and I think we've all improved our skills as a result. Music night flies by much too quickly! And it is so boring to practice alone...the excitement comes from combining the different elements.

And gardening, of course. I can go out in the morning, begin working, and even forget to stop to eat. It's very meditative for me, I get a lot of good ideas about other things while gardening.

Hiking also fulfills the Eight Components of Enjoyment. We plan the hikes to fit into a single day's outing, and we know in advance the distance, elevation gain, peak altitude, and terrain. Every hike is a long walk done one step at a time, and I have to watch the trail to place each step on the rocks and gravel, so concentration definitely happens. I get into a rhythm with steps, hiking poles, and breathing. Of course the scenery is always the highlight: mountains or desert, trees, wildflowers, creeks, waterfalls, birds and other wildlife, a lonely cloud, a ray of sun -- you never know what will reveal itself.

My longest hike was 15 hours, but it didn't seem that long at all, although I was *dead* tired at the end of it.

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pete41(9ab FL.)

Gee Catkim,I use to get lost also while hiking.LOL
You want to see time fly-try getting out of the wilderness before dark and the grizzlies,mountain lions,badgers,wolves,wolverines and other ``hunters'' go on the prowl.My wife was trying to drive deer for me and ridged out on the wrong one once.She kept going in the wrong direction.Fortunately I managed to cut in front of her at the very last minute.Never did tell her how close she came to spending the nite out alone in a Montana mountain range.

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catkim(San Diego 10/24)

Get out of the wilderness before dark, Pete? My 15-hour hike began at 1 a.m. Yes, on purpose. But a night in the California Sierras is not the same as a night in the Montana mountains, I'll agree. No grizzlies or wolves here, and I don't go alone, so mountain lions less likely to jump on the back of my neck.

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