End of August in NH (photo heavy)

deanneart(z5Southern NH)August 31, 2007

IÂve been having a great time taking photos of the gardens and containers the last few days and thought youÂd like to see the results. The containers are really at peak right now and I thought IÂd start this photo thread with the pots in the driveway area.

Here are a couple views of the collections

The arrangement with the ÂMariposa Coleus and the ÂBlack Magic Colocasia has gotten humungous

Here is a close up of the Cuphea, and Coleus ÂOthello in that container

This container with the acalpha and coleus is quickly edging up to be one of my favorites.

And a view of the other side of container showing the two varieties of plectranthus.

Love this coleus, it coordinates beautifully with lots of different things. Unfortunately I donÂt know the varietal name of it. I snagged a cutting from a plant in a hotel a couple gears ago.

Fuchsia ÂBilly GreeneÂ

Michelle made the stained glass plant stake for me and sent the geraniums as well. The fuchsia and the Coleus ÂThe Flume came from cuttings from Monique.

OK this is enough for tonightÂ. I add another installment tomorrow.


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Monique z6a CT(6a CT)

Wow! Simply gorgeous! I think I need to visit to see these soon. I can't believe how large some of the plants have gotten-that 'Black Magic' and Coleus are HUGE.

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Are you and Doug planning to add a subterranean bomb shelter so you can expand your wintering over pursuits? :)

I love the "yellow" container (and that's not a favorite color of mine).

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I really liked the yellow container too. Is that Phygelius?
The ornamental millet in container is very nice look too. It's all gorgeous and amazingly well tended!

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Deanne, have you heard of the new concept of "garden coach"? Seriously, these photos are the only testimonials you'd need. The second-to-last photo holds the plectranthus I lost to the freak frost this year, and is that a variegated gold solanum jasminoides or a new variety of sweet potato? The pure yellow pots are my favorites. But my gosh, that colocasia and Mariposa coleus is beyond belief. Must be nothing but "blue water" hitting those two since spring.

Bravo, take a bow.

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

I feel like a echo -- they've said it all already.... simply scrumptious.....

I'd have a hard time choosing a favorite; I agree the yellow is outstanding; the one w/ the millet is sooo cool tough.....

Thanks for taking such wonderful shots...

hey, Garden Coach - new career. You would be fantastic, Deanne.


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Thanks so much everyone! So happy you like the photographs!

Denise, yes, that's a variegated Solanum jasminoides in that container. The plectranthus is 'Lemon Twist', is that the variety you lost? Would you like me to send you cuttings? I've got piles and piles of that plant right now and most of it is going to go with the first frost. ~~ Garden coach? Sounds like something I'd like to do. I"ve never heard of that before. Is it a CA thing?

Cynthia, yes that's a Phygelius that Wendy gave me last year. I just love that plant!

Chelone, you are a hoot, 'subterranean bomb shelter'.... ROTFLOL - although, I've been REALLY wishing I had a greenhouse this year.

Monique, you know you are welcome to visit any time. I'd love for you to see the containers before the frost hits.


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Bravo Deanne! Your container combos always look just as good at the end of the season as they do at the beginning. Hopefully you can come and work some of your magic here in a couple of weeks. Steve Silk is here right now taking pictures of my mess (give me strength!). I should send him your way instead.


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Deanne, thanks for the offer of the cuttings, but I've seen it local so no worries. Didn't mean it to sound like a naked plea ;>) It just struck me that of several plectranthus, that's the one that mushed up. The solanum is a terrific idea for a summer pot. I'm providing a link to the NYT article on garden coaches. It's an archived article, so this may not work. The gardenrant site has also been talking about garden coaches a bit. You're a natural for it!

Here is a link that might be useful: NYT garden coach article

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Stunning! You have such a gift for creating containers. I have been to a number of botanical gardens whose containers are no where near as incredible as yours. I'm glad to see that Doug was able to fix the stake. How special that I have my own little corner in your garden.


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Oh Deanne, perfect perfect perfect! I especially love the othello cuphea combo, and that red/pink acalypha, and the pink combo in #13 and and and...what a gift you have for putting containers together. I learn something new everytime you post a new set of pictures. Thanks for these!


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