My Dog Ate My Lotus Tuber!!!

samanthajade(7A)April 1, 2011

I ordered a new lotus tuber and have had it for a few weeks now. I floated it in water for a week, then planted it in a pot with some water, but had to take it inside with the recent cold snap.

Today we're back up in the 60's and sunny, so I took the pot out to the patio for a good soak in the sun.

Less than 3 hours later...the lotus had disappeared. I found a portion of it with some leaves still intact a short distance from the pot, and finally found evidence of what happened...the leaves were on a mat that the dogs like to lay on a little ways away. The culprit was found laying in that same spot later - my 6 month old boxer puppy.

The small portion that broke off seems to be in ok shape, there are still a few shoots and none seem damaged. I am crosing my fingers its ok...that lotus was expensive!

The pot has now been moved to the middle of the bog until I can find a better place that's puppy-proof.

Lesson learned: dogs like lotus too!

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There is a classic book called "Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds." The first chapter is devoted to the Dutch tulip mania of the early seventeenth century. Tulips were in demand, but things went crazy and tulips were selling for astronomical prices!

There is one story of a poor sailor visiting someone's home. When he awoke the next morning there was a great confrontation going on over a missing tulip. Seems he mistook a bulb worth thousands for an onion and ATE it before going to sleep.

He spent the next several years in jail for the "theft."

Please don't put your doggie into jail! He just thought it was a treater!

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catherinet(5 IN)

LOL samantha!! Sorry for laughing, but it IS funny!! I'm sure it tasted good. The native american's ate all parts of it.
You're lucky that it might still survive. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.
My dog loves chewing the dried pods. :(

Maybe you can make a circle out of chicken wire to protect your pot, until it grows up.
Good luck! And have fun with the puppy too!

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No jail for the dog, just a stern reprimand. Luckily she's too cute to stay mad at for long.

It is pretty funny...irritating, but funny! I told my husband it was a delicacy. :)

We are taking protective measures from now on, that's for sure!


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