Pretty little thing by the roadside

amna(6 (MA))June 30, 2014

Does anyone know this little plant? Is it a weed or can I bring it into my garden without fear of being taken over?

Here is a closeup of the flower


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lycopus(z5 NY)

Crown vetch (Securigera varia), a nuisance weed that has been widely planted by the UDSA and other agencies in a misguided attempt to control erosion. Unfortunately in some areas it is still used. Not something you want to bring into your garden.

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samhain10(5a - MI)

It really is quite pretty, and it enriches the soil. But, alas, you really don't want it in the garden unless you want an entire garden of vetch. :)

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amna(6 (MA))

Thanks lycopus and samhain. I'll just admire it from a distance then :-)


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