So who worked in the garden on this holiday?

peachiekean(z10A CA)May 28, 2007

I've been home for 3 days nursing my post-dental surgery husband. Trying to prepare for him all the soft foods he can and will eat. Now I am not in the kitchen often as he is the cook and a good one at that. It is not easy as he is very hungry and cannot eat what he wants the most - meat.

Anyway, today I got up at 6am and decided I needed a day at the garden. So off I went to deadhead, plant peppers, rake, water and tidy up the tomatoes and pull the weeds. All the roses are suffering from our May gray with powdery mildew but still growing up tall for the next bloom. Then I had to come home to laundry and shopping for most soft type food. Now I rest. One thing nice - today we heard and saw fighter jets circle 3 times over our house. Very cool!

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pete41(9ab FL.)

About an hour a day,320 days a year.
After making the rounds we went to the dogs and won $300 so we went to dinner at Aunt Catfishes.Fun day.

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jody(7b - NC)

All three days. It will take a couple hours of soaking to get all the dirt out of my hands.

Lost my first rose to rose rosette. A first I could do without.

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vjcamp(Z7 Euless, TX)

I did. Also, there was a crew cutting down some trees in my neighbors yard so I contacted them and they cut down two in mine. Trees gone= More open space= More sunshine = MORE SPACE TO PLANT ROSES. The trees hadd to go the previous owners overplanted the front yard, and probably pay any attentiuon what they were planting- couldn't get grass to grow and the trees were blocking sunlight from the others.

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Yay...I saw 2 fighter jets too. They flew by on their way to Anaheim Stadium for the Angels game. I was planting a japanese garden in a new bed on the side. As soon as they went by, the noise caused all the neighbors to come out.

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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

I did, all afternoon....A Memorial Day without rain, how'd that happen.

Yesterday we went to our nephews 20th birthday party at BILs lake house and felt like we ate all day long, so just hot dogs tonight - and I didn't grill them, DH did.

I puttered, weeded, spread compost over two beds including the roses, now I'm out of compost and I'm going to have to buy more. Found three seedlings poking up in the seed pot of iris chrysographes (violet-black) - that made me happy!

Our forecast is sounding pretty darned good after a wet cool Spring - I'll be setting my alarm early this week so I can get outside and enjoy it.

Hope everyone had a nice long weekend :)

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harryshoe zone6 eastern Pennsylvania

Sunday we were hosting a BBQ for 15, so Saturday was fix-up- the-yard day. A lot of weeds met their death as I worked to edge the beds with bricks. Edging looks great and keeps the lawn out and the mulch in, but it is nasty work. I also sprayed for midge with Bayer Soil and Lawn Insect Killer (?). Then trimming and lawn mowing. I went from 9:00 a.m. until it got dark. I could barely walk on Sunday morning.

This work takes so much longer this time of year. Buds are opening on many roses and other plants...therefore many gazing breaks are worked into the schedule.

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Hmph. I wish! It POURED all day yesterday (sourly)--of course!, so we dragged the BBQ up onto the deck under shelther and ate inside.

In honor of my wanting to garden all weekend, though, I did move four new peat-potted herbs out from under the deck and into the rain so they'd get some water, lol.

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kathwhit(z8, West OR)

Yup, gardened all weekend except for Sun. morning when it rained. Our main work day was Monday. I took the weedeater to all the raised beds, mowed and finished adding mulch to the remaining beds. Then DH and DS and I cut low hanging branches from the fir trees and pulled them down to the burn pile. DS and DH mowed the fields with the big tractor. The roses are at the beginning of their first flush, and my midge eradication seemed to have worked! I am sore, tired and achey, but I love it! I am getting ready for a series of parties the weekend of the 9th, so I want to get the outside work done. I'm putting off the housework!

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"All three days. It will take a couple hours of soaking to get all the dirt out of my hands."

Sounds like my weekend!

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No gardening at all. Instead we visited a nephew and family up north. Spent 2 days spelunking (sp?). We went to Lava Beds National Monument, one of my favorite fun spots. Equipped with garden gloves, knee pads, a plastic hard hat, and lanterns, we traversed the lava tube caves for an entire day on Sunday. My idea of an adventure. Not too many adventures in my tame world, and at my age, I guess. We crawled through 2 1/2 foot connector areas from one cave to another. I actually put a crack in my hardhat--oh, thank heavens I was wearing one. Very pretty formations, our little 7 year old niece loved being our "tour guide". The yoga I have been taking really made an amazing difference--no back pain from all that stooping and crawling. The 40 year olds couldn't keep up with us. Anyone else been there? I would imagine gardeners, used to a close relationship with dirt, wouldn't be too phased by the cave crawling.
The previous day, we went to Shasta Caverns, which required a boat ride and a shuttle bus to arrive at the entrance. More fun!
Arrived home to lots of crisped roses and daylilies, more of the dreaded deadheading needed. Oh right, I was told by someone not to talk about the negative. Sorry.

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meredith_e Z7b, Piedmont of NC, 1000' elevation

I've been caving a few times(in TN), Kathy. Yes, very fun! Well, one trip was too scary and ill-run and I was in fear for my life and don't mind saying so, lol. 200 ft pits and no safety gear... well THAT'S not me in any case.

I did garden on memorial Day. Got my neighbor to haul out the chainsaw and removed some things. That's refreshing. I wish we'd get rain, though... quite a deought here.

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I worked Monday but nearlly killed myself replacing some boards in a raised bed in the heat over the weekend. The boards were easy it was moving the stacks of slate that make natural benches around my plot. Not recommended with disc problems!!!!!! Oweeeeee

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the spelunking sound cool, but as Labrea said, not recommended with disc problems. I really didn't do much - caught a blues concert and watched the heat and drought fry my garden. My dianthus has bitten the dust and I am happy I planted rosemary nearby so it will cover the cremains... at least, it SHOULD cover them!

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I didn't. DH and I painted the guest and the master bathroom, we spent 3 days painting and we're only halfway done with mb. I'm getting sick and tired of painting.

I'll have the chance to work in the garden hopefully by the 3rd week of June.

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I was at Lava Beds years ago -- I'm trying to think of some other words besides "cool", "neat", "interesting", "beautiful". Well, I guess they about sum it up! I loved it there.

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