Sunday November 20, 2011

coconut_njNovember 20, 2011

As I was thinking about doing the quotes this week of Thanksgiving I had some conflicting thoughts. I appreciate and encourage thankfulness for many things be expressed on Thanksgiving as well as part of daily life. I thought of the first few Thanksgivings and as usual I think of the role the Native People had in that meal, as well as in the survival of the colony/colonies. So, this week I'll be picking some favorite Thanksgiving quotes and also including some Native American quotes as well.

Quite a few years ago I painted this as a Thanksgiving card. I wanted to capture the stone silo's before they disappeared. Sadly, they are gone now. You might be able to spot the Happy Thanksgiving erased up top on this picture. Smiles.


When you are in doubt, be still, and wait;

when doubt no longer exists for you, then go forward with courage.

So long as mists envelop you, be still;

be still until the sunlight pours through and dispels the mists

-- as it surely will.

Then act with courage

Ponca Chief White Eagle (1800's to 1914)

Gratitude is the sign of noble souls. ~Aesop

None is more impoverished than the one who has no gratitude. Gratitude is a currency that we can mint for ourselves, and spend without fear of bankruptcy. ~Fred De Witt Van Amburgh

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WOW! what a way to start Thanksgiving week. You are obviously a talented person. Steve in Baltimore County.

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Just beautiful, coconut!

Not yet very familiar with this forum, I've been scratching my head at how few "posts" there are here, especially considering the amount of people who introduced themselves. Now it is obvious that these quotes ARE posts. Thanks so much, coconut, for sharing these thoughts and the beautiful painting.

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So beautiful, coconut, what a reat start to my day!

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Good quotes and great art. Is it watercolor?

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Coconut, what a wonderful way to start the week; I'm looking forward to every day's quotes. The title of this morning's sermon was "Thanksgiving: Gratitude or Attitude". Your *gratitude* quotes add to what I heard.

Your Thanksgiving card is lovely.

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Thanks for a great start to the Thanksgiving week.
Wonderful artwork.

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Yes Don, it's a watercolor with some pen and ink, done on watercolor paper.

Thanks everyone, and you're welcomed.

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