I like teenagers

sammy zone 7 TulsaMay 15, 2007

I went to Lowe's last Friday evening, looking for some large lantanas. I wanted to know when the larger ones would come in, but was in a hurry so I asked the kid at the checkout. I knew not to ask about lantanas, so I asked when more flowers would be delivered.

He gave me this blank stare, and said "we have flowers already". I said, "yes, but do you know when the truck regularly comes with more". He said "we have plenty, and we don't need anymore. Just look there are flowers everywhere. There are flowers out there, and flowers in here. We have lots of flowers. I said, but what about the truck, do you know when it delivers flowers? He said there were always trucks around with flowers. They delivered them all the time. There are flowers everywhere and trucks everywhere. They are just coming and going all the time.

He was so cute. He is the age that I teach, and I was thinking about what he would say about any number of Spanish lessons that I teach.

It is almost summer vacation. Can you tell?


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carla17(Z7 NC)

Sammy, I can deliver a teen to you in about 3 weeks and I can send flowers with her!


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ROTFLOL!! constantly trucks coming and going with flowers - too funny!

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trishaw(Z7 Upper SC)

I have two teens that I would be happy to loan you as well! Like Carla, they can come with flowers too!


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I have one too :)

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meredith_e Z7b, Piedmont of NC, 1000' elevation

LOL, Sammy! I bet you were adorably frustrated. I never see teenagers anymore, up-close and able to hear them anyway. Strange how that happens! They call me ma'am now too ;(

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kathwhit(z8, West OR)

I have one too, but I won't send him. He bought me a big rhodie for MD and dug a big hole for me and helped me plant it, and didn't even point out the fact that I had killed 2 rhodies before. He is a big "manly" guy now, but still likes his hugs. I can't believe he will be a Sr. next year and will soon be gone.

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That is so funny!! He probably called you "that weird flower lady" after you left. LOL!!

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I miss my teenagers-----they are now---53 and 52---Where did the years go?.

Enjoy them while you can !


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But I bet he could tell you what everyone ate for lunch on break and what songs played on the store music rotation, etc. I worked with kids like this in a retail store and it was a hoot how they don't sense the most basic things about the store but focus in on what some other teen is saying in the next aisle over. The best time ever was working on christmas decorations for the Disneyland Hotel with the teens who danced in the Christmas Parade in Disneyland. They would dance and sing while making the wreaths and decorating trees between the midday and evening parades. Not always the fastest workers but a merry bunch to be sure.

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sammy zone 7 Tulsa

They do have so much knowledge. In our school electronics are strictly forbidden. They must be kept out of sight, and the rule especially with cell phones is enforced.

My phone rang. I had to mess with it for a minute since it seldom rings. The whole class was offering to help me. I mentioned that I didn't know how to do the one touch dialing. Same thing, everyone wanted to help. They instantly know how to change the cables from VCR to DVD to the television to hear internal announcements.

I mentioned once that I was having trouble with a notice about a computer virus, and the kids told me what to do. They are very well informed, but not about roses and gardening. When I get behind in my garden, there are those who say I should get a kid to help me. Around here they don't do gardening. We live in an interesting world.


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catkim(San Diego 10/24)

I like teenagers, too, they don't know how cute they are.

But I learned long ago to ask the older person in the funny sun hat at the nursery for advice. You know, somebody who's already made all the mistakes. With experience comes wisdom.

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