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michaelalreadytakenJune 7, 2008

A "little" abandoned rose bush at an abandoned homestead in a state park. There is no water. There are no sprinkler systems, etc.

A little path on the beach. Subsea transmission cables come at an Area 51 looking facility out of view to the left.

The Point Arena light house, the tallest one on the west coast. This point is the closest point to Honolulu on the west coast.

The estuary at the mouth of the Gualala River.

Some flowers growing wild along the coast. There's a little beach below. The wind is blowing fiercely in each and every one of these photographs. It's brilliantly sunny. It's June. It's cold. Welcome to northern California!

Do you see my size 10 shoe at the base of this eucalyptus tree?

It's not an eucalyptus tree but the trunk of this unattended rose is two of my shoes across. Solid. Again, there's no water, nothing. It just grows.

Another unattended rose in the same park. I want to say it's a hybrid perpetual but who knows? Purple. Intensely fragrant. An absolute survivor in this environment.

The fence. From here I can hear the seals barking. This is a playground for them. This is Fort Ross. This is where the Russians came to settle.

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

Delightful pictures, as always. I so enjoy your wanderings in Northern California. I'm ever the armchair traveler.

I have been to Fort Ross, though. I remember the wind!

Did you make it to the Mendocino botanical garden there along the coast? It was quite nice. I remember they had a very large 'Mermaid' rose.

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Thank you guys. I've been in "wander" mode on my days off.

I just walked in from wandering all day today.

I shall probably wander again tomorrow.

Didn't make it to the Botanical Gardens (in Fort Bragg???)

I did see not one, but two, gigantic Mermaids today in two different locations today. They're so pretty!


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anntn6b(z6b TN)

You are SO not in LA anymore.
Thanks for sharing.

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kathwhit(z8, West OR)

Thanks for posting these great pictures. The CA coast is so unique.

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harryshoe zone6 eastern Pennsylvania

What, no possums?

Great shots Mike. You sure paint a beautiful picture of that part of the country. The next time I'm in CA, I've got to check out the north coast.

A co-worker just returned from a "no planning" vacation. Flew to San Francisco, rented a car and drove up the coast to Washington over two weeks. They described it just as you photograph it.

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Thanks Harry! I'm glad your friends had an enjoyable time. I'd have to say that their approach is probably a good way to visit up the coast.

Kathy, thank you too. Isn't it past time for some Oregon photos?!?! (hint, hint)

Ann, you're right, it isn't Louisiana. That's comparing apples and oranges though! I do miss the live oak trees and the marshes.

Duty calls.


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WOW WOW WOW---these pictures are amazing-----

I did see your size 10 shoes-----LOL

My daughter lived in San Francisco 20 years ago---I am so sorry I didn't get to see more of Ca. when I visited her.

Thanks for these wonderful pictures.


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carla17(Z7 NC)

M, I can't tell you how badly I would like to share some of that beauty with you! Beautiful vistas but I'm not surprised!


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