Update on Karl Bapst

rozilla(z9LA)June 25, 2006

I got this very nice note from Rosenut in response to an email and wanted to share.

Nice to know I'm still thought of.

I've been busy at my home in Wheatfield, IN. Had to cut back on my roses. Only have a little over 300 now, all hardy own root Canadians, Bucks, hybrid rugosas, and other proven hardy types. I drive to Great Lakes Roses each February and bring back some 200 rooted cuttings to repot into larger pots and let them mature in my greenhouse to sell at a farmer's market in Rensselaer, IN. each Saturday morning and to other interested parties who stop at my home to smell the roses. I've adapted well even though I still have no use of my left side.

I feel out of touch with the Forum and am busy being the ARS website answer man and responding to the many questions I get directly via e-mail.

The last time I posted on the GW, there were so many new faces and experts, I felt I wasn't needed and being so busy, I don't have time to monitor it to keep up to date on happenings. It moves entirely too fast for me.

Right now am putting 4 inches of horse manure on all my beds. Got a source who loads it for me into my trailer, which I then tow home and empty one five gallon bucket at a time and taking it around with my Rascal scooter.

I've been made an ARS Master Rosarian but no longer go to the conventions.

I'm still pushing for greater recognition and more emphasis of Shrub roses at rose shows. I'm just not making the waves I once did. I still grow a few hybrid teas but they have to earn a spot in the garden by surviving winters with minimum protection. My winter protection consists entirely of blowing shredded oak leaves into my beds with my garden tractor. They are then left as mulch the following year.

You can post this if you wish to keep the mobs away. I'd rather respond directly to e-mails than try to keep up with the GW.

Take time to STOP and smell the roses and

don't sweat the small stuff!

Karl Bapst (Rosenut)

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matissesmom(SoCal z9)

Rozilla, thank you.
What a nice man he is. Always was. I've missed him.


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You know, I was thinking of Karl last week & wondered how he was doing. I really appreciate you posting this. A while ago he was looking for state coffee mugs from states he'd been to but didn't pick up since he wasn't collecting back then. Since my hubby drives a truck, he started picking them up for Karl.

I met him in Philly & New Orleans after knowing him online for a few years. He and his wife are good people. The difference in his health from Philly to NO was a big improvement, I was so happy for him.

Karl, if your reading this, I hope your able to stop and smell your roses in between working outside and being busy with the ARS. Your an amazing man, to keep going, finding new ways to garden with your disability. It is so easy to just stop and lay on the couch, I know all too well, but you don't. You took your lemons and made lemonade. You've always been an inspiration to me, because I also have found ways to still garden even though I can barely walk some days. Thank you.

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sammy zone 7 Tulsa

Many of us remember and respect Karl. It is nice to hear from him, and I hope he begins to check in every so often.


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I'm so happy to hear that Karl is doing good. I miss seeing him on the forums.

Karl....you are very muched missed!!!!


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I think of you often and miss your wise and informed posts.

Take care and please post more often.


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rilie(Z5 Eastern Canada)

What a lovely note, thank you for sharing it with us. Such a sweet, kind man. He's such an inspiration, whether he realizes it or not. To bounce back from such an illness and continue on with the hobbies you love & maintaining such a positive attitude, adapting along the way as need be. Even though I don't know Karl personally, I have a huge respect for him & what he continues to accomplish.

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Love his advice, about roses and Life. Certainly miss him here on this forum. Karl makes me proud to be a Hoosier.

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kool sorry he had to cut back lol

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karl_bapst_rosenut(5a, NW Indiana)

A little free time and only reruns with just a few new programs on TV is giving me a little time to post again. I appreciate all the good things said and will try to live up to the standards you've set for me.
There are way too many active posts to follow so will concentrate on those on the first page. One post and no followups. Too many experts with all the answers.
Love you all.

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harryshoe zone6 eastern Pennsylvania

It is great to hear from you. Yes, lots of new people and many beginners. Folks who really benefit from hearing from, not just experts, but true rose lovers who offer inspiration beyond advice. An occasional update from you will mean so much to so many. Thank you for responding.


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So nice to see you here, Karl.
Big Hugs,

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carla17(Z7 NC)

Karl, nice to hear from you. You are an inspiration to all rose growers. Just pop in here when you can.


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AnneCecilia z5 MI

And hugs to you, Karl. Love knowing you're here when you can be; you still give the bestest answers. :-)


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onewheeler(Z5 N.S.)

Karl I want to second what Harry said, we all could use your wise words. You are one of those 'experts', we love your wisdom and down to earth ways.

When I first joined GW you were one of the first people I noticed posting and am sure you answered one of my silly questions with kindness, it is people like you who keep me going in this rose lust called a hobby. LOL

Glad to hear you are working on the roses and growing less difficult, or less climate challenged roses, there are tons to choose from.

Good luck and God speed in whatever you do, would love to see you post more often. You never know who you are encouraging whether they answer your post or not.


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nancy_lindley(5 - SE Mich)

Karl came by our nursery today. His friend, Linda Kimmel of the Indianapolis Rose Society made the trip with him after a Consulting Rosarian school in the Chicago area. Linda took our rose propagation class (a long one, lasting about three hours), while Karl tooled around the nursery and gardens on his little scooter, testing out the handicap accessibility of our pathways and little bridges. It was a real test since we'd just received a new truckload of steel mill slag, which DH Roger uses over the gravel to make it more "foot friendly." Fortunately, Karl's scooter only got mired down once.

Karl looked great and gave me the backhanded compliment that he was "so surprised our roses looked so good this late in the season". Geez Karl, haven't you heard of Daconil, Compass, Osmocote, Monty's Joy Juice and copious daily watering? Not to mention Roger (Beetle Bailey's) daily hand removal of JBs.

It's amazing to see how much he can do with (as he puts it) one hand tied behind his back. He's a real inspiration. He says he still has some potted roses on his driveway if anyone in the Wheatfield area is interested. In the meantime, he's busy putting together his plans for this winter's rose potting.

Nancy Lindley

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Karl, it is good to hear from you. I have been re-miss in not sending you a note congratulating you on the wonderful article about you and your garden in Chicagoland Gardening magazine.

Check in and let us know how you are doing.


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Rosenut - I wondered where you were! I am happy that you can still indulge your hobby and yourself! IKWYM re the boob tube this season - time to read gardening books and plan for the fall!

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Lovely to hear again of Karl, I e-mailed him recently and received two nice ones back. After perusing his web site I was even more impressed with Karl. As long as he continues to drop in now and then, I will be happy and wish him all the very best with his other interests in life. I know the main one is still roses. Wow, cut back to 300, what is THAT!! I am always striving for 200 and can never quite get there, but heck, it still is a huge time consumer, but what a great way to consume time.
Karl, if you are reading, just do what fulfills you the most, and enjoy those roses. But please keep checking in.
Pauline - Vancouver Island

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cajunrosegal(10 south florida)

Karl you are very much missed! Sorry to hear you were doing poorly. I hope all the best for you and enjoy your roses!
Take the time to stop and smell the roses, other wise why do we grow them?

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