pagan(8b)June 30, 2007

Hey All!! back from Ohio, the vacation spot with the mostest! Spent most of my time reading, and walking Max. Across from the rellies is an abandoned golf course, so Max and I strolled the grounds every morning (let him run around off leash) and pretended we were in the English countryside hunting dragons. Never saw any - Max must have frightened them away! Our second day there Ron's Uncle had to go to the ER with diverticulitis - he spent the rest of the week there and so we didn't really get much visiting done, between hospital trips and such. I told them that every time we go SOME damn body ends up in the ER, and wouldn't it be easier for them just to tell us not to come visit at all??!! So we left early and got home late Thursday, spent Friday resting and am back on track today. He is home now and feeling better - very suspicious!

Looks like ya'll were relatively quiet here - got all caught up on happenings and haven't checked my e-mail yet though. I got a call from the Bonati Institute while we were gone and they think I need to come back for possibly one more procedure. I am not doing as well as I was before the KCof D, and I am 19 weeks post-surgery. The Doc suspected I might need some work on my top thoracic vertebrea and it sounds to them that this is the one I am having problems with still. Cannot use that left arm without flaring up, still taking darvocet nearly every day... I hate to go to Florida in July, but am ready to get this taken care of so I can get on with my life. Ron and I had a long talk about it all yesterday. he said he can tell I am still not healed yet, not doing as well as I was prior to the KCofD at 8 weeks, when I could drive, etc., without pain. I was ready to take on the world, my head bubbling over with ideas and excitement - now I just exist through the days hoping nothing sets me off. So, on Monday we will make arrangements and prepare for the trip... as that annoying comedian says, tis time to Get It DONE!

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meredith_e Z7b, Piedmont of NC, 1000' elevation

Yep, Gitt'er done, girl! That s*cks that you have to go back, but then again it's so good they have something to do for you! Here's praying it does the absolute trick!!!

"pretended we were in the English countryside hunting dragons"... my kind of fun, lol. BeeBee is quite the shadow hunter himself :)

We have had suspiciously timed med situations here at The Oxford Express ourselves...

The trip is in less than 1 month, and my boob threatened a surgical mutiny, but the loyalists have squashed that rebellion for a good 5 weeks, hopefully.

Well, now the retina in Dad's GOOD eye has threatened a coup!!

He had a 'buckle' surgery on the other retina several years ago and now this with his good eye :( He just got laser treatments the past 2 weeks, but he still may need the surgery.

Last year it was The Liver Coup AKA the No Pain Med Mutiny.

I swear it's harder to get to Oxford than one would think!

Dad's in great hands, so I'm glad his situation is covered. That's the important thing.

Whew. Makes you want to put your body on a shelf somewhere and float around to get about life, eh? Good luck to you, and keep us posted!

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pete41(9ab FL.)

Well we sure missed you.Florida in July is fabulous because you have it all to yourself.Got up this mornin' at 5,ate breakfast and hit the road at 6:15 for a thirty mile bike ride.Everyone else hunkered down in their ac'ed bunkers.Like the old ad said,it was my road,my town.Don't even need to go to pool,sopping wet when I got home.

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carla17(Z7 NC)

I wondered about your absence. Welcome back girl. Please let me know when you're leaving.


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