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retired2008April 29, 2013

Have a 3,000 gallon pond, water, gravity flows, through 6 inch pvc pipe from bottom drain, to settling tank (500 gal), also have two skimmer to pump. External pump, installed outside settling tank, (2.5ft below settling tank and pond level) water flow from settling tank to pump through 2 inch pvc pipe(about 3ft from settling tank to pump intake). From pump outlet waters is pumped through 2 inch pvc pipe about 14ft to bio-filter/waterfall. Wanting to install new pump, (old pump will not move enough water, approx 2,000gal/hr) for more flow at waterfall, also plan to install a ultraviolet light. Have been looking at two pumps, the Hydro Centrimax pump and the Artesian/performance pro. Thinking a 220volt pump will run cooler and cheaper.
Need help with size pump needed and opinions on which pump the best for my application. All thoughts and help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Don't have any suggestions...just was hoping for a picture of this pond to drool over! ;-)

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joe_09(z7 ny)

i have been running that pump for 12 yrs.i have a 4x8 ft. filter and settling chamber before the pump,and my water is gin clear.that pump will pump 4900 gal/hr 9 1/2 ft. high with out loosing any pressure.

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