anything new with the world?

pagan(8b)June 8, 2007

Just when I was wondering if everybody else is as bored as MOI, I read Carla's post about her daughter and friends - sometimes a bit of quiet is a good thing! poor kids!

I have been feeling well enough to be bored, which is good I guess. I know I said that I would be happy if I improved enough to not be in pain when I am not doing anything, but now I want the whole pie - no pain with activity too!! Thus far my docs are keeping eagle eyeballs on me and making sure I am fairly in-active... today I will drive and do some errands and see how I manage. Last time I did this was 2 weeks ago and it left me flared up for several days... we shall see!!! I told DH I got more done before, cus I just loaded up on pain meds and alcohol and did what I needed/wanted to do - now I am trying to take things slow and do what my body lets me do, not what I want to do. So, garden is not maintained, housework is half done, but plenty of libary books are getting read!

what's new with the rest of the world??

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pete41(9ab FL.)

Well I am retired and supposed to be enjoying the easy life.I am annoyingly happy but it ain't easy.
I have lost twenty eight pounds and in peak condition for my age[66] however between the long bike rides,walks,gardening,fishing trips I have become a new ager with a go-go hectic life.Coming here has become my only real relaxer so its disappointing this place doesn't have much heart and soul anymore.Since I was one of the spoilers I guess I should keep that thought to

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kathwhit(z8, West OR)

Hey, what do you mean, no heart and soul. I'm here aren't I? I have heart and I have soul and I have been hanging out here for at least 5 years and hopefully at least 5 more! Enough of my harrangue.....I have been preparing for a couple of parties at my house this weekend. Today after work, I am having a bunch of co-workers from school for an end of the year celebration and tomorrow my family will descend on us and have barbeque. So I have been frantically gardening and cleaning for the last week. My DH said this morning "do you want all those people to believe we really live this way?" I had to laugh. The garden always looks good, but the house is usually a wreck. Hey, I do have my priorities.

Pagan, I want to you take it easy and follow the Dr.'s advice so you can be painfree again. If I could come over and have you give me orders in your garden, I would, but since I can't, just let it go and know that it will wait until you can tend it. And Pete, I so admire your wt. loss and active lifestyle. You are exactly 10 years older than me, and I would love to have a life like yours 10 years in the future. But here in Oregon, not in Florida. You should post more pictures of your roses.
Bye for now,

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meredith_e Z7b, Piedmont of NC, 1000' elevation

Kathy, I noticed your heart and soul ;)

Yep, Pagan, that's the way my pain has been since I stopped work, and it causes one to feel a tad lazy, no? Infuriating, although some days it's nice. I'd much rather be able to do what I like rather than be run by a body part [dunno, let's ask the boss if she'll let me do that...Mme Back, please, just this once?]

On an odd note, I stumbled and cut my hand, 4 hrs later it was still bleeding so went and got stitches at Doc In The Box. Had a nice day with a pal... got home and kicked a hidden glass bottle in the ditch and said "Ick, lots more blood but NO WAY am I going to get stitches twice in one day."

Course I ended up going the next day, when I couldn't get stitches [surgistrips are fine] because I cut a nerve [hurt a nerve? nerves? whatever - cutaneous, pfft]. It's no medical biggie and nothing to be done 'bout it, but 2 toes are numb [totally moveable tho] and on the other side of the wound is a panic button - ie, brush it and see me scream and jump with shooting nerve kajeebies!! That'll stick around several months he said. Now to find shoes that cooperate and teach The Pack the command "Watch the FOOT!"

I gave everyone a great laugh with the coincidence, in any case. The next day we were all trying to keep me away from any sharp object that might come try to attack me since it was apparently a Gimme an Open Wound spell ;)

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Meredith - keep that girl away from sharp objects! Stitches twice in one day would have been too much - glad you didn't have to go that route. Let me know if you convince your back to let you do what you want - if so, I will start working on mine!

pete - sounds like you are enjoying retirement! My mom always said she doesn't know how she found time to work, cus she had so much to do once she retired...

kathy - you got a big ole heart, don't let Pete tell you any different!! I love your DH's comment about always living this way...

yesterday started out well but I had a rotten afternoon. came about after I loaded the dishwasher - note to self: NO MORE HOUSEWORK EVER!!! Today I will take max the moo to get his meds, since we didn't make it yesterday. Been looking at people's garden pix and finding myself tempted to get some company for the roses... perhaps some sages/salvias to start???

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And don't forget yesterday's headline:

"Screaming Hilton Sent Back to Jail."

That, in itself, was enough to make the internet news world stand still yesterday. My life pales by comparison.


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Pagan---I really do understand how difficult it is to want to do something and your good sense tells you not to----I can't garden the way I want to but I can walk now and I'm so happy to be able to walk that I just don't want to take any chances--But it is difficult when you have always been an active person and able to do everything.

JUst havng in thee and listen to your Doctor.


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meredith_e Z7b, Piedmont of NC, 1000' elevation

Whew, well I was able to use a razor today without a pointy-object coup ;) Oh, the eeky-screamy thing happens during a certain foot movement, too... gotta try to nail that one down, lol.

Pagan, I forgot to say that your back should get better and better since you just had surgery! Keep the faith and ask for help doing stuff. Watch the alcohol/pills - my liver sent a red alert that I won't be a happy little ole lady if I kept up the meds on top of meds route. That means no regular job, too, but I plan on being a very cool little ole lady ;) OK, a poor one, lol!

Most of all remember that you didn't do anything wrong! I've got why-is-me issues, but I knew it happened to somebody, eh? And much worse... so chin up and listen to rockin music :)

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carla17(Z7 NC)

Kath, I'm glad you're here. In fact, we're keeping this ship afloat, eh? I know what Pete means though. I don't know what to think though. Just think of us like the bad teenagers who noone wants their kids around.


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Mere - Glad you made it through a day without doing bodily harm to yourself. I am with you on the cool (but poor) little old lady part - add eccentric in there too! I promise NEVER to get the old lady perm - you know, curly blue hair all over. At least, get a nifty color like purple or green, or go blue like you did it on purpose!

Carla - how is your baby girl today?

yesterday I started cleaning the PVC picket fence - about halfway through my back buzzer went off so I actually stopped!! can you believe it, instead of bulldozing through to finish the job I left it half done and went inside for the ice pack?? And today my back isn't killing me!!! There might be something to this 'know your limits' stuff after all! I decided my NEW limits will be knowing what I can persuade DH to do...

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meredith_e Z7b, Piedmont of NC, 1000' elevation

OMG, yep I made it safely thru getting the ratings postcard from the ER without a new injury, lol. I think I'll live ;)

I think I'll go punk as an old lady. Seriously!

YEAH! on figuring out your limits! That's the key, eh? I'm finishing a project tonight and breaking out the ole neck brace... gives me several more hours of PC time.

Ve haf vays of vorking thinks out!

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