5 November 2010

endorphinjunkie(z7bAlabama)November 5, 2010

Who has not in his great grief felt a longing to look upon the outward features of the universal Mother; to lie on the mountains and watch the clouds drive across the sky and hear the rollers break in thunder on the shore, to let his poor struggling life mingle for a while in her life; to feel the slow beat of her eternal heart, and to forget his woes.

H. Ryder Haggard

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That is just beautiful, Michael.I had to read more about Haggard after reading this. The generosity towards his ex love later in his life was just amazing. He must have been a special person,obviously in his writing,but also in the way he viewed life.

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gandle(4 NE)

Great one. Thought I was familiar with all H. R. Haggards works but don't remember that one.

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That particular quote is from Allan Quatermain. All of his books are pre-modern copyright. Therefore, all of his works are now available for free from Project Gutenberg. Most all of the popular books from before 1910 or so, are free to all who want to read them.

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It's a beautiful thought, beautifully expressed

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My brother read a lot of Rider Haggard as a boy. And I read Allan Quartermain eons ago. Lovely quote.

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What a beautiful picture his words paint! Love it!

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