No rod-yacht instead

pete41(9ab FL.)June 14, 2007

Well not really,just a nine foot kayak.

They are the hot ticket item down here as gas prices and boat prices have skyrocketed.

The boss says as long as I stay in shallow water,use it and bring home fish I should get one rather than wade all the time.Did catch a nice flounder for dinner.I can get a usable but not deluxe one for $500-not bad.

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kathwhit(z8, West OR)

Pete, I know lots of people who kayak and fish around here in the slow moving river water. They are very comfortable and easy to manuever, and good exercise too. You can even troll if you get a rod holder and paddle slow with some spinners on. Great idea!

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I would go for a row boat. It's hard to cast or reel in when you're sitting low. And my memory tells me thats where the term --pain in the butt--comes from.

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Congrats on the breakthrough.

With summer upon us I see that all the traffic heading up to the mountains is carrying kayaks now.

I am intrigued and think I want one.


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meredith_e Z7b, Piedmont of NC, 1000' elevation

Pete, you know you are torturing me, don't you? Just torture!

#1 I wanna fish!! I'll fish in England, I don't care. Dad says no fishing in England.

#2 I never caught a flounder and that's all I baited for the last several years I did go fishing. Did I catch anything else? A crab or two baited up like that. I so badly wanted my own flounder for dinner... you remembered that I bet... torture!

#3 Sea kayaking was the one thing I always planned that got nixed by other folks. Now, it may never be 'cos of my back.

Kayak, flounder, the sea, a good back??? Too much lovely for me to be nice.... accept my grumbles instead ;)

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Pete.....I know you're thin now and a kayak is pretty light too. I hope "the really really big one" doesn't take your line and swim away.
I might see you cruising off the coast of Nova Scotia at full speed ahead.

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LOL at Pete in a kayak sailing along behind a fast-moving fin in the water!

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pete41(9ab FL.)

Or paddling like ``H'' in front of one.Better take Fran along for bait.

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