Ht's $3.95 looking buyable

pete41(9ab FL.)June 10, 2007

They looked pretty good but since I was at the midpoint of my weekly Sunday ten mile walk I settled for a large,fresh,really tasty donut and a can of pop.

Grand total= 75cents.

Was I in a time warp?nope Walmart.

If I had gone the northern route I could have had free coffee at Publix but they charge 65cents for their donuts.

That's a rip-off,they ought to be ashamed of their money grubbing selves.Why I can remember when donuts were 60cents a dozen and they were bigger than the ones you get now.etc.etc.etc. ad infinitum,ad nauseam.Okay I am one of

Getting back to the roses I have found the low end generics do every bit as well as their far more costly relatives.Sorta like junkyard dogs.Bred to be tough.

Now I am mad, that stuck up,arrogant midget inside my spell check pretended he doesn't recognize Walmart.Everyone knows them.

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pete41(9ab FL.)


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AnneCecilia z5 MI

No, no - wait!! I'm still giggling over "that stuck up,arrogant midget inside my spell check." :-)


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dublinbay z6 (KS)

I've bought only one rose from Walmart--Elle--and she is beautiful and healthy. In fact, that's why I bought her. I was walking by all the pathetic victims of Walmarts concrete parking lot/greenhouse, and there was one rose standing up healthy and blooming. I figured it she could thrive in that environment, she had to be a winner in my garden where she would actually get water and food!

It's up to the buyer to pick the good ones instead of hoping that a dead-looking bundle of twigs will somehow undergo a transfiguration in the home garden.

Wish you hadn't mentioned doughnuts. I got a sweet tooth and just remembered there may be one left in the kitchen. 'Cuse me while I go check.


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