I had an EMG today !!!!---------

zeffyrose_pa6b7(6b7)June 12, 2008

Another test to find the cause of the pain I still have in the thigh----where I had the stress fracture.

The EMG ruled out my back as the source of the pain--

My surgeon has been saying that my back is the culprit---

I was on Prednizone which was wonderful---too bad it has so many side affects because it sure took the pain away---

I still have to walk with a cane-----

I go back to surgeon on the 25th------I wonder what will be the next "GUESS"----as to the cause of continuing pain----

Do I sound a little discouraged-??----

It has been over 8 months of pain----

Robyn is doing better-----still having problems with divorce------Rick is dragging his feet---He says that was never his intention --

Kind of makes me wonder what were his intentions---

Roses have been blooming nicely----Wonderful fragrance in the yard----now if I could just walk without pain it would be great---sorry to vent but I 'm sick of the excuses.--


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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

Hi Florence - I had to look up EMG, I didn't know what it was ;)

I wish you were feeling better and hope they have an answer for you soon. So it's not sciatica and a steroid takes away the pain that came about following surgery...seems like those clues would bring a surgeon at least closer to the reason.

Please don't be discouraged, there must be a way to resolve this. Is your body telling you anything that would help the doctor? Any chance keeping a daily log of what you've done and how you felt after doing it between now and your next appointment might highlight something he hadn't thought of?

Please keep enjoying those roses - you're in my thoughts. Hugs!!! Maureen

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kathwhit(z8, West OR)

Hi Flo,
I just wanted to say that you are in my thoughts. I know how frustrating it must be to have surgery to relieve the pain in your hip, only to have more pain as a result. And it has gone on too long! I am praying that they find the cause and can fix it soon. Meanwhile, I loved your new "Find Flo" picture, and I'm so glad you are enjoying your roses. You, and they look lovely.

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petaloid(SoCal 10a/24)

Florence, I don't check on this side very often -- just saw this.

I'm so sorry to hear you have had hip pain for so many months. At least the doctors are a couple of steps closer to figuring out the cause, and I hope your visit with the surgeon on the 25th is a productive one.

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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

Zeffy, we're hoping to hear how your appointment went today...any kind of resolution from your doctor or news for us?????

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Maureen--you are the sweetest person to think of me---

I think I am a puzzlement to the surgeon---

now he wants me to go to a pain management Dr. to have an Epidural-----

He took more X-Rays and he feels the stress fracture is healing and seems to be situated OK---

since there are occasional days when the thigh is free of pain he feels if that was the problem I wouldn't be able to walk at all----Oh well--as I say to Bob whenever we see a Dr.---"guess again"

Today is relatively OK------I'm a little leary of Epidurals--I had six prior to my back surgery and they didn't help

I'm now considering accupuncture but I've heard that is also a "band-aid".

My app't for Pain management Dr is on Aug 8 so I have some time to think about this----

I am feeling quite sad----one of my best friends just lost her DH---He was a wonderful man---He was much loved by many people --We have been friends for 60 years. It is scary-I am losing so many friends and co-workers

Thanks again for your kind concern--


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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

Florence, I'm sorry about your friends husband, it sounds like he'll be missed very much.

Darn, I'd hoped you'd have more information when you left your appointment. Epidural sounds a little scary to me but I haven't had one. They provide temporary relief? If that's true, I can't see the harm in giving acupuncture a try. I don't begin to understand how all the 'alternative' procedures work but acupuncture is becoming more mainstream. I had it a few times before hip surgery (small town here, I had ONE choice of practitioners and she could be a bit flakey on given days:)), with no real expectations, certainly none that it would heal the joint :) But I would leave the treatment feeling better even though it's hard to explain how...just more relaxed, positive, centered. It would be interesting to see if it helped you...get you on the path to feeling better more consistently.

I hope you can pick some of those good days to enjoy your garden. (((Hugs))) Maureen

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I'm sorry. It can be very hard.

You know you have friends here and I hope that helps!


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Florence, I'm starting to feel like I'm hounding you but I don't recall if you ever replied to any of the posts I made to you about using some of the medical posters I linked to to draw your pain so that you can show it to the doctor. I can't stress enough how helpful this could be to your doctor. Do you know how to use Microsoft paint? You can open the picture in paint, then draw on it using that. If you upload it and send me the link (or email it to me) maybe I can be of help to you with something I've learned in my almost 10 years of being in pain.

I see pain management every month, it's a last resort type deal. They are for people who can't be helped due to not healing correctly or injuries that can't be seen like mine.

Epidurals can be hit or miss, it depends on where they are giving the injection. I don't remember how you originally hurt your back but wonder if you have sacroiliac problems like me. The way to tell would be to get the SI injection and see if it helps, for me it does.

Being in pain is the pits. You have to try whatever you can to get rid of it or make it manageable. I would try acupuncture. I'm pretty sure I left you the info for the one I've been to but will leave it again. Some of the doctors I see will only use someone that's been trained in China. There is another that is located around the one I used. My neuro's wife went there.

C.M.D. Acupuncture Center  Chenghui Zhu (ladies name)
1644 Bridge St.
Philadelphia, PA 19124
(215) 744-8260

Acupuncture Medical Practice - Ching-Yao Shi
737 Chestnut St. Suite 200
Philadelphia, PA 19103

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