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anneliese_32(6)November 27, 2013

Since the weather report said that travel could be hazardous for Thanksgiving, yesterday my guests arrived. 13 extra squirrels besides my regular 4 or 5, some I remember from last winter and early spring, either due to habits or battle scares.
By noon the yardlong finchfeeder had not a seat left. My reguars had apparently also issued Thanksgiving invitations and doubled in members and just bevore dusk the first 2 Juncos arrived. A visit to the feedstore down the road is on today's agenda.

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Sounds like they're enjoying a feast! Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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Word got around you are a great hostess, Anneliese's cafe is open!
They will entertain you as pay-back, enjoy!

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They certainly know where to go for a good meal. As lilo said "Anneliese's cafe". Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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