2006 Containers

deanneart(z5Southern NH)August 19, 2006

Hi everyone, well here we are in the middle of August and all the containers have filled out beautifully. I thought youÂd like to see how theyÂve progressed over this summer season.

Ahhhh!!!! There is nothing quite like the exuberance of the containers in full summer!

Hope you enjoyed the tour,


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Lovely!!!!!!! Thank you for sharing the photos!


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No wonder you won a contest!!! The one that particularly intrigues me is the fushia/scaveola/coleus/calandendrum(???) combo. Do you have it full sun and water it like crazy? Or, do you have it in part-shade and boost the scaveola somehow?


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

What fun! You have definitely caught up on garden activities since your California jaunt!
I see you too use heucheras and grasses in your containers. I love mixing perennials in them but then wonder where I'll plant then over the winter! You also really have the knack for photographing them. Even if I had a lush beauty I'd not be able to capture it so well. The only thing missing is a feline companion.

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Monique z6a CT(6a CT)

Beautiful! The only thing better than the photos is seeing them in person like I did yesterday. They are stunning!


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Thanks all!

Martie the container you asked about is in full sun and I do water it like crazy, LOL. The tall, spotted leaved plant in that is actually a calla lily, 'Flame' and it never bloomed for me :(. I'm still hoping for some flowers. That would just be dynamite right about now with all the other plants filled in but I'm suspicious that they are a bit too crowded to bloom.

Marie, yes I LOVE to include grasses and heucheras in the containers. I also like to use ajugas. They really fill in beautifully and look great cascading over the sides of the pot. I was disappointed because my favorite 'Black Scallop' got ruined by the excessive rain this spring and then I couldn't find any to replace them. I've since found one plant that I've put in the mailbox garden and am hoping it survives the winter so I can use it for my containers for next year. I've got a 'Caitland's Giant' that is just wonderful in a pot with a fuchsia this year. I'd put it in the ground to winter over and dug it back out and put it back in the pot and it was perfectly happy with all the moving around. This year's challenge is going to be where, oh where to put two Miscanthus 'Morning Light'. I'm going to have to move some stuff to make room. They are in two containers in front of the garage and are getting pretty big.


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Deanne, you're so right,your August containers have filled out beautifully! Now you have me interested in adding ajuga to mine...:-)
I have 3 heucheras in pots. I guess I'll need to put them in the ground this fall. They are doing so well, I'm afraid they won't continue to do so in the ground, my others sure aren't.
So...which pot won?

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Wow Deanne, your containers are looking just gorgeous, so full and bushy but no plants crowding each other out. I can see that you've been taking time to give them lots of tender loving care. I know how time consuming that is. You definitely do have the eye to photograph them too. I've never seen more beautiful pictures of container gardens and you've spoiled me I'm afraid. When I see container gardens in books or magazines I always compare them to yours and I never think they are half as nice. Thanks to you I guess I've developed high standards for what a container garden should look like. Congrats on winning the contest BTW. I can't wait to find out which one of your beauties is the winner. I haven't given up on my fuschias though none of them look even half as good as yours. I've come to the conclusion that I may be keeping them too wet. I'll try to get them all through the winter and hopefully have a chance to improve on my fuschia gardening skills next season. Yours are so beautiful and full of bloom. Thanks for posting these pictures. You always inspire me.


Oh I also wanted to tell you that I took some cuttings of the iresine a couple of days ago for you. I'll send them out once they're rooted.

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Lookin' good, Deanne! I've been following your lead and doing a bit more pinching than usual on mine. They look better than last year at this time but still crowded. I'm also having trouble with the fuschias but I think my problem is lack of sun. The ones getting the most sun are doing the best.

Believe it or not but I'm planting all the leftover annuals today...lol, better late than never. I've got to stop rooting coleus cuttings...


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Deanne, your containers are breathtaking. I can tell you give them lots of care and attention. You could give me a class on container care. LOL I don't pinch much. Now after being gone for 9 days they are huge. I was just glad the timer did its thing so well again. Thanks for the beautiful show.
I got myself a new camera so I will have to try some container pictures with it.


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Deanne, I'm a visitor from the rose forum, I've been enjoying reading the Idylls threads and seeing the great photos on this forum . What is your fertilizer regimen for these pots ? How about the diameter ? Hard to tell in photos(even pics as nice as yours !)
Wish I was close enough to make a viewing appointment..I'd even bring wine..
Kathy in the Napa Valley

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Wonderfully/colorful Deanne. Congrats on the winning container, whichever one it is. They are all winners in my book. I think I have enjoyed my containers the most this year as it was easier to keep them watered than all the perennials, due to the heat and drought. I bought five more containers last week on clearance. I've been waiting all summer to get some more big ones. I love the coleus you sent me especialy Sedona and Alabama Sunset. Norma

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

I have been looking forward to this morning. I knew I would be in for a real treat to see your post Deanne. Didn't want to peek until I could comment! :-) Everything is lovely...as I *knew* it would be. BTW, I love that "peachy" coleus. I will have to take a picture of the one you sent to me...it's gorgeous and I love the soft spoken color and the surprising hint of magenta delicately traced in the veins and backside of it. Something you don't really appreciate until closer inspection. Embarrassed to say I can't remember the name of it; would you mind telling me again? Anyway, thanks for sharing it with me, it has become one of my favorite coleus! I love the way you combined it with the fuchsia.

Is that a "Hilo Beauty" E.E. in your one pic or a Calla Lily? I just bought Hilo Beauty this year and am really loving it! I think you will like them too Deanne (if you don't already have them). They are smaller growing then other E.E.'s I've had, so far. But it is a beautiful plant and I kind of like the fact that it doesn't get huge...have more containers I can use it in! :-) I'll try to post a pic sometime. Your 'Illustris' looks wonderful (I bet he is so happy to be with you...LOL)! I love the moody combination with the chartreuses, yellows and dark burgundys...what a wonderfully gifted and creative mind you have!

Your fuchsia standards are to die for! I'm telling you...you should own a shop! :-) Who wouldn't love to get a gift like that!

Well everything is stunning and the last picture is the piece de resistance!

Thanks for sharing all the eye candy Deanne. I have been enjoying it with my morning cup of coffee! :-)

P.S. I'm still anxious to find out...which one of your lovely containers was the winner?


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I just happened to come on this forum today. Those containers are beautiful! You have such a good eye for combining plants.Everything is outstanding!

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