A gardening vacation

michelle_zone4August 24, 2006

These first photos are from the Shops of the Green Gables near Ephriam in Door County WI. They had some fabulous gardens around them. Not your usual business landscaping. Here he has 2 weeping evergreens trained over a large arbor. I just loved this.

The parking lot. Notice the flower boxes on top of the fence.

These next shots are from the Green Bay Botanical Garden.

This was the English cottage garden - my favorite:

This was so cool - it was a giant kalidescope:

I put my camera up to the lens and took this picture. You could turn the lens just like on a kalidescope.

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Michelle -- What finds along the road!! I, too, love the weeping evergreens and am considering this for our entrance arch. Not hard to do at all, I am told,as long as there is a really strong base to start.

Also am enamoured with knot-type gardens.

Thanks for a great way to start the day!


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Wow Michelle, wonderful photos. I just love the arch with the evergreens also. Thanks for taking that photo of the kalidescope. That is so cool!!! I can't get over all those wonderful gardens in Door County, WI. Beautiful.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

What fun! I like the vine covered arbor/gate in the 4th shot. Of course the kaleidoscope is terrific too! Thanks for sharing Michelle!

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

That English Garden is soooo cool! I'd love to have a "shed" like that. Thanks for sharing, Michelle. Im going to look again on the weekend. That conifer arbor is terrific too.


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

So much eye candy! I am picturing the evergreen arch with snow and icicles on it. It would be so pretty. The vine covered arch is a beauty also. I love the second pic...espacially the evergreens around the birdbath. That would deter varmints that are after the birds. The flower boxes on top of the fence are great. I espacially love the kaleidoscope. I have always loved to look through them.
Thanks for the tour.


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Michelle, how cool! You've certainly been gallavanting all over this summer to various garden attractions. The round bench, arches, fountain, kaleidascope...all great structural elements to compliment the gardens.


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Hello all:

I'm resurrecting this old thread to ask if anyone has any ideas for what type of narrow weeping evergreen to use for an arch as in the first pic? Such a beautiful, graceful look.


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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

hey deedels..

those are conifers.. and there is a conifer forum.. you might get a conifer answer there..


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Thanks Ken, I'll check it out over there.

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